Finding the right office, another battle for deputies

Paris: Behind the original location, another battle, sometimes “manly”, is played in the assembly: which consists of the occasional dilapidated but dignified and more modern but more modern but more distant office in the Palace Bourbon.

Of the 577 deputies, “every time, the battle to find out who is closest to the hemisphere,” a majority ally believes, for whom, “despite some offices that may not be of use, the palace is at the top.”

Because when the voting bell rings, 5 minutes are cut before the vote. A deadline that is even more important in the case of a solid majority, as can often be the case now.

Philip Gosselin (LR) scoffs at some “Pialiur” who are dissatisfied with their fate, saying “it’s in search of the Grail” to have the right office.

It lists those who want to be “next to the Holy of Holies” in the Palace Bourbon, or “not too far” by Rue Aristide Brand (“3AB”), and those who aim for “101” rue de l’Université, its “products” Such as with shower or sofa bed. “Office-beds” are usually reserved for those who come from afar.

Each of these sites has 262 offices, 160 for MEP and 247, respectively, but they also have staff and political groups.

Due to the lack of space under the last mandate, the “Freedom and Territory” group was also entitled to a predetermined period. This year, within the LR group, we are concerned about being evicted toward less spacious premises.

Ugo Bernalicis (LFI) confirms that the office question is “not neutral”. In his eyes, the “101” has the “most box tick”, running towards the hemisphere “worthy of playing with the tunnel” that connects the annex to the palace.

But being at “101,” we’re “running non-stop,” loose Mary-Christine Daloz (LR), who has already practiced after three terms.

The distribution of offices is a matter of discussion among political groups, who themselves distribute m2 among their members.

Elected for 20 years, Andrei Chasigny, leader of the Communist Deputies, assured AFP that the distribution was a “headache for the president of a group”, with deputies often very firm.


He thinks the elected PCF Maxim Grimetz, accustomed to bloodshed and who served for several terms between 1978 and 2011, went there … with a cockroach to attach to a coveted office. He was “approved later”.

In the corridors of the legislature, some newcomers have claimed not to think about it.

“I chose my war and the office is not part of them,” said Nicholas Metzdorf, who was elected by a majority vote in New Caledonia.

For his part, Philip Duner, elected in New Caledonia, also noted that ultramarines are “not necessarily a priority” near the hemisphere, and acknowledged that in the current configuration it could be effective, “when it sounds for a ballot and that we have a carapate”.

“I’m not fighting for an office, but for responsibility,” said Ervan Balanant (modem). However, he acknowledged that there could be “wars”, for example for historical offices where certain individuals are sitting. “People set up their businesses and took office in a somewhat manly manner,” he testified.

Re-elected, Thomas Messinier (Horizons) is preparing to leave his large office as general reporter for the Social Affairs Committee “in the center of the palace”, which is “an undeniable luxury and very real for work”. But the elected representatives from Charente see the “advantages of staying at 101”, the beds avoid “somewhat painful stewardship of booking a room” in the Assembly residence, number 51, or in the hotel.

While waiting for an office, Mikelle CO (Renaissance Group), who had just arrived from Wallis and Futuna, explained that he had to go “to work in a cafe”.

Others make phone calls from the living room “without a specific office”.

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