Antoine Weil wanted to make Simon a “housewife.”

June 30, 2022 marks the fifth anniversary of the death of Simon Vell. Known in France for abolishing abortion, she also experienced true love throughout her life. In particular, she was able to rely on her husband’s support throughout her career. Focus on her personal life.

Although he wanted to marry a “housewife”, Antoine Weil admitted that his wife was devoted to politics. Simon Weil and her husband have been in perfect love for more than 60 years, and the deceased supported the mother of her child until her death, although she also feared for Simon’s safety.

The love story of Antoine and Simon Wells

November 26, 1974 is a date that will mark the life of Simon Vell forever. On that day, the former president of the European Parliament delivered a heartbreaking speech in front of many men aimed at legalizing abortion.

French Health Minister Simone Will. | Photo: Getty Images

But if this fight is part of Simon Vel’s story, then he also has a love affair with Antoine Vel. After her graduation, the beautiful brunette continued her studies at the Faculty of Law in Paris and at the Institute of Political Studies in Paris.

It was at this time that the politician met the man of his life. Simon Jacob, his real name, was on a ski vacation with his friends from Sciences Po when he fell in love with Antoine Will. For her part, the latter also fell in love with Simon at first sight.

“His clear eyes with a shiny face reflected the experience of an indefinite tragedy”,

He remembers the entrepreneur in his book “Hi, What Simon Didn’t Say”.

Dated photo of French Health Minister Simone Vale. | Photo: Getty Images

Falling in love, the couple married on October 26, 1946, after just a few months of relationship. A year later, they welcomed their first child, Gene Will, together. Thereafter, the family grew with the birth of Claude-Nicholas in 1948. He later lost his life in 2002.

A few years after the birth of this second child, Simon became a mother for the third time. Pierre-François is the youngest member of the Vail family and was born in 1954. Otherwise, the politician and her late husband also had grandchildren like Valentine Vel.

Invited to Ale Magazine in 2010, Antoine Will’s granddaughter confessed her love for her grandparents.

Simon Vail, Minister of Health in Paris, France, June 17, 1974 – Antoine and Simone Vail with their dog “Chadok” at home. | Photo: Getty Images

“When my grandfather saw it, it was just beautiful. And in her, in her face, we read an infinite love “,

He says.

Not a “housewife”, but a leader: the mother of a family, she was almost always at work, but they never felt her absence

It is true that Simon Will had a turbulent career in his lifetime. The question we all ask ourselves is: How did he manage with his children? Invited for an interview with Femme Actuelle in 2018, the politician gave more details about what it was like to be the mother of two sons, Simone.

Antoine and Simone Vail with their grandchildren at their Parisian home in May 1979 in Paris, France. | Photo: Getty Images

Indeed, Jean and Pierre-Francois Weil did not deny the fact that their late mother devoted all her time to her work. The late magistrate made a small claim that his mother did not leave for work too early, but always came home late at night.

Thus, most of the time, Jean, the eldest, kept an eye on his brothers at the time. Especially since Simon had “absolute confidence” in his sons. Moreover, as Jean Will said, their parents let them go to the fair alone when they were young, telling them that “the best way not to get lost is to go there alone.”

Simon Vail as a family with her husband Antoine Vail, their three sons and their grandchildren in April 1984 in Paris, France. | Photo: Getty Images

But Simon was not the only one who was involved. The couple traveled frequently and went out, according to their son, and was therefore often absent from the family home. However, despite his absence, Jin and his brothers never felt neglected by their mother, according to their revelations.

“He was rarely at home for our tastes, but when he was there, his presence was incredibly significant.”

Said the eldest at Femme Actuelle.

French Health Minister Simone Vail arrived at the Elysee Palace in Paris on June 10, 1974 to attend the Council of Ministers. | Photo: Getty Images

During this same interview, Pierre-Franোয়াois Vail and his older brother also confirmed that their mother was the same in her professional or personal life. “Personally like the people,” the politician’s sons said, he was “strong”, “determined”, “determined” and “authoritarian”.

And while many “children” complain about their parents ’notoriety, it’s not at all the case with Simon Vale’s kids.

“This is a privilege”,

Jean Weil says.

Simone Weil, former French health minister, president of the European Parliament and survivor of the Auschwitz-Barcanau concentration camp, is at her home in Normandy with her husband, politician Antoine Weil and her grandchildren. | Photo: Getty Images

A proud husband who has always been there to support her: the veil of Antoine’s love for her beloved for 67 years

On June 30, 2017, Simon Weil died, reunited with her husband, Antoine Weil, who passed away in 2013. Between the two lovebirds, it was crazy love for 67 years.

Antoine has always supported his wife throughout his career, although he wanted to marry “a housewife”, primarily, the principle stated in his biography. At Femme Actuelle, Jean Veil says:

She was afraid we might attack Mom on the street. But he took his notoriety with humor.

Just like the mother of his children, Antoine Veille was also fond of politics, but “did not dedicate his whole life to it”, as his younger brother declared. Instead, according to Pierre-Francois, the deceased chose to participate in his wife’s career.

However, this does not mean that the CV of the chosen one at the heart of Simon Vale was empty. In contrast, Pierre-François Veil confirmed that his late father’s professional life was “full”, especially since he was the head of the airline company UTA.

French Health Minister Simone Vail and her husband, politician Antoine Vail, on vacation in Grimwood. | Photo: Getty Images

Apparently, however, Antoine Weil always put his wife first.

“Our parents were able to find balance in their lives as a couple. (…) She shares with him a very large intimacy and a real complexity. He was his first adviser,

Believes in the youngest of politicians.

A complication that lasted until the end of the entrepreneur’s life.

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