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Toulon Provence Méditerranée Metropolis invites you to discover Salins d’Hyères through 4 exhibitions of photographers, painters and visual artists at Espace Nature in Vieux Salins.

Photo of Jean-Louis Claus, July 17; July 20 to 31 Frederick Atlan’s photo and digital art image Saline, a combination of photographs from August 3 to 14 from the Oliols Photo-Club; Then a painting of the plant world by Julie Thuri from 17 August. The exhibitions will be open and free until September 4th. A visit to these exhibitions will also be an opportunity to appreciate Mary Bennett’s graphic work that paved the way for new discoveries, including the recently launched Free Access.

June 29 to July 17 – Jean-Louis Claus

Early in my professional life as a doctor, my interest in nature and animals was expressed during my stay in Central Africa and Madagascar (…) I am fully self-educated, trained in magazines, books Preparing for it with a real photographic project (…) I chose to focus on wildlife photography, mainly ornithology because I enjoy watching the behavior of birds (….). For a long time my favorite terrain was Camarag and the Bird Park I visited: in the Marquente on the Gulf of Somme, Le Teich in the Arkachan Basin. The work I am presenting today can only be done to manage Les Salins to allow me to do several photoshoots where I have discovered this particular nature more closely. It is a real opportunity to be able to closely observe the fauna and flora and the play of light that make it.

July 20 to 31 – Saline photo by Frederick Atlan

Negative, positive, layers overlap, color fades, patterns evaporate. The muddy bottoms remain, from neutral gray to monochromatic, the earth shrinks, the lines crack. From this distortion of reality, only the salt survives, only the white part of the paper continues to appear. Variety in white, the image that enlivens the salt crystals of Saline des Pesquares. Fred Atlan’s work focuses on what can happen in an area that can be called a “middle” between layers. His work consists of super impositions of images that are classic photography such as negative, positive, black and white and monochromatic. Like the mirror of our time, it blurs the boundaries between different levels of reality. In his work, the boundaries between digital art and traditional media have been lost. Frederick Atlan has lived and worked in Paris for twenty-five years as a visual artist and photographer after living in Melanesia for five years, where he was extremely sensitive to the concept of “tradition”. His work today raises questions about the possible presence of archeology in contemporary presentations. A

August 3 to 14 – Diaphragm and light weight by Le Photo-Club D’Olioles

The Diaphragme et Lumière Var Association was formed in 1991. In 2018, the new presidency aimed to pursue and develop a policy of friendly sharing of all aspects of the photography industry among all members, from beginners to experts. Now well anchored.The consciousness of our club is based on exchange, transmission and improvement above all.Our photo-club is equipped with a digital laboratory, a film laboratory and a photo studio.We also offer workshops and photo tours.In this outing, “We were lucky enough to be able to access Salins d’Hires for a few months, so our members went to this amazing natural place to take pictures of the flora and fauna. Today, we are proud to show you some of the shots we took.”

From 17 August to 4 September

Julie Thori Observing reality from the angle of the shadows is like drowning in an intimate and secret world. ” I have always had an obsession with the plant world, its strangeness, its silence. The Salins d’Hyères site is a privileged place where nature dominates. It is illuminated especially in the first light of day and at night through reflection in the sky, land and sea. If photography makes it possible to capture fleeting moments and express their unrealistic environment, painting favors a more personal interpretation. The fascinating power of black, the contrast of light, the mass, the shadows, a fascination for vibration that I want to share with you here. A

“Without Sound” by Marie Benattar – The Way to Discover New Saltworks

Mary Bennett’s graphic works, “Without Noise”, framed the new free entrance to Les Vuix Salins (map below), inaugurated on May 19, 2022. This new route, points of wildlife discovery, vegetation and significant landscape, doubles the walk inside this protected natural site.

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