School holidays: What will be the punishment for your children if they do not go to school in the end?

Although the school year is set to end this Thursday, July 7, some parents are considering not sending their children to school next week or missing their one- or two-day class to go on vacation earlier. What rights do they have? If not, will they face punishment?

Rarely, this year, the summer school holidays officially begin on July 7 at the end of classes. A date, mid-week, which is not suitable for some parents who may be tempted not to send their child (s) to school, to leave before the end of the class? Is it allowed?

From an Act of 2019, which amended Section L131-1 of the Education Code, “Education is compulsory for every child from the age of three to sixteen.”

Also, a student “Must be present in the course scheduled for his absence unless he is absent”The official site is withdrawn.

Authorized reasons for absence

Early departure from vacation is not one of the authorized reasons for absence in class, listed by Article 2 of Article L131-8 of the Code of Education:

  • The child’s illness (or one of his relatives if he is potentially contagious)
  • Family reunion (marriage, funeral, etc.)
  • Obstacles due to accidental difficulty in communication
  • The child is following his legal representatives (traveling outside of school holidays)

“Other foundations are assessed by competent state authorities on education” Specifies education code. And the Ministry of National Education to emphasize: “It is not possible to plan an ‘a la carte’ holiday that will disrupt the effectiveness of the class and harm the school.”

Previous information

What can parents do if they want their child to miss school? The Education Code, in its regulatory part, provides prior information at the expense of legal representatives.

In case of previous absence, the persons responsible for the child inform the principal or the head of the institution in advance and state the reason. If there are serious doubts about the validity of the reason, the school principal or the head of the institution invites the person responsible for the child to submit a request for approval of the absence which he sends to the principal. Academy Rector’s Delegation “Provides for article R.131-5.

Social survey

Prohibitions are considered “When a child misses classes at least four and a half days a month without valid reasons or valid excuses.” Which is followed by irrational absence “The head or head teacher brings together relevant members of the education team” For “Investigate the source of student behavior and suggest remedial action” Article R131-7 refers to the Code of Education. “A support and support system adapted and contracted with them”, Can be given to parents.

“The school principal or head of the institution sends a warning to the responsible persons and reminds them of their legal obligations and the criminal punishment for which they are exposed. He may initiate a social investigation.” The text continues.

4th class fine

If the measurement listed above, “Unable to end the child’s absence, the Academic Director of the National Education Service, acting on behalf of the Rector of the Academy, detained the public prosecutor for information on the possibility of the formation of a crime under the section. R. 624-7 “of the Criminal Code.

This text is provided for a 135 euro fine (4’s finee Class) for truth “Not imposing the obligation on the child to attend school without giving a valid reason or a valid excuse or giving a false reason for absence”.

In In the most severe casesIf these unreasonable absences compromise with the child’s education and are assimilated with the parent’s educational deficit, then the next responsibility bears Two years in prison and a 30,000 fineWithin the meaning of paragraphs 227-17 of the Penal Code.

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