The ceiling is 38 euros, it’s over

Restaurants coupons. On July 1, the exceptional measures taken during the coronavirus health crisis ended.

[Mise à jour du vendredi 01 juillet 2022 à 09h45] Are you happy to pay up to 38 euros per day for your restaurant ticket? It’s over. Has returned to normal since July 1. L.Employees benefiting from food vouchers Now you can pay up to 19 euros per dayAnd not out of it, including restaurants. It is no longer possible to use food vouchers on weekends.. The government has stopped extending exceptional measures adopted at the height of the health crisis, raising the ceiling for use to 38 euros per day. “The use of restaurant tickets will be subject to pre-health crisis conditions,” the economy ministry was told. There is no law on restaurant tickets and the matter does not fall under the joint agreement. It is the labor code that governs the distribution of these tickets: Employees cannot receive their meals on premises designed for work, so the employer must provide a catering structure when the company employs more than 25 people. In this case, the company has several choices: distributing restaurant vouchers, setting up a company catering structure or setting up an inter-company restaurant, or offering lunch bonuses.

Can we still use weekend restaurant tickets?

No. Since July 1, 2022, the government has abolished the exceptional system of allowing the use of restaurant vouchers on weekends.

What is the maximum limit for daily restaurant tickets?

The maximum limit for restaurant voucher use has been increased due to the coronavirus crisis From 19 to 38 euros per day From June 12, 2020And this, Until June 30, 2022. The maximum payment limit for restaurant vouchers remains at 2022 38 euros per day, Including weekends and holidays. This new ceiling is applied only Restaurant, Hotel-restaurant And Similar beverage establishments. The maximum limit for restaurant tickets is fixed 19 euros Food stores such as hypermarkets or supermarkets.

How much are the food tickets?

Legally, the employer is independent Determine the value of food vouchers That it provides its staff. However, in reality, they are rarely valuable More than 11.10 euros, Due to tax. According to the National Restaurant Voucher Commission, the average face value of restaurant vouchers issued in 2021 was 70 7.70.

Where can I pay for a restaurant ticket?

By law, restaurant vouchers allow them to buy or make meals at recipients. From March 2010, Their use in supermarkets is more limited. Restaurant tickets can only be used to buy sandwiches, fresh, frozen or canned food, prepared salads and mixed salads. Alcoholic beverages cannot be purchased with catering tickets.

Employees can make their food vouchers available from their designated location, which is available on the service providers ’websites Consult a specific list of selling points Where to pay for restaurant vouchers.

Generally, traders do not have to change food vouchers. The law usually allows the use of only one title. However, in reality, payments with two-day vouchers are tolerated. Finally, it is in theory It is not possible to use Sunday food vouchers Since their use is reserved for business days. Employees working on Sundays will be exempt from this rule if they have a special mention on their food voucher.

Employees can also use their restaurant vouchers Catering establishments Such as traditional restaurants, fast food establishments, self-service establishments or restaurants located in hotels. Can also be used for restaurant vouchers The Click and collect Where Home delivery Food sold by this organization.

Is restaurant voucher mandatory?

The employer is not obliged to provide food vouchers to its employees. In other ways it is possible to take care of staff catering.

  • A company canteen
  • A lunch bonus

But employers must Provide a space dedicated to catering Its employees can find tools where they can store and reheat their food.

How long are restaurant vouchers valid?

The validity of restaurant vouchers is over At the end of February next year. Unused 2021 restaurant vouchers can be exchanged for free Until March 15, 2022.

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Can telecom workers take advantage of food vouchers?

Are telecom workers entitled to receive food vouchers? Opinions differ. The March 31, 2021, A ruling in favor of the union and the social and economic committee of oil group Schlumberger who protested against the cancellation of restaurant vouchers for workers working from home. However, a verdict said March 10, 2021A Nanterre court has ruled in favor of companies created by UES Malakoff Humanis, which no longer allocates food vouchers to employees placed on the telework from March 17, 2020.

Of course, the court argued, “Teleworkers benefit from the same legal and contractual rights and benefits applicable to employees in comparative situations working on company premises”, recalling its content. Article 4 of the National Inter-Professional Agreement on Telework of July 19, 2005. But “in the absence of any additional costs associated with their catering outside their home”, employees are being kept on their home televisions, Unsa Fesad, in this case opposing UES Malakof Humanis, “could not maintain it legally without restaurant vouchers, like telecom workers working on site” Will not benefit from the same legal and contractual rights and benefits. ” […] So cannot be claimed […] For the allocation of restaurant vouchers “, Nanter’s court concluded.

Ursaf and the Ministry of Labor, however, provide the opposite information: On the Dedicated Questions and Answers page for Telework, the Ministry indicates that Telecommunications retains the rights granted to all employeesIncluding food vouchers. For its part, Urssaf assures on its page dedicated to restaurant vouchers that “if the company’s employees benefit from restaurant vouchers, the same is true for telecom workers at home, in the nomads or in the satellite office.”

Tax Exemption for Restaurant Vouchers: What Are the Benefits for Employers?

In addition to the absence of the obligation to have a canteen, the restaurant offers vouchers to the employer Exemption from social and tax charges On his contribution. However, the employer only benefits from a discount from the Social Security contribution on his or her contribution 5.55 By the title in 2021 and € 5.69 In 2022. If it exceeds, the part that exceeds the ceiling is subject to contribution.

The same goes for employees: restaurant vouchers do not enter into income tax calculations, nor do they enter into social charges.

How are food vouchers funded?

The restaurant vouchers are co-financed by the employee and the employer. The law sets a range for employer contributions, which must be established Between 50% and 60% Title value. Other than that, the tax benefits mentioned above are no longer accessible. When a company distributes restaurant vouchers to employees, their amount must be the same for all employees, whether they are a senior executive or a minimum wage employee.

How to order restaurant vouchers?

Can order their food vouchers from companies Issuer of securities Such as Edenred, Sodexo, Chèque Déjeuner or Natixis Intertitres.

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