Maintenance. Former Injured Child Jean-Luc Reichmann Celebrates 12th Anniversary at 12 noon

His head is the most familiar. Jean-Luc Reichmann is the person with the most visitors “It’s reached a billion a year” , Remy Fauer, director of the Flow program, is reassured TF1. However, it is his voice that first enters the collective unconscious. A deep voice that dubbed advertising and other announcements, all kinds of programs and movies in the 1990s. It’s been twelve years 12 noon stroke , A documentary that restores the sometimes rough life of Jean-Luc Reichmann and lays the floor for those close to him. Agreeable but interesting. In the first part of the evening, the winning candidates of the game compete in a special broadcast. Maintenance

How are you on this birthday?

I was 60 and it wasn’t good! My fight is to be as united as possible. The most important thing is the transmission. There were up to seven million visitors at the time of the midday captivity. Tool here!

In what context were they born 12 noon ?

I was turned on Remove the foot carefully For ten years. Nagui comes in the opposite direction, on France 2With Everyone wants to take his place. We had to respond immediately! In five weeks, we’ve made everything.

Why this name?

I’ve been on the radio for a few years and I hate being late. I have clocks everywhere that bother everyone, clocks that go dong dong … and my son, when he was little, said kuskus at noon! Went there.

A word on Christian Quesada, the symbolic candidate convicted for “corruption of minors” and “possession and promotion of child pornography images”?

It’s my worst memory. I don’t want to talk about this anymore. It’s not worth it.

A documentary describes your life …

I did not expect so much praise and sincerity! Such as Nagui. I couldn’t believe it. I was still his room manager, his voice-over Don’t forget your toothbrush (Between 1994 and 1996)

Yes Bigot, former director of entertainment France 2Exposing the angioma of your mouth …

We made it, first, in Jamaurs. I didn’t like it. In college, a teacher told me one day: Work on the blackboard! A I want to guess my difference. There are many of us in this case. I want to tell them myself: he is there, why am I not there?

This documentary makes you look very perfectionist.

This is a moral agreement. People trust me, I can’t disappoint them. With our programs, we become a landmark, a link to society.

How does it allow you to send messages?

I do this with the detective series Leo Mattei Around child protection. Inside Jamaurs, In the last century, I have welcomed gay couples. Everyone took me for psycho! When I asked them to subtitle my programs for the deaf and hard of hearing, it was the same. It has all my contracts. I try to feel as useful as possible. If I can be a positive signal, every afternoon, it wins.

TF19:10 pm

Maintenance. Former Injured Child Jean-Luc Reichmann Celebrates 12th Anniversary at 12 noon

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