She will be pregnant with her first child

Sarah Frieso will be pregnant with her first child. On social networks, a blogger has announced that his IVF will be a success. We will tell you all about it below.

Giuseppe Quirilio: Soon pregnant with her favorite pagoda?

Internet users are very curious. When a couple forms and seems to survive over time, they can’t help but wonder when they will get married and have their first child. Giuseppe was thus questioned in his recent FAQ with Magali Bardah and Mayeva Ghenam.

The young woman was humiliated on social networks because of her behavior Apprentice Adventurers Delivery: “We have plans for our children, that’s normal. We are together all the time, she is the man of my life, I am the woman of my life. We know we want to end our lives together, it would be ridiculous to say that we have no plans for children because of course we talk about it! A

If the influencer mentions that they did not plan something, he admits in spite of everything that he no longer takes contraceptives. In other words, a child can come at any time. ” When it comes, it comes Pagar adds darling.

Sarah Frieso will get pregnant.

Mila Jasmine: Are you going to announce her first pregnancy?

There is another candidate among internet users: Milla Jasmine. Its candidate The rest of the world She married her sweetheart Lorenzo last January. And you know, the influencer is eager to be able to start his family. In fact, a few months ago, rumors spread about Mila Jasmine’s possible pregnancy.

A picture of a young woman in particular with Manan Tanti revived the noise in the hallway. In fact, Internet users were sure they had seen one Baby bumps At the beautiful brunette. Moreover, in this process, the blogger said @navid_cherche Mila has claimed that she is going to announce her pregnancy soon.

If Lorenzo’s wife hasn’t announced anything yet, another of her secrets has put a fly in the ear of her customers. When Mayeva Ghenam offered her opponent a boxing fight, Mila specifically rejected the offer: “The main reason is that I just got married and I want to focus on my marriage. And, above all, my family life. You will soon understand why I am not interested. A Everything indicates that the candidate was referring to a happy event …

Sarah Frieso: She used IVF

Recently a big news has been read on social networks. In fact, a blogger claims that a famous reality TV candidate is going to resort to IVF to get pregnant.

This calculation akefake_influencers Those who broke the news. On her account, she claimed that Sarah Fresu was trying her best to get pregnant. “Sarah Fresu is currently in the American Hospital in Paris because she is undergoing IVF under general anesthesia. Sarah would love to start her family and has been fighting for it for months.”

The information was confirmed by a stolen photo of the young woman in a hospital bed under general anesthesia. Angry, influential also explains to his customers: “I will talk about something that has been published on social networks, whether it is true or false, I think it is completely inappropriate to disclose information and above all I will explain to you behind the scenes. Which you can’t see. Completely unhealthy people. A Not to mention the fact that, a few days later, Sarah Friesu disappeared from the social network again after several voltage drops. “Sarah is very tired. Some small voltage drop, don’t worry it comes back very fast. I take care of her and she gives you a big kiss”, The story reassures her sweetheart.

Is Sarah Frieso pregnant? IVF will be paid off

In any case, what is certain is that Sarah never hid her desire to be a mother. Moreover, a surfer recently asked her when she would get pregnant.

“If you know what my dream will be like! I want to get pregnant right now. But we don’t do what we want in life. This is a question that comes up many times, which is annoying. You see so much on social media that everyone is getting pregnant so early. Well no! Life is not like that, friends. Women struggle a lot to get one and I’m definitely one of them. “He explained to his customers

Could it be that the wait for the candidate has finally come to an end? According to its revelation @ medhi.ikdr2, Sarah Freso will get pregnant!Congratulations to Sarah Freiso. IVF worked! Mentioning influencers has flooded the blogger with his story. But maybe Sarah fans shouldn’t cry for victory too soon, because accordingly vaarruecos, That’s it. ” Fake news

Will a famous candidate get pregnant soon after IVF?  Great news!

If some reality TV candidates dream of becoming a mother, finding the right shoes is not always easy. To cure her celibacy and eventually get pregnant, a famous candidate would decide to resort to IVF. We will tell you all about it below.

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