Marlene (married at first sight): New life with child, marriage… she admits (excluded)

On May 31, 2022, Marlene Sandro has become the mother of a young boy. After confidence in his delivery, its a candidate Marriage first shows in 2019 (M6) believes in his new life Pure people.

You revealed that you and Sebastian called your son Sandro. How did this first name come to you?

We don’t know (laughs). With Seb, we disagree at all on the first names. I like those who are a little new and I like those who are a little old. We did not know what to do. I also took all the first name applications and the first name dictionary. Then I noted the first names in an app that we both liked. We liked Gabrielle, but we thought it was very common, Liam and Sandro. But I don’t remember where I saw that first name. We liked Sandro because it was Mediterranean and we both have Mediterranean origins. We saw the origin of the first name and I also liked its meaning. Also Sandro Serrano, the weather was nice, so we went by that first name. We decided two or three months before the end of the pregnancy.

Are you planning to reveal your son’s face one day?

For now, we don’t want to show it. We see that it is still very small. But we don’t stop at things. I think we will see in time as we wish.

How was your first week with your baby?

Ever since we got home, things have been going great. In addition Seb is able to take his paternity leave. It’s 28 days old so it’s cool. He works a little, but from a distance, so it lets you divide the moments into three, which is great. He is a really caring father. We found our marks very easily, it happened naturally. Since I was a child for eight years, I didn’t have too many fears. I’m used to it, though it’s always different with your own child. And Sebe already has a daughter who will be 11 soon, so she knew about fatherhood. In addition, we are lucky for a baby that rarely cries. And he’s already asleep. That night, he slept from midnight until 6 p.m. We can’t get past it.

How do you organize yourself with Sébastien?

It’s a bit like our wishes. If there is anyone who wants to change or take diapers, he does so. We communicate a lot. I let Seb do a lot too because I think it’s important to leave room for Dad. We got more organized for the night. Normally, Seb gives her the last bottle at midnight and I take care of her when she wakes up at night. And the apple takes a bottle in the morning. So everyone can sleep well.

How do you deal with fatigue?

Well so far, I’m not too tired. I was even more tired when I was pregnant because towards the end of pregnancy, with hot weather it starts to get heavier. I had to hold a lot of water. And when you turn around, it feels like you need a crane to get there. I also had insomnia. But since he came here I have been getting my sleep. As long as it lasts (laughs).

What kind of mother are you

A rather calm mother I hope my son will be able to share a lot with. I am very happy to keep it. Since I am a childminder, from September I will be able to keep her with me with whom I was already babysitting. I’m happy to tell myself that it doesn’t need to be handed over to anyone. I will be able to see him grow up and he will still be able to bond with other children. This is important for more comfort when entering school.

Do you have concerns?

We all have worries, even when we are mothers. My biggest fear is sudden infant death syndrome. We have been aware of this as a childminder. We were taught to avoid it. It’s like first aid. Every parent should have training, it is extremely important. When you’re a mom, you’re responsible for the little entity and you don’t want anything to happen to it.

Sebastian was already the father of a young daughter. How did he greet his younger brother?

It’s going very well. She is very happy to have her younger brother. She couldn’t wait to give birth to me and since Sandro is there, she helps us give her a bottle or play with her. This is so cute. We want to invest it in our families so that they feel comfortable.

With Sébastien, you left Nice together. Did you have any bad surprises at the beginning of your intercourse?

We knew each other well, but it’s true that we don’t really know that person until we’re with them. We can go very well and our advantage is that we communicate about everything. We can easily talk about our emotions, this is what makes our relationship stronger. Later, like most girls, I do more at home than apples. But I’m lucky, she still helps me a lot. And he has a very demanding job in radio and the rest.

A child can weaken a couple. Have you talked about it?

Not necessarily. We know this can weaken a couple, so it’s best to be tough before you start. And that’s our business, so we’re not afraid. We trust each other perfectly. I know he’s a great dad, because I’ve seen him do it with his daughter. And I see her doing it with Sandro, she’s so beautiful. And if one day something goes wrong, we can talk about it.

You joined in 2020. Are you thinking of marriage?

Ah, I want to. Marrying someone I know will change (laughs). It’s in our plans, but for the moment our plans would rather be bought. But in this area, finding something within our budget is quite complicated. Then why not get married.

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