RHUGT: Jill Jarin says RHONY was right to keep Dorinda “on pause”

Jill Jarrin, who knew Dorinda Medley long before the two joined RHONY, admitted Bravo’s first Real Housewives series was right to dismiss her.

Jill Jarin, an original housewife at The Real Housewives in New York City, is the latest The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip Season 2 star, who spent her time at RHONY with a lazy throwback. Season 2 of RHUGT, dubbed the “Ex-Wives Club,” features four housewives in four episodes of Eight Divorced Housewives. Although the women were scheduled to vacation at the Dorindar Blue Stone Manor in Hampton, the drama quickly entered online during filming last fall, especially between Dorinda and The Real Housewives Alum Vicky Gunvalson Orange County.

Although some RHUGT Season 2 stars (such as Eva Marcel of Real Housewives in Atlanta and Taylor Armstrong of Real Housewives in Beverly Hills) first met at Dorinda Palace, Jill and Dorinda’s relationship predates the two women’s appearance at RHONY. While Jill was busy defending Dorindar Vicky and former RHOBH star Brandi Glanville’s hateful attitude during the filming of RHUGT, Jill and Dorindar’s friendship seems to have remained rocky. Although there have been months of disagreement between Dorinda and the “OC of the Oz” since Vicky’s outrage over the COVID-19 vaccine, Jill Dorinda has not been the biggest defender, especially since Jill’s late arrival at RHUGT apparently surprised Dorinda and others.

During a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, RHUGT co-stars Jill and Brandi served “Close Confessions” with “Godfather of Bravo”, where they were asked to respond. When Andy asked if any RHONY housewife would like to keep Jill “in position” on the show in person, Jill thought briefly before admitting, “I think they’ve put Dorinda on break. Bravo fired him before 13. Although no specific reason was given for Dorinda’s surprise departure, the 57-year-old was difficult to deal with and emotionally overwhelmed ৷ threaded, especially under the influence.

In addition to calling RHONY from the owner of Blue Stone Manor, Jill quickly answers the question, “Who do you think is the most thirsty housewife?” With Dorinda, who has recently been voiced by Real Housewives fans online. While it has become clear that Jill is not a fan of her RHUGT Season 2 host, Dorinda is not the only former housewife Jill who has been raised on WWHL. Jill revealed that she thought Vicky was ‘desperate’ to return to RHOC and also admitted that every RHONY star spoke behind Bethany Frankel. For Brandi, who answered her own round of questions, the former RHOBH star had no problem being honest. In addition to ridiculously calling Jill herself desperate and thirsty, Brandi called Taylor the “least housewife.”

Each Real Housewives series has its own set of dramatically entertaining housewives, and with eight Bravo alumni reunited in one house, it’s no surprise that RHUGT Season 2 is full of conflict and drawn lines. With half of the second season still airing on Peacock, fans are waiting to see what’s in store for them, including all the fights that have been raging since the end of 2021. The pitches of Dorinda, Jill and Vicky may be a focal point of RHUGT Season 2, but viewers are already looking forward to Season 3, especially since rumors of the show’s third cast have already spread.

The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip aired on Peacock on Thursday.

Source: Andy Cohen / Watch What Happens Live with YouTube

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