My life: A young couple with a 4 year old baby in Ben Arus

Tunisia Numeric has conducted a series of interviews with Tunisian families to find out how they manage their budgets at a time when the country is going through a crisis.

These Tunisians come from different social classes, live in neighborhoods of different ages and higher levels and working-class. They spontaneously and anonymously agreed to answer Tunisian Numeric’s question. The stories are replicated as usual.

Husband: Walid, 35, works for a private company

Female: Ameni, 31, Financial Manager

The couple has a 4-year-old child.

Walid and Ameni, married for 5 years, live in a house in Ben Arus, a southern suburb of Tunis. The house belongs to Walid’s family. His brothers live upstairs in his house.

“I have been working for a private company based in Cité El Khadra for 10 years while my wife Ameni is the financial manager at Cité Jardins, Tunis,” said Walid.

Walid earns 1500 dinars / month. Ameni gets 800 dinars / month.

“I want to start my own project. It is very difficult to work for others. I want to improve the quality of life for me and my family, ”he added.

Their financial situation is not allowing them to have a second child at the moment.

Walid said, “Since the demand for a newborn baby as well as food has become very expensive, I want to start my own business.

The couple only use the car on weekends. They prefer to go to work on public transport to avoid traffic jams in the city center.

Inheritance issues poison the lives of young couples

Walid’s family wants the house back. Her family members disagreed over the ownership of the family home. Due to an inheritance dispute within Walid’s family, Ameni proposes to her husband to move to her father’s apartment in Migrin.

At first Walid was against this idea.

The couple no longer feel comfortable living in a home belonging to Walid’s family. In search of peace, Walid decides to move and rent his family home.


“I have accepted the sacrifice to protect my marriage. While I have supported my husband during this family crisis, I consider that he was not at the root of the conflict that arose within his family. He has documents proving that he owns our home, ”Ameni said.

“We will rent or sell his parents’ house and live somewhere far away from his family. We have spent a lot of money on the legal process since the dispute started by my husband’s family, ”she added.

“I couldn’t help my husband financially because I lost my job because of the Kovid-19 crisis. During this time, we have received financial support from my family. “

“With the arrival of the baby, I faced a lot of financial problems,” Ameni said.

“At first I kept my baby with my mother. Then, we decided to enroll him in day care in my mother’s neighborhood, El Maruje. “

“After the inconvenience we have faced, we are planning to have a second child with more ease financially.”

“It’s very difficult to adopt a baby nowadays,” Ameni added.

Fixed family expenses

  • Day care registration fee: 300 dinars / year
  • 700 dinars / month for food and household goods.
  • STEG invoice: 150 dinars / 4 months
  • SONEDE Invoice: 20 dinars / 3 months
  • Fuel cost: 100 dinars / month
  • Transportation cost: 40 dinars / month (combined taxi)
  • Pocket money of 85 dinars / month for Ameni (breakfast and hairdresser)

Budget for entertainment

  • 80 dinars / month (restaurant dinner)
  • 30 days / month (Children’s Park)
  • 500 dinars: budget for summer vacation

The couple took the opportunity to go out for dinner at a restaurant on the weekends. Once a month they take their son to the children’s playground.

Help sheep

“We usually spend Eid at my parents’ house. We participate in the purchase of sacrificial sheep for 150 dinars, ”said Ameni.

The couple does not spend a lot of money, Walid does not smoke or drink alcohol.

Ameni prepares 2 to 3 meals a week and helps her family prepare lunch for the rest of the week.

“I’ve made it a habit to set aside a 13th grade bonus to be able to take advantage of the summer holidays,” Walid said.

Every summer, the family rents a house by the sea for a week or 10 days.

Sometimes the couple trek on the weekends.

Clothing budget

“We bought clothes from a hairdresser near us who imports from Turkey.”

To dress her child, Ameni collects items for her younger nephew, her sister’s son.


“We spend some days with my parents and the rest with us,” Ameni added.

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