Critics attack Diam’s documentary

First press review HelloThere are documentaries written and directed by former rapper Diam’s, and they are not very positive.

Among the works presented to the ears during the 75th edition held at the end of May 2022, HelloBenefiting from a special screening, surprisingly did not get too much attention. Produced by Brut, Media Partner at Cannes Film Festival 2022 (Coincidentally)The documentary will be visible only Only if the movie on July 1 and 2, 2022 And very few movies, before broadcast On the BrutX platform In September.

After a gold disc, a platinum disc and a diamond disc, the most popular French artist of 2000 decided to end his career after his last album released in 2009. More than ten years after his media disappearance (he has published two books) and given a few interviews), The former rapper comes out of his silence HelloHe has written and directed a documentarySupported by Howda Benjamin (Divine) And Ann Sisse.

Facing the ocean, I could hit …

She describes her life, her moments of doubt, her moments of questioning, but also her glory, the dangers of her celebrity and star system, her depression and her suicidal thoughts. After some rather negative feedback from the ear, which is to blame Hello To glorify Islam, opinions are now much higher. Newspapers.

“Diam’s sincerity and touch. His desire to say everything, his desire to be as transparent as possible does not leave anyone indifferent.” Audience

“We expected more from Salam, especially about the rise of the far right in France and around the world. Melanie has nothing to say about this, except for a clip-style proposal for peace for UNICEF. In the end, Salam doesn’t pretend to be anything other than a rather bad feeling ভাল a good documentary. A Les Inrockuptibles

“Salam Diam could have been a very good documentary, but behind the interesting story of the former artist, we can’t be shocked to see a catastrophic and promotional achievement. A Movie series

Salam: Photo DiamondsFacing emptiness

“Presented in her previous life as a strong business woman, It is impossible to imagine that this documentary, which he controls from A to Z, is part of a marketing strategy to awaken his association and to build an ideological argument that we should be able to legitimately question.In this case, we are pleased to see dolphins jumping on the foam or zebras jumping into the savannah. িয়ার Premier

“If the former rapper sees the reason for his conversion to Islam and how it is clearly (and sometimes, sensitively) candid. […]The documentary, without any invisibility or conflict, exists only to serve him and to raise funds for his charitable work.Tyve A Obs

“The footage gradually turned into bad nature and discovery reports, long shots of waves crashing on a beach, where Walking in the sands of Diam or crossing giraffes during safaris, before becoming a publicity stunt for the former musicians’ association. Cinema abuse

Salam: Photo DiamondsFacing the abdomen

If you know all these journalists The running and sincere nature of the filmEspecially when Diam looks back at his years of doubt, pain and depression, Hello Leaves a strange feeling. Without any good idea of ​​staging, the documentary accepts the codes of the report and never tries to be anything else.A personal story aimed at promoting the former artist association.

Sold as a documentary that was going to explain everything in detail, Hello There doesn’t seem to be much more than a lot of reports about the artist for more than ten years And again, he did not question the news or comment on the rise of extremism in France. More annoying, Hello Only faith offers a single vision. Be it proselytizing or propaganda, Hello Under no circumstances is it enlightened by his perceptionWhich is like a normal animal documentary.

Hello So will be discovered in theaters on July 1 and 2, 2022 and BrutX at the beginning of the school year.

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