duo 1 circus and / or public space artist – 1 author

Report :

Circus and the public space sector are among the situational fragility associated with the health crisis. The need for support is felt in writing.

Project :

Two writers, one from the theater, the other from the circus and / or public space, were invited to share their imaginations, researching cross-writing while living.

This support system for recovery plans will help to question the features of contemporary writing by provoking a new work context: the relationship between circus work and text and speech in public spaces; Relationship to body language in dramatic writing.

More specifically, this is worrying:

  • Playwrights, for example creations aid – winners of ARTCENA, graduates of the authorship department of higher education schools such as Ecole du Nord, National Theater of Strasbourg, ENSATT;
  • Creator of circuses and public spaces established in the Hautes-de-France region;
  • Residential area of ​​Hautes-de-France.

Residency must begin before the end of 2022 and end before the end of 2023, for a maximum of 2 consecutive or non-drawn months.


The Residency will promote the provision of natural, administrative or technical means to support a research and writing process. The goal of this work will be to build a closer relationship with the local people through a number of artistic and cultural proposals in this structure of housing.

The objectives of this call for projects are:

  • Help circus and public space artists resume and maintain their activities in the wake of the health crisis;
  • Strengthening artistic presence in these areas on a local scale, especially towards remote or rural areas;
  • Developing collaborations between artists, writers and regions;
  • Promote professional integration of artists, especially new graduates.

The grant application will combine different types of work related to the residential method as defined by the artistic team and partner:

  1. Writing Habitat: The work can be presented to as diverse audiences as possible and in a free format (without tickets).
  2. Artistic and cultural education : If relevant, link the project with artistic practice activity by allowing artists to discover the universe within the framework of their research.

This is not a production / creation assistance. Artists will benefit from the space and equipment available for work and research.

The work is expected to be done with local partners. These partners can be:

  • A place labeled or not advertised by the Ministry of Culture (regardless of legal status);
  • An art education institution;
  • An EPCI.

Evaluation Criteria:

  • The quality of the presented file and the clarity of the presentation of the action;
  • Interaction between artistic groups, playwrights and intervention partners;
  • Gender balance in the formation of teams.

A creation / expansion space (association, space under management, etc.) called a 2022 recovery plan cannot receive multiple exceptional assistance.

Method of implementation:

Both authors will benefit A donation of 10,000 euros which gives accommodation, writing and time to work on setMuch depends on the proposed file.

For each request for assistance, the file may be submitted by the accompanying company or structure and must contain:

  • CERFA has been duly completed;
  • Project budget, volume details of approximate hours of intervention by the artistic team; Specify non-financial contributions (space in the order of work);
  • Details of planned actions and those who create the team (artistic, technical, administrative);
  • Specify planned cultural activities;
  • A temporary schedule;
  • Written commitment from the local partner to host the artistic team (letter or e-mail hosting status details).

Eligible costs :

Drake subsidies should not exceed 80% of the overall budget.

  • Cost of artistic staff (mainly salaries and fees)
  • Administrative adjustment costs within the 10% limit of the overall budget

The residence located in Hautes-de-France hosts this accommodation for 2 months in professional conditions (set as needed, workplace and arrangement of technical staff, but also accommodation).

File submission date:

Included from June 15 to August 15, 2022

Will be selected Beginning of September During an internal commission with 2 qualified personalities in DRAC.

Help Notification:

From September 15, 2022.

Balance sheet

At the end of support, and within a maximum of 6 months, a shared assessment is sent to DRAC.

Download the application form below:

Request project – part.ods

Tab – 28 KB

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