My child sleeps badly during the holidays: What should I do?

It’s the holidays, the suitcases are packed and you’re ready to enjoy beautiful days with your family! However, you are worried about how you will manage your little one’s sleep away from home. In fact, it can be a real challenge for parents.

Holidays that are full of complexity are neither fun nor comfortable. New places, late sleep times and missed sleep can disrupt your little one’s sleep. Here are our valuable tips for spending a peaceful night with your child on your holiday.

1 – Prepare your child for the trip

For this, do not hesitate Involve him in the preparation. Take time for that Explain the stay program : Where are you going, what are you going to do and where is he going to sleep. To help young and old, you can Use a calendar To show when you are leaving and how long you are staying.

If you have pictures of your vacation spot, Feel free to show them To explain where you are going and the planned activity. Talk to your child and aa Ready to depart le.a will be all the more reassuring.

2 – Bring trust items

Sleeping in unfamiliar places can be annoying for babies and children. To reassure them, We do everything like home. Bring your little one’s favorite thing Get to know the environment as much as possible. Of course, be sure to bring a comforter, one or two toys and his favorite book.

Also make sureBring something that smells like home, Like his sheets or blankets. Also, try to maintain as much as possible Evening pickle. Bath, short story, big hug — all these Moments of decompression will let your child calm down. So take your time with bedtime and don’t rush into bedtime storytelling.

3 – Avoid light near bedtime

For the convenience of falling asleep, The room is completely dark. The production of the sleep hormone melatonin occurs only in the dark. However, if the screens in your leisure space are not black enough, Be sure to keep a roll of black garbage bags in your suitcase And duct tape covering the windows.

Similarly, Avoid light as much as possible while sleeping. Phones, tablets and other gadgets will disturb the sleep of your little one. It is believed that children (and adults too) should not Do not come in contact with the screen light at least 2 hours before going to bed.

4 – Maintain normal sleep time

During the holidays, we want to decompress, forget about schedules and routines. But you still have Follow your child’s pace. So don’t forget to maintain his normal sleep time as much as possible so that he falls asleep more easily.

Because you’re on vacation, You can be flexible And delay bedtime by one hour. To avoid the risk of a hard night, however, it is advisable not to disturb the rhythm of your little one anymore. She will only become more agitated, nervous and have difficulty sleeping. Listen to her needsAdapt to it and everything will be fine.

5 – Do not overload the day

We would advise Don’t have a busy schedule. Don’t overload the days and plan break moments between different animations. Indeed, it is important to plan quiet times to allow Family reunion.

During the day, your child will see a lot of new people and do a lot of activities. In the evening, it may be difficult for her to rest and let go. Think independent Isolate yourself with him For a moment of peace to calm him down.

6 – Don’t forget to sleep

Until the age of 3, a baby needs to sleep in the afternoon. On holidays, Avoid him as much as possible so that he avoids sleep. When planning your day, consider sleeping time. For the little ones, it really is Essential for respecting sleep needs.

Try Providing a quiet place, For example in the shadow of a parasol if you are outside. Of course, older children may be the exception. Give them a moment of peace during the day Or put them to bed a little earlier, so they don’t get too upset.

Our most important tip? Relax and enjoy time with your family. Don’t stress yourself out and be flexible. With the change of environment, it is very normal and probably your child’s rhythm will be disturbed. Once you get back home, you can gradually resume good sleep habits. If you have other tips, come and share them in our forum!

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