Everything about the best way to cool down during heat waves

Are the heat waves really back and are you having more difficulty enjoying your outdoor space? In terms of significant rise in temperature, it is actually the daily life of many people across the country. Don’t panic! There is a cute solution that you and your family will especially appreciate. These include Outdoor Patio Mister which promises to refresh your evening. Everything you need to know about the device this summer!

Why afford this refreshing device?

You’ve finally got time to sort out the terrace for the summer, but the heatwave prevents you from spending your evenings with family and friends. We have the solution for you: the misting system for the roof, the hero of the hot season! This Star device lets you spray a fresh mist without getting wet. Thus, it increases the humidity level in the air and can reduce the temperature up to 10 Celsius. Ready to meet this light fog and stay cool this summer? Complete decryption of this tool!

2022 Hit Wave Stairs MR Refresh Outdoor Space Misting System

It is a misting cooling system that usually consists of a series of nozzles arranged around the perimeter of your outdoor space. These are connected by a series of stainless steel pipes. A high pressure pump is connected to the water source so that its pressure increases up to 10 times its normal rate. Thanks to this significant increase in pressure, water molecules turn into atoms thus pushing the smallest possible droplets through the nozzle.

Upon entering the warm outside air, the water droplets evaporate instantly. Sources of energy, such as hot air molecules, are required for the evaporation process. When these use the energy to evaporate the water droplets, they begin to cool.

Criteria for consideration when selecting an outdoor MR

Misting system outdoor staircase criteria take into account refreshing outdoor space

Before taking a dip and buying an outdoor patio mister, it is important to first understand the main selection criteria so that the model best meets your needs. Here’s an overview to remember:

Determine the size of the surface If you want to refresh you need to know the pipe length you will need.

The number of spray nozzles and their quality : To take advantage of optimal misting, it is recommended to have a nozzle per m² hose. From the material point of view, choose brass and stainless steel to resist thermal variation.

The presence of a water point : It is important to check the presence of an outdoor faucet or a garden hose so that it may be able to connect to your outdoor patio mr. Otherwise, you can simply bet on a portable model with a refillable water tank.

Stress : Depending on your budget and preferences, you have two options. First, low-pressure fogger is cheap, but its drops tend to be on wet surfaces. Second, the high pressure system delivers very fine water droplets that are much cooler and less wet. More expensive, this device guarantees a long lifespan, as well as high quality in materials.

Advantage : Choose a misting system that is easy to install and does not require specific tools or special techniques.

How to install an outdoor fogger for Hit Wave Terrace 2022

Regarding a fogger installation, it requires a lot of effort depending on the model chosen. To avoid complications and save time, we recommend that you either opt for a simple installation model (mentioned above), or hire a professional.

Advantages and disadvantages of misting system

Advantages and disadvantages of outdoor fog misting for verandas

Outdoor Mister has many advantages, the biggest of which is providing uneven comfort to the users during heat stroke. Also, it helps to avoid the risk of dehydration, make maximum use of outdoor space in summer, refresh the plants etc. This summer star device is especially water-saving in the eyes of the micro-droplet automation system. That said, he consumes less than two liters of water per hour.

The price of misting for the terrace

Terrace Mr. Price Refresh Outdoor Space Hit Wave 2022

Prices for terrace misting systems vary according to different models and range from 20 to 1,500 euros. If your goal is just to freshen up the surrounding air, then there is no need to invest in extra expensive devices. In this case, choose a low pressure fog instead.

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