Help the Renaissance court: “I never wanted to kill the mother of my children”, the defendant declared

Wesley B’s lawyer is Mr. Jean-Guillaume Le Mintier. (Ure Laure Gentil / Actu Rennes)

There are fewer people in the courtroom, Tuesday, June 28, 2022The first day of the trial Wesley B.. Renee appeared before this 41-year-old man assizes Attempted murder of three police officers And for Attempted murder On his ex-girlfriend.

The incident happened December 4, 2018, Where Jennifer H., the ex-wife of the accused, took refuge in front of a shelter for women victims of violence. The play is a little skipped. Wesley B’s gun cartridge has been jammed.

Eye-rolling, accused Still maintains his innocence. “I never wanted to kill the mother of my children,” he says.

The accused made suicide threats

In his box, Wesley B. Excited in front of the presiding judge. “I have nothing to say! Since he (Jennifer H. Editor’s note) Gone, my life is hell. I will not explain myself, all this! You take me for one Terrorist ! “She is OK.

You want to put me in jail for 30 years!

Wesley B.Accused

His movement is such that he threatens to kill himself if convicted. Wesley B. He confessed to “making a mistake” by bringing a firearm, but during the hearing he repeatedly called the “mother of his three children” and denied any intent to kill him.

“I’m sorry … I shouldn’t have taken a weapon,” he told the court, explaining that he had brought it to turn against him. “If I had to do it again, I wouldn’t do it again. A

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Withdrawal of events

– On December 4, 2018, despite the defensive order, Jennifer H. She sees her ex-boyfriend Wesley BK in front of her children’s school
– Jennifer H. Calls law enforcement. Wesley B is gone. Three police officers arrived at the women’s home where she was staying to pick up her and her children, Rue de Laurent.
– Wesley B. Waiting for them there. She is holding an object in her hand. Police and Jennifer H believe in a telescopic stick. Metallic sounds are heard.
– Jennifer H. And one of the three police officers took his children to safety. The other two follow Wesley BK.
– Police arrest Wesley B. and discover that the object he was holding was a long rifle rifle.
– A .22 caliber cartridge is stuck in the firearms chamber.

“Was the investigation done properly? ”

If civic groups want to prove Wesley B’s hint, Mr. Jean-Guillaume Le Mintier, Defendant’s lawyer wanted to question the quality of the investigation: “Was the investigation conducted properly? “, He asked the police chief, who had come to testify. The latter only responds with a “usually yes”.

A point of disagreement actually exists over the presence The camera The incident took place in the parking lot of the house. Asfad faces the women’s house Renaissance Stadium, A video surveillance presence is possible. Unfortunately, the picture was not saved. In addition, stadium security investigators explained that the camera was less likely to take pictures of the parking lot. However, Mr. Le Mintier criticized Police service In order not to try to verify immediately.

Another point raised by the defense, Security catch Weapons activated.

Violence against his ex-wife

The Testimony Defendant’s ex-wife Jennifer H. “He was a man who always smiled, who loved others. But over time I realized his true personality. Someone manipulated, entitled. He became jealous very quickly. “Thirty-something saying after all the black dress.

He stops her from working, sees her, His key confiscated The car to stop him from going. The mother of the family finally decides to leave his wife. Wesley B., refusing to let her go, punched Jennifer H.K.

According to him, he reacted “very badly” when he took legal action. He would tell her If you go to court, you’ll get a shot. ” Steps rejected by Wesley B.

About the events of December 4, 2018, Jennifer H. Don’t explain The accused is not believed to have committed suicide. For him, he would shoot her first before committing suicide. Even today, he says he fears a possible release of Wesley B.

The The first day Was dedicatedPersonality test of the accused Et al.First witness hearing. Time The next daysOf Experts And New witness Will Called the bar.

The verdict will not be given till Friday, July 26. It is possible to find the course of this first day hearing Actu Renaissance Twitter account.

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