Parents unite against closure of two centers for autistic children

Parents of children welcomed at two teddy bears in Paris and at Hautes-de-Seine are protesting against the closure of the two institutions. For many, these centers represent hope for schooling with the goal of helping children with autism.

It’s a shock to all of usSébastien Petralia is still struggling to digest the news. The Teddybear Center in the capital’s 13th Arrondissement, which welcomes his son Lorenz, who suffers from autism, will soon close its doors. Last week we were informed that the center was going to close on 7th July.“, Explains who is also responsible for the aggregation of the parents of the two centers.

The same installation is located in Saint-Cloud, Hauts-de-Seine. The center will be closed due to lack of funds. During Kovid, we thanked private funds, but today, government authorities have refused to finance us further.Ines Those, founder and director of TeddyBear, noted bitterly.

He condemned the fact that ARS “Satisfied to offer solutions to keep children in the new structure without proposing new funding solutions for the TedyBear CenterThe leader further recalled that “The Macron government prioritized the education of autistic childrenIn this situation, the parents are also angry. It punishes our children above all else, the educational progress they make in the center only happens because the structure and the proposed support do not allow it. Taking it away from them puts them in danger. “

Since its first opening in St.-Cloud in 2014, TeddyBear centers have been offering tailmade educational support for children with autism. Our goal is to identify what the baby needs for proper follow-up“, Says its director. This private center is recognized by the regional health agency and offers a multi-departmental reception. Children are regularly monitored by psychologists. We also offer activities in the vicinity of psychomotricity and proprioception“, He continues. In terms of staff, the centers also take part-time school children. Then they spend half a week in school and the other half in the center.

Others are accepted into the structure every day because they have dropped out of school. We are working to reintegrate all these kids into the school environment. The job of supervisors is to make sure they are in the best possible condition to be able to return to school.“According to the director, 95% of the children who went through the centers went to school later.

This Thursday morning, several parents were in front of the courtyard at the center of the 13th Arrondissement. Several of them gathered in front of the National Assembly this Tuesday to challenge deputies about the upcoming shutdown. We said there that for many parents, it would be very difficult to return their children to the same structure. ” They claim. With this closure, about forty children gathered at the two centers risked finding themselves without care the following year.

For many parents, the centers are a lifeline and a structure where their children improve day by day in terms of autonomy, motor skills and language.“, The representative of the group of parents insists. In this way, the guardians sent letters to several deputies, as well as to the Minister in charge of persons with disabilities, Damien Abbad. “So that a solution is found“For their children. For many of us, finding a school that fits our children’s needs is a challenge. We fear that today’s government savings will harm our children in the future.

For Hazar Laraus, little Sinai’s mother welcomes to the center, off “Will cause chaos “For the young girl and her family.”Before she joined the center, our daughter’s first year of kindergarten was disastrous. Despite our daughter having AVS, (School Life Assistant) notification to have MDPH (Departmental Home for Disabled NDRL), she was not educated full time. A week later, the headmistress told us that Sinai could not go to school all week. ” Add That news “The whole family’s balance is at stake“She specifically indicated that her daughter’s twin brother had become greatly disturbed.”He was completely confused. We even had to take her to a psychologist to help her understand the situation

According to figures provided by the Teddy Bear Center, 150,000 children in France have autism. Of these, 80% are out of school and 60% are unsupported. The center estimates that one in every 100 children in France suffers from autism. The Ministry of Solidarity, Autonomy and People indicates that 42,000 autistic children were in mainstream schools at the beginning of the school year last September

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