An exhibition paying homage to the deported children from the 11th

Franোয়াois Vaglin, mayor of the 11th Arrondissement, Rosalie Lamin, first deputy mayor in charge of commemoration, and president of the Association of the Sons and Daughters of Jewish Deportees from France, Serge Claresfeld, invited you to the opening of the exhibition on Wednesday, July 6, 80 years ago. Les children were deported from the 11th Arrondissement as part of the Roundup’s memory. The 11th Town Hall has compiled a booklet listing adolescent victims of arrondissement

There will be photo exhibitions Presented at the gate of Square Francis-Lemarck from July 6 to fall, In partnership with the sons and daughters of Jewish exiles from the French Association. The exhibition will show Some portraits found by Serge Claresfeld among the 11th 630 children victims of this expedition. These portraits will be specially presented by the district: Roquette, Sainte-Marguerite, Saint-Ambroise, Popincourt. A booklet on children in exile from the 11th arrondissement.

4,000 children have been expelled from the VEL ‘D’ HIV roundup

The Velodrome d’Hiver roundup embodies Hitler’s police cooperation with the French state regime in Germany as well as the Labor Department’s contempt for crimes against humanity: at the behest of the Peten-Laval government, Paris police arrest the Jewish population and hand them over to Eichmann’s SS. Granted, thousands of children are forcibly separated from their parents and face more brutal deaths.

It would have been insufficient to present only the photos of the children of this 11th Arrondissement, which are so delightful to live in today, but which were so traumatized that it is now visually connected to the memory of this tragedy. Every child deported from the 11th must be present and identified. Today, 80 years after the expedition, they are all there, this booklet contains the name of each of them, his name, his age, his address and the number of his caravan. These lists and photos are the result of the surviving work of our generation, the memory work of all the orphans of the Holocaust.

Franোয়াois Voglin, Mayor of the 11th Arrondissement and President of the Association of Sons and Daughters of Jewish Exiles from Serge Claresfeld, France

Gallery opening
Exiled children from 11th arrondissement

Wednesday, July 8 at 5 p.m.
Square Francis Lemarque 90, rue de la Roquette
Exhibition from 6 July to 30 September

See the booklet on children in exile from the Vel ‘d’Hiv’ roundup

Our actions

Exhibition in front of the Japi Gymnasium

The proposal was made on Sunday, April 25, 2021, after a commemoration ceremony at the Town Hall Japi Gymnasium of the 11th Arrondissement with Paris City and the Shoh Memorial May 14, 1941 An exhibition commemorating the 80th anniversary of the Roundup. This is held Facade of Japi Gymnasium from May 15 to July 16, 2021 And presented Dozens of unpublished photographs of these major historical events. This exhibition is part of the Memorial Responsibility, edited by the 11th Municipal Team, through the plaques it erected, the events it hosts and the exhibitions it hosts.

Inauguration of Mirili Tube Alley

October 19, 2021City of Paris and 11e Borough inaugurated New Isle Mireille Knoll – In the central archives of Boulevard de Menilmontant – In honor of this French woman who survived the Vel ‘d’Hive Roundup, was murdered in her home at the age of 85 because she was born Jewish. The next day the municipal team also returned Tribute to Roger Fichtenberg11 former elected officialse
And the great personality of the Jewish resistance. A memorial plaque has been erected at 67, Avenue de la Republic, where he has always lived.

The exhibition is a story without words

The exhibition is a story without wordsOrganized and presented for the first time by the association L’enfant et la Shoah, the Town Hall of 11 was inauguratedeMonday, January 27, 2022 – Camp Release Day – Franোয়াois Voglin, Mayor of 11e, And Rosalie Lamin, 1st Deputy Mayor, especially in charge of Smriti. On this occasion, Auschwitz survivor Janet Kolinka won her 11th medal.

Inauguration of Hannah Kamieniki Alley

During the Borough Council, May 19, Franোয়াois Vaglin, mayor of 11eAnd council wishes We pay tribute to the memory of Hannah Kamieniki Boulevard de Menelamontant puts its name on an alley in the central reservation. After a brief escape from the Vel ‘D’Hive’ roundup in 1942, whose 80th anniversary we commemorate this year, Hannah joined the resistance with Henry Krasuki and took part in the liberation of Paris. An indefatigable activist for memory, he contributed to the creation of the AMEZD, the Association for the Memory of Jewish Children Exiled from the 11th Arrondissement, of which he later became honorary president. It thus captures the memory of 1,644 Jewish children who were educated in the 11th Arrondissement who were exiled and exterminated from falling into oblivion.


Within the structure Commemoration of the Vel ‘D’ HIV RoundupWhich happened 80 years ago, Town Hall 11e
The school is invited to participate June 2 is Remembrance Day in the Olympiad de Gouges Room, In collaboration with the 11th District (AMZ), Shoh Memorial and the Association for the Memory of Exiled Jewish Children from National Education. It allows students to be aware of the horrors of the Holocaust and the tragic consequences for 11-year-olds.e Who were arrested and then interned before being deported to the death camp in 1942. Thirteen schools and a leisure center showcased their work on this day. After this day, teachers sent question papers to students on what they have learned, what they have retained. Here are some student responses:

– “You’ll remember!” A

– “Bravo fought for those who fought for us, for them …”

– “You always have to believe in it and help others get up”

– “Let’s stop fighting, let’s make peace!” A

– “We should help each other without killing each other”

– “We should all help them, regardless of religion or caste”

Since then, rThe exhibition was held in the hall of the town hall on the 11the Until July 7.

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