My place of health: Health resources within the reach of all Bretons

The installation gains momentum

Starting in early 2022, the deployment of “My Health Space” has accelerated considerably in recent weeks. In fact, the campaign to create an automated profile has started: Receive an information e-mail inviting relevant users to activate their profile. At the same time, healthcare professionals can already provide these safe spaces with patient-specific medical documents.

ARS Bretagne and Health Insurance Support “My Health Place”

Over the next two years, ARS Bretagne and Health Insurance, a central tool in prevention and care services, are working hand-in-hand to make “My Health Space” accessible to health professionals and users.

Healthcare Professionals: Equipment Adjustment and Training

ARS facilitates the establishment of “My Health Space” between Bretagne and health insurance health professionals. Indeed, it is essential that they have software compatible with new digital health services. Health insurance comes with generous professionals and laboratories. For its part, ARS Bretagne, through the Health Cooperation Group (GCS) e-health Bretagne, monitors health institutions in particular: health and medico-social. In this context, significant state funding has been proposed to achieve the equipment and utilization targets of professionals.

User: Ambassador and a webinar …

Ambassador device. ARS Bretagne relies on health organizations, but also local authorities, associations, companies … Many relay structures are able to propagate the system to their patients, citizens, users, employees. Also, “My Health Space” integrates a bunch of “France Service” services. In fact, on request, everyone can benefit from special assistance through regional digital advisors.

Webinar for the general public on 06/30 at 7pm. Partners offer an accessible appointment for everyone to present the tool and learn details about its use: from creating its location to providing its medical profile with advice on its digital health records.

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“My Health Place”, a digital space for managing your health better

A symbolic project of the roadmap “Accelerating Digital Shift”, “My Health Space” has been deployed nationally since the beginning of 2022. This new digital service helps citizens manage their health and allows them to integrate. Single and all the information, documents, health data and tools they need in one place. “My Health Space” is part of a rapidly changing environment and meets the expectations of tools that simplify, optimize and accelerate health and care management.

“My health space” is a response Dual purpose :

  • Give each user a safe and easily accessible place where they can add and consult their documents and health information and share them with their following health professionals;
  • Thanks to the secure exchange of information while respecting the rights of the patient, increase the continuity of care to provide better care in the community and in the hospital.

This personal digital space will become the future Health books Patient digital. It contains a “safe safe” where all health documents are categorized (prescriptions, biology results, hospitalization files, etc.), gradually provided by doctors, laboratories, hospitals, etc.

This is a feature Medical profile Where the user can fill in his personal information (allergy and family history, for example in case of emergency hospitalization) and update his constant (blood pressure, blood sugar, etc.).

It also has A vaccine card And a Messaging To secure patient exchanges with healthcare professionals and their caring organizations. Hosted in France, the data of “My Health Space” is highly secure and remains the property of the user who decides which health professionals can access his documents and which he agrees to share.

Upcoming development

Gradually, “My Health Space” will be enriched with new features and new data. By 2022, users will have their disposal a Medical diary Which will allow them to get an overview of their medical appointments, including vaccination and screening reminders, as well as a catalog of services and applications mentioned by government authorities.

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