Law against fathers?

Legally, marriage was invented to hold the father accountable to the child and to protect the woman from uncertainty. The legal form of marriage forced him to take care of the family on the condition of assumption of paternity: the assumed father is responsible for the woman and the child. The evolution of the concept of marriage has profoundly changed the place of the father in the family and the place of the forties in society. Marriage is no longer a protective house, but an oppressive cluster that prevents women from “realizing themselves”, to be completely themselves, to be finally free. The father lost his ancestral and marital rights. The law of July 11, 1975 would thus liberalize and make divorce easier and more readily available.

This first bomb will annoy the father, the husband: the man who was once responsible for protecting the wife and child from financial uncertainty, embodying an authority, sees his work disappear. Moreover, we are witnessing marriage. For fifty years, the number of marriages celebrated each year has been steadily declining: from 400,000 in 1970 to 227,000 in 2019.

Abandonment thus becomes common and a woman, without a husband, finds herself in a fragile financial balance and has to raise the child, without a father, without an image of authority.

Kill the child to kill the father

In 1975, another bomb exploded, more sudden and more deadly: on January 17, the curtain law was enacted. The purpose pursued is always the same: to free the woman, but this time to the detriment of the unborn child. The father no longer has to marry to enjoy the fruits of his labor. In fact, far from freeing the woman, the abortion puts the blame for the baby’s death on the woman whose choice is entirely hers. Liberalization of divorce gives the family an American idea: the right to privacy. The idea is as follows: “Intimacy is for me”. Freedom is complete in private cases where everything is allowed. Offensively, the mother suffers the most from an abortion: if she wants to lose or keep the child against the father, she will feel guilty or the burden of the child will fall on her. Abandonment thus becomes common and a woman, without a husband, finds herself in a fragile financial balance and has to raise the child, without a father, without an image of authority.

And the father is the mother

Although marriage statistics have been steadily declining, divorce statistics have followed the opposite path. From less than 45,000 in 1972, the number has risen to 120,000 per year since 2017 Today, about half of all marriages in France end in divorce However, divorce itself has developed extensively. In the past men were primarily at the root of divorce: today, it is women who decide in 75% of cases.

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This all comes back to haunt the children. Before 2005, there was no joint custody, today only 12% of children live in it. An ever-growing personality that remains an exception for judges: if it is a preferred solution for the father, it is not for the children. “It is very complicated to take a small child away from his mother. She needs her mother until she is 7-8 years old and a stable place to grow up. We have more children in alternative accommodation and more are being followed by psychiatrists, ”explained one of our lawyers. “Over the last 15 years, child protection cases have become more complex, more alarming,” he added. False testimony of sexual touch, incest from honest fathers, increasing domestic violence… families are increasingly threatened by this new artificial approach. It is no longer an entity, but a set of persons arbitrarily separated according to the marriage contract, PACS and divorce.

A dual tendency is observed: one which is formed to destroy the father, and the other which seeks to make the father the second mother, present for the child from his first day. This new concept, supernatural and legally supported by law, such as paternity leave, aims to introduce another satanic personality into the family. Thus the father must be there from the first day of the child and adhere to the image of education and decency which usually belongs to the mother. Lost, for no reason, the father makes a mistake, leaving his child that is no longer his. From her offspring, from her normal and ancient role, she abandoned them both, resigning herself as only a wife. And when he resigned himself, precisely, he was reprimanded for his absence. This vicious cycle has gradually destroyed the image of the Father for over half a century. The law and more simultaneously contribute to this goal and the fathers demand justice.

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