Now he helps his whole family and does not leave his mother

Cristiano Ronaldo, the “unwanted child”, is now more to his mother than ever before. When he was admitted to the hospital in Madeira, he left everything to fly to the side of his bed.

All Cristiano Ronaldo fans know how much they hate losing great footballers. This rejection of defeat, the football champion often accompanies it with resilience and maximum relentlessness. Moreover, an anecdote that was told by his former teammate Richie de Lloyd says more about this mental state of the Portuguese.

“I once lost to Cristiano Ronaldo in a table tennis match. He went straight to buy his own ping-pong table for practice. ”

We must believe that this mentality is a great asset for a footballer who has scored more than 800 goals in his career. This allows him to go from very poor to very rich. A great pride for her family and for those who almost didn’t give birth to her.

Cristiano Ronaldo grew up in a poor house, sharing a room with his brothers and sisters

Benjamin of the family, Husband of Georgina Rodriguez He has two older sisters, Liliana Katia and Elma, as well as a brother named Hugo. All four became Catholics and grew up in the parish of Santo Antonio, Funchal.

Sharing a room, they can only rely on their mother, Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro, and their father, Jos দ Diniz Aveiro. Unfortunately, the father of the family died as a result of liver disease.

Having already had three children, Dolores no longer expected a fourth child. Especially since the family was trying to survive financially. But Cristiano was born.

Ronaldo’s mother wanted to stop the pregnancy while wearing him

In a documentary dedicated to her footballer son in 2014, Maria Dolores admitted that she almost had an abortion when she became pregnant with Cristiano. He said:

“It simply came to our notice then. God did not want this to happen and I was blessed and God did not punish me. ”

A big decision that changed the life of the whole family. In addition, the Manchester United player often teases his mother by saying:

“You didn’t want me to be born. But now you can see that I am here to help you all. ”

And they are laughing at it now. Yet, a few years ago, little Christiano did not have that opportunity.

She cried every day, watching how her father often “drank”

Unlike Cristiano, who is a devoted family man, his alcoholic father was not really for him. She cried all her childhood.

“I cried every day. (…) We’re in trouble. (…) He drank almost every day. It’s frustrating that she never saw my success. “

He confirmed in an interview.

Unlike her late husband, who left them in 2005, Dolores has always believed in their son.

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Dolores was the one who believed him. He hasn’t come to his match yet

Like her son, Maria Dolores is now one of Portugal’s biggest celebrities. Ronaldo has been seen during some matches, he is one of his biggest fans. However, he did not take part in his big games for fear of upsetting his son due to his restless condition.

Precisely, the mother of the family explained the reason for her youngest child’s absence during an important match:

“I will never go to the Champions League again. One day I fainted on the stand. My heart skipped a beat. (…) Cristiano knows that if I’m in the stadium, my high sensitivity can cause me problems. It will put a strain on her. ”

In 2020, due to his health problems, he had to be hospitalized.

Adult, Cristiano Ronaldo has left everything to see his sick mother

Dolores was admitted to the “Dr. Nelio Mendonca” hospital on the island of Madeira in Funchal. Upon hearing the news, her son flew to her hometown to be her bedfellow. According to local media reports, the mother of the family has been sent to an intensive care unit. To reassure fans, Cristiano did not fail to announce his mother’s news on social networks. He said:

“He is currently stable and recovering in hospital. My family and I would like to thank the medical team who took care of her, and please ask for some privacy at this time. “

Despite this, the local media has been able to get information from the health department. He told them he had an ischemic stroke.

Unwanted child, Cristiano became the most beloved son

In addition to their five children, Cristiano and Georgina lost their son and were able to rely on Dolores’ support and comfort. To show the love between mother and son, a picture of Dolores was posted on the arm of the football star on June 27, 2022. A post tagged by Cristiano with the caption “Blessed (Benny)”.

A rare shot showing how complex they are and which has generated over 8 million likes and over 60,000 comments. Fans commented that “a mom’s love is the most beautiful thing”, or even “a legendary family”.

They can be close knowing that Cristiano’s mother lives in his house.

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What is Dolores doing today?

Living with Georgina and Cristiano, Dolores is happy to take care of her grandchildren. After being active on social networks, he often posted pictures of his extended family. We also see pictures on which he takes care of them.

In addition to being a caring grandmother, Cristiano’s mother is an entrepreneurial woman. When he’s not taking care of his family, he takes care of his restaurant “Casa Aveiro” in Brazil. He opened a business in July after the success of his first restaurant in Madeira.

Luckily, she was able to make the right decision by leaving her child behind. Without it, she would not have known the joy of being the grandmother of Cristiano Ronaldo’s five children.

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