Participatory Budget # 3: Winners / News

Thank you for your ideas and votes!

An extended budget envelope

Since 2018, the City has pledged a significant participatory investment budget. For the third edition of the Participatory Budget, িয়ন 2 million has thus been earmarked for Lille, Helemmois, Lomois projects, of which ,000 500,000 is reserved for projects run by young people under the age of 18.

This participatory budget, a flagship project for participatory democracy reform established in Lille, is a complementary tool for participatory democracy that makes it possible to encourage and support civic initiatives and engage citizens more closely in local management.

A call for ideas

Lily, Lomois or Helemois: They had a project to change the city. So they responded to the call for ideas launched between November 2 and December 31, 2021!

824 have been filed Local Town Hall and / or online at

Ideas for adults but also ideas from children, schools, learning centers or even the Municipal Children’s Council.

A citizen jury

165 Volunteers Citizens of the participatory budget set by the City have applied for the jury.

The citizens’ jury was made up of two groups independent of each other: an adult group (drawn by a lot of 12 volunteer lots; 12 district councilors of Lille, Lomois and Helemois; 2 members of the Lily Youth Council and 2 members of the community council. Council) and a children’s group. (10 volunteers drawn by Lot and 10 members of the Municipal Children’s Council).

The jury was faced with a difficult choice: Lil, Lomois, and Helemmois, over 9 years old, to hold on to the ideas submitted to the vote.

The ideas had to meet at least one of the three criteria Must be: Child-sized, inclusive and / or low-carbon (reducing greenhouse gas emissions).

Voting time

From May 16 to June 13, 2022, citizens were able to choose from a catalog 70 ideas. Everyone can vote for 3 to 5 projects online or at the local town hall.

This vote showed great solidarity among the residents of Lille, Hellemois and Lomois as 7,029 people voted and 26,581 voted (each person was able to vote for 3 to 5 ideas).

The winners

Animal shelter


Set up shelters with water and food for stray or abandoned animals. Project led by Collège Jean Jaurès.

Make way for skateboarding, rollerblading and scooters

All districts

Install modules or bowls in different parts of the city to practice rollerblading, cycling, skateboarding. Projects run by children in BRAC, Desroseaux and Lavoisier, Municipal Council of Children, Elody Valenti, College Jean Joures, Mavian Gregory, Lautem Bobby, Lewison, Guinette Kevin Educational Space.

A cabin in the trees


Build a tree house attached to a ladder and a climbing wall. Project led by Collège Jean Jaurès.

Recharge your phone!

All districts

Multiply city charging options (connected solar benches, bicycle charging, etc.) to facilitate charging and reduce digital poverty for some. Educational space Project run by students from Duruy, Municipal Council of Children, Lavigne Clément, 5th Orangerie and Louvre College.

The cities of Lille

All districts

Install more multi-sports city stadiums (fields, ping-pong tables) in different districts of the city and suitable for everyone. Project led by Matthew Wartel and Sophie Germain and the children of Juhax Educational Space.

Pew-Pew hut

All districts

Install wooden cabins with binoculars to observe and teach children to recognize birds and local wildlife. Project led by Ines Deparnay-Delbos.

Adult game


Add the right size games to the parks of Lille, Lomme and Hellemmes. The project is supported by the Municipal Children’s Council.

Deule swimming pool


Build a pool for swimming in the bank like the La Villet pool in Paris. Project led by Collège Jean Jaurès.

Courses and sports modules in the city

All districts

Install playgrounds (street-workouts, obstacle courses, pull-up bars) with free access to Lille Park, suitable for young and old. The project, led by L. Omari Marwan, is an educational place for children in Lalo, Duplex and Pasteur, F.C. Baron, Municipal Children’s Council and 5th Louvre students.

Time capsules

All districts

Invite residents of Lille to create a “time capsule” of messages that will be kept and then passed on to future generations at the planned opening date in 2222. Project 6 led by the brand Hughes and Ecole Litter Lille

Children’s play areas are accessible to as many people as possible


Set up multiple play areas (games for kids, bike space, zip line space for adults, etc.) to suit high temperatures and crowds. Project led by Vinquier Paulin.

More bees in the lily

All districts

Place bees in cemeteries to improve the quality of life of city bees. The project is supported by the Municipal Children’s Council.

Children’s play park

All districts

Set up a playground for children, in a natural environment, city squares and gardens. Project led by Malekar.

Light current

All districts

Set up a playground for children, in a natural environment, city squares and gardens. The project is supported by the Municipal Children’s Council.

Games for all and sundry


Install adapted games for children with disabilities in city parks so that all children can play together. The project is supported by the Municipal Children’s Council.

Install the fountain

Old Lil

Place double water fountains, where there is a low area for animals and a high area for humans. Project led by Priest Dorian.

Collection of books, games and toys


Install containers to give books, toys or board games a second life by donating to the association for sick and / or hospitalized children. Brand Educational Space Children Led Project.

Grant cabinet

All districts

Create a place of solidarity in the city (donation cabinets for games, books, winter clothing for the homeless, hygiene products, etc.). Bryand, Baufler, Cabanas, Target and Wagner Educational Space, Morale Esther, Municipal Children’s Council, Jean Joures College, Lartijiens Raphael, Cousin Maria, Couset Josephine’s Children’s Led Project

We welcome the birds to Lille


Make the lil a suitable place for birds by creating specific locations for local species and setting up observation points in the districts. Project led by D’Hundt Maureen.

Drinking fountain in Lomme

Lome – Marsh

Install drinking water fountains in the parks of Lomme and Marais districts. Project led by College Jean Joures.

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