How much from July 1?

As part of the AAH purchasing power law, the government is raising several social minimums, including AAH, on July 1.

[Mise à jour du vendredi 01 juillet 2022 à 08h31] A 4% increase. This increase is promised to several social minima recipients, including AAH, under the Purchasing Power Act. Promised July 1, this measure will not take effect immediately. In fact, the bill must be submitted to the Council of Ministers on July 6, then to Parliament in the process. The reassessment of AAH will be effective only from 1 July, only as previously. From 1 April, the amount of AAH for a single person without assets was 919.86 euros. If the disability adult allowance increase is approved, the amount of AAH will be seen to reach 956 euros per month. A significant increase for many beneficiaries in the context of upward prices. Driven by the war in Ukraine, according to the latest figures from the INSEE, inflation rose to 5.8% in June 2022 in one year.

Allowance for Disabled Adults, also known by its acronym AAH, is a financial aid that ensures a minimum income for persons with disabilities. To achieve this, several criteria are considered: degree of disability, age, place of residence or even resources. AAH may be combined with other help. Since January, the allowance calculation for a couple’s beneficiaries has changed. If the spouse’s income is taken into account, a fixed allowance of 5,000 euros is applied, along with 1,400 euros per child. The provision would allow an increase in AAH between 110,000 and 120 euros for 140,000 families, the State Secretariat for Persons with Disabilities said.

The maximum amount of AAH is 919.86 euros. The amount of allowance actually received varies with the beneficiary’s assets (see calculation), AAH then complements the income to reach the maximum amount of allowance. On July 1, AAH must increase by 4% within the purchasing power bill structure, to 956 euros per single person.

AAH is given to people with a permanent disability of 80% or more. People with disabilities from 50% to 79% can benefit from it if they are recognized by the Commission on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the Autonomy Commission (CDAPH) as a sufficient and lasting restriction of access to employment. In other words, the applicant faces significant difficulties in accessing employment for which the workstation in particular cannot be compensated by the adaptation system and these difficulties are expected to last at least one year from the date of filing. Only people who are permanently residing in France or have a residence permit can apply for AAH.

The applicant must be at least 20 years of age, or at least 16 years of age for a young person who will not be considered dependent on his or her parents for the benefit of the family. If the applicant suffers from 50% to 79% disability, he or she is entitled to receive AAH until legal retirement age.

The applicant for AAH must respect the terms of the asset in order to benefit from it. Below, the annual income limit should not be exceeded depending on the family situation.

Resources limit to benefit from AAH
The number of dependent children in terms of family benefits You live alone You live in a couple
0 € 10,843.2 € 19,626.19
1 € 16,264.8 25,047.79
2 21,686.4 € 30,469.39
3 27,108 35,890.99
4 € 32,429.6 41,312.59

The resources considered for calculating disability adult allowance correspond to the net income of all departments for N-2 years (i.e. 2020 for application made in 2022).

If you are a couple and want to get AAH, your wife’s income is taken into consideration. Since January 2022, a fixed allowance of 5,000 euros has been applied to the income of spouses who have not benefited from AAH, an increase of 1,400 euros per child. A decree specifies the conditions of entry into force of this measure “The text specifies the conditions for the implementation of the flat-rate allowance applicable to the income of the beneficiary spouse of AAH as a couple which is taken into account for the calculation of the allowance, what can we read.” Replacing the 20% proportional allowance, at 5,000 euros, increased the family benefit amount to 1,400 euros per dependent child ”.

“The arrangement will help 140,000 families to benefit from 110 euros to 120 euros per month from January 2022 and without taking any action with the CAF,” argued the state secretariat in charge of persons with disabilities in a press release. Release. “From now on, a couple without all the people and activities and whose wife earns SMIC will get 904 Euro AAH per month at full rate.

AAH is paid on the basis of the assets reserved for the establishment of income tax by the applicant and his spouse, cohabiting partner or citizen partnership. If the applicant does not receive income from the activity, AAH complements these resources to reach the maximum amount.

If the applicant receives an activity income, the amount of AAH will be calculated according to a portion of this income. In this case, the amount will be calculated according to the following formula: Monthly AAH = (Resource ceiling. Household assets) / 12. However, when the applicant resumes a paying activity, in the first six months, income will not be taken into account.

The maximum limit for receiving AAH is currently set at 10,843.2 euros for a single person without dependents. This ceiling has been increased to 5,421.6 euros per dependent child. If the applicant does not receive any income, he will receive the maximum amount of AAH.

To avail this help, you must first contact the Departmental Center for Persons with Disabilities. Its role is to investigate the file and then send it to the CAF or MSA (if the person concerned falls under the agricultural project). It is not the departmental house that takes care of providing financial support.

The Activity Bonus is a social assistance that has been in effect since January 1, 2016 It combines basic RSA and employment bonus Beneficiaries of AAH who practice professional activities can apply for the Activity Bonus from July 5, 2016. It is provided within 10 days with effect from January 1, 2017.

If the required conditions (which depend on your personal situation) are met, it is quite possible to combine AAH and RSA (but not the full two amounts). The amount of RSA is deducted from AAH. It is up to you to simulate and choose the most convenient financial situation.

From January 1, 2017, individuals benefiting from AAH retirement can receive this assistance if their disability rate is at least 80%. This makes it possible to avoid a file transfer that could cause financial loss to the beneficiary. A decree published in the Official Journal on February 1, 2017 confirms this decision.

AAH can be deposited for six months in case of resumption of activity without interfering with the calculation. These incomes are then considered in the calculation of allowances after the termination of 40% of AAH for income from activities below 30% of Smic and up to 80% for income above 30% of the minimum wage.

Increases for independent living can be paid in addition to AAH if AAH is received at full rate (or in addition to an accident on a retirement, a disability pension or work pension), at least 80% having a degree of disability, receiving housing assistance for independent housing and own professional For not getting income from activities. The same conditions apply to a combination of AAH and additional resources, where disability results in a work efficiency of less than 5%. However, the additional resources were abolished on December 1, 2019, but those who have already received it can continue to receive it for the next ten years, but they still meet the criteria.

If your disability rate is more than 80% and your disability is unlikely to change, AAH will be given to you without a time limit. If your disability rate is between 50 and 79%, you will be paid AAH for 1 or 2 years. This period can reach up to 5 years if your disability is unlikely to change.

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