“I want the handball to burn.”

French handball team goalkeeper Amandine Leinwood, 5 June bids farewell to the competition in front of 16,000 supporters. After retiring from high-level sports, he wants to share his experience.

The youngest of the siblings, once in his life, Amandine Lenwood came to an end. Otherwise he has a chance to become a champion. A neophyte and full of desire, he invented handball as a teenager. Detected at the age of 14, Amandine left Ardech and joined the Chamber’s Sport Studies subsidiary. Neil’s iconic goalkeeper then became aware of the importance of his position. “We always say there’s no great win without a great goalkeeper,” he explains. “So I realized I could be decisive and win my team. He signed his first professional contract at the Metz Club, about 600 kilometers from the family home. “When I started my course in sports studies, I never imagined for a minute that I would be able to do it my job,” he was surprised.

The following year Amandine joined the France team. It’s been eight years since he competed for Metz Club. Galvanized by the victory, Amandin dreams of the international. “I knew the French Championships by heart,” he explained. “I wanted to win the Champions League and face the biggest clubs. The young woman flew to Romania. After a knee injury and some financial disaster for the Romanian club, an experience was shortened. The contract kept coming. Always new.” In order to meet the challenge, Amandine packs her bags in Macedonia, then in Hungary, and wins the competition with the confidence of her teammates.

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“Team games make it possible to survive such powerful moments”

“When you get abroad, you have to be the best you can play,” he said. I have seen myself face several international goalkeepers. It has pushed me to improve. ” Amandine has spent half her life as a top athlete in the airport and gymnasium. There is no time to wander around the capital of Europe. To stay on top, handball players train every day. “An hour is a mile of life” which he shares with his teammates. “The human side is very important. Team Sports lets you feel those powerful moments. Perhaps this is why we like to play so much and why we start all over again. For that feeling. Some people have raised me, others have opened my mind. These encounters have marked me for life. ” Like his wife with Annabelle.

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The couple is the parents of twin children, Mila and Marcel, ages 4 and a half. This is an extra strength for the competitor. “My babies were born prematurely at 32 weeks of gestation. You are not ready for this. It taught me to take a step back. From the moment my child and my wife entered my life, I have achieved everything. As proof, just two months after the birth of Mila and Marcel, Amandine won the title of world champion. The player should not be ashamed of his prize list. At 36, Amandine is a gold medalist at the Tokyo Games, European and world champion, the best goalkeeper in the Euros in 2018 and the best player at the French Championships in 2009 and 2010 … Still, he wants to change pace. And start a new life in Ardech, where he grew up. A decision he has been thinking about for several years now.

No more competitions every three days, Amandin wants to share his experience with the new generation. “When I was younger I had some trouble finding someone to raise me or guide me. I would think it would be selfish not to share this twenty year competition, he develops. And to add, I want the handball to stay bright, so if I can help it would be great because it’s a beautiful game.

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