HBO Max’s “Father of the Bride” and much more

Summer means a lot, including the holidays and the wedding season, and some big new movies and show streaming this weekend reflect that. From family comedy to YA romance, there’s plenty of light fun for everyone. Whether you use Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or all of the above, there are plenty of other high-quality movies and shows on your favorite streaming platforms to check out. Whether you want a new movie or a new season of your favorite shows, help us decide what you need to watch this weekend here and where to stream it.

New movies and shows to stream this weekend: The father of the bride, Summer is when I became beautifulAnd Spider’s head

The first The father of the bride The film, starring Spencer Tracy, was released in 1950. In 1991, a remake directed by Steve Martin was released and now the third version of the film, starring Andy Garcia in the title role, will be aired on HBO Max. The new film promises a new twist on a father’s classic story when his adult daughter is ready to start a family of her own. The Amazon Prime video series will also premiere this weekend Summer is when I became beautifulBased on a trilogy of books written by bestselling author Jenny Han, which also gave our loved ones To all the boys Series and if you want a little darker twist, Netflix Spider’s headChris Hemsworth plays a prison doctor who injects his inmates with mind-altering drugs, a thrilling journey, thanks in part to director Joseph Kosinski, who has just conducted Top gun: Maverick. (However, in keeping with our summer theme, Spider’s head Occurs on a beautiful tropical island.)

Want to hear more about these highlights and the rest of the weekend Starler lineup? Check out the rest of the new hit titles streaming this weekend below:

New June 16 on HBO: The father of the bride

After watching the film directed by George Clooney Ocean 11 Movie Recently, I want more Andy Garcia in my life. God hears my prayer and gives it to me in a new way The father of the bride The remake is coming to HBO Max this weekend. In this new version, directed by Gaz Alazaraki, Garcia plays Billy Herrera, a Cuban-American father who is preparing for his daughter’s wedding to his wife Ingrid (Gloria Estefan). The only thing is, Billy and Ingrid’s wedding is on the rocks and they are waiting for the marriage to end before they announce their divorce to the family. The Latin twist of the story revolves around one of the many welcome and new adoption of the favorite franchise, and a great cast surrounding winning comedy.

Flow The father of the bride HBO Max

New on Netflix June 17: Spider’s head

Director Joseph Kosinski is back from success Top gun: Maverick (Honestly, he’s not even fresher than this, he’s still knee-deep in it) But the buzz around him Spider’s head Looks like it’s giving us Starler tracking functionality. Based on George Saunders’ short story “Escape from Spiderhead”, Chris Hemsworth plays a mad scientist working on the prison frontier. There, he manages the mind-altering drugs of the prisoners, including Jeff and Lizzie (Journey Smollett), played by Miles Taylor, who form a bond and realize that drugs can only take away their free will, so they decide. Something about it

Flow Spider’s head On Netflix

New to Amazon Prime Video on June 17: Summer is when I became beautiful

Jenny Han YA is a master of storytelling, and Summer is when I became beautiful This is the latest in a series of his addictive books. The Amazon Prime video series tells the story of Isabel “Belly” Conclin (Lola Tung), a 16-year-old girl who spends her summers with her family in the fictional seaside town of Cousins. Joining her family on vacation are her mother’s best childhood friends and sons, Conrad and Jeremiah (Christopher Brini and Gavin Casalegno). Although Bailey still has a crush on Conrad, he has spent the summer exploring his feelings for the two brothers in eight episodes of the season, available to watch from this Friday.

Flow Summer is when I became beautiful In the Amazon Prime video

Full list of new movies and show streaming this weekend

The above options only scratch the surface, so you know there will be some amazing options for what to see this weekend in the entire lineup! For a full list of the best movies and shows to stream now, or if you’re still not sure what to stream this weekend, check out the full list below:

New on Netflix – Full list

Release Thursday, June 16th

Stagnation: Paranormal Park * Netflix family
Action World Music Video: Season 2 * Netflix Family
Love and anarchy: Season 2 * Netflix Series
Rhythm + Flow France * Netflix series (new episode)
Song, dance, play: Kabuki with Toma Ikuta * Netflix documentary
Snoop Dogg’s F * cn is almost a comedy special * Netflix comedy
Won’t you be my neighbor?

Coming Friday, June 17th

High rainbow: Season 2
She: Season 2 * Netflix Series
Spider’s head * Netflix Movie
Martha Mitchell effect * Netflix documentary
Side battle: Season 2 * Netflix Series
You don’t know me * Netflix series

Released Saturday, June 18th

Alchemy of the soul * Netflix series
Charm: Season 4
Sprigan * Netflix anime

Sunday 19th June out

Civil * Netflix documentary
This (2017)

New to Hulu – complete list

Release Thursday, June 16th

Boneru Music and Art Festival: Day 1 Live Stream (Live Nation / C3 Presentation)

Coming Friday, June 17th

Boneru Music and Art Festival: Day 2 Live Stream (Live Nation / C3 Presentation)
Older people from FX: Series Premier (FX)
Good luck to you, Leo Grande (2022) * Hulu Original

Released Saturday, June 18th

Boneru Music and Art Festival: Day 3 Live Stream (Live Nation / C3 Presentation)
Ted K. (2021)
Flange (2022)

Sunday 19th June out

Boneru Music and Art Festival: Day 4 Live Stream (Live Nation / C3 Presentation)

New to Amazon Prime Video – Full List

Coming Friday, June 17th

Jack Ryan: Shadow recruit (2014)
My fake boyfriend (2022)
Lake (2022) * Amazon Original Series
Summer is when I became beautiful (2022) * Amazon Original Series

New to Disney + – Full list

Post Friday 17 June

Big hat
Ransom of kings

New to HBO Max – Complete list

Release Thursday, June 16th

The father of the bride2022

Coming Friday, June 17th

The best family (A.K.A. The best family2020 (HBO)
Lucas the SpiderSeason 1b
Continuous2014 (HBO)

Sunday 19th June out

Tom and Jerry Cowboys Up!

New on Apple TV + – Full list

Coming Friday, June 17th

The tea is real smooth
Home (Season 2)

New to Starz – full list

Coming Friday, June 17th

Amityville Horror1979

Amityville Horror2005

Boys and girls2000
Dear Frankie2005
Deuce Bigalo: European gigolo2005
Fire station dog2007
First daughter, 2004
The game of death1978
I saw the light2016
I’m not Rappaport1996
Johnny English2003
Johnny is reborn in English2011
LA Confidential1997
Mountain people1980
My favorite love2009
An ordinary man2018
Say no to it2001
Spy game2001

Released Saturday, June 18th

Men’s Black: International, 2019

Out Sunday 19th June

Become ElizabethEpisode 103
P-ValleyEpisode 203

Showtime New – Complete list

Coming Friday, June 17th

Flatbush Torts (Season 2 premiere)

Released Saturday, June 18th

Showtime Championship Boxing: Charlo vs. Suleki

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