How to set up a small garden at a mini price? Golden rules for creating a heavenly place!

Butterflies flutter in their rainbow-colored wings, birds sing, the sun shines… aha, isn’t summer nice? But wait … you go out, you want to jump in the warmth of the sun, but your appearance is rather depressing … gray … small … it looks like it needs to be touched as soon as possible, but you know for sure . Where to start? Want to save money, so you always keep working off? Okay, as we said before, the DeaVita team is made with cheap skates and we love to find great deals and DIY tutorials! We are here to tell you how to design a small garden on a budget and make it look like your personal paradise! Are you interested So, keep reading!

Need ideas for To create a small garden? We are here to guide you! Here are six great ideas for decorating a small outdoor garden so that it is transformed into a real nirvana without breaking the bank!

Add color

What does that mean? Small spaces can become quite frustrating if we don’t take care of them. Do you have a yellow lawn due to heat waves? Provide some shade in the form of a colorful umbrella. Is your chair old and rusty? Clean these and put colored pillows. There are many ways to add originality to your exterior by adding your personal touch. Usually, decorative pillows are available for very little money. Although we do not recommend fast fashion, such places Primark Where Pepco Will work just fine.

Lighting is important

Lighting your garden can really bring some warmth outside otherwise too harsh. Adds light garlands, which can be found in stores, It’s two euros, Hema, Pepco, Primark And of course, the fly market! Otherwise, lanterns now bring trendy and Scandinavian spirits, these famous cocoon decorations that we all love and want to feel at home. The lanterns themselves are quite cheap and you can put flashing lights or candles on them. It’s up to you!

Plants and flowers for a small garden

Well, what to do in the garden in July? If you have a gravel garden, take a pot! You can make a small path to the door by arranging it neatly on both sides. However, you will need tough flowers to withstand the heat. Hibiscus, salvia, helianthus, pink rose, sage, rosemary, thyme, lavender, agave and many more. Ah, what a great colorful explosion of plants and flowers to enliven your outdoor space!

Decorate privacy curtains or fences

Is your privacy curtain or garden fence ugly and annoying? And you can still see your neighbors because it wasn’t done so well? How about giving it a facelift? Place your potted plants on the privacy screen or decorate with flashing lights. Another wonderful idea is to express your inner artist and paint it in a bright and fun color! A survey shows that if we spend more time surrounded by bright colors, our subconscious registers it and makes us happy.

Choose trinkets and figurines

But then, how to decorate a very small garden? Finding garden figures like little genomes, angels and the like is not as rare as you might think! We advise you to go to the flea market, because we have personally achieved a lot of garden decorations there is nothing! You might be wondering what people are willing to sell at such a low price! By adding statues, you will make your garden look more luxurious or more comfortable in no time and at no cost!

Create a relaxing angle!

And last but not least, comfortable angle! Do you know the nooks of reading too invited to the big, beautiful house of cinema? Why not create one for yourself, but outside? Bring a comfortable chair (Emmaus There is a lot of affordable furniture!), Throw away a blanket, add a small coffee table where you can keep your fresh drinks and books. Oh, and a small umbrella that will protect you from the scorching sun! Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

Give a small garden perspective

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How to arrange a small garden? Why not install solar lights?

Small bucolic garden

Find an angle and create a small space dedicated to your relaxation!

Landscaping on a budget

How to arrange a small garden? Here’s an idea for a decorative curtain!

Make a small garden with pebbles

How to arrange a small garden? We hope you find our tips useful!

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