Who is Stephen Delautrett, the son of Les Carrs who became deputy of the 2nd district of Hout-Vienne?

From his childhood, he says, he has only good memories. When he talks about the laughter party in his village street, the holiday in the countryside on his grandparents ’farm, the preparation for the flower parade, Stephen Delautrate’s eyes light up. “It may sound offbeat, he smiles, but you have to imagine what the flower parade presents: the families of the village came together for six months of preparation, it was a party every weekend. Only happiness, it helps to build. A

A reasonable optimism

Stephen Delautrate was therefore a happy child. Is this why he seems to be displaying a form of rational optimism capable of enticing his interlocutors in almost all situations? No doubt, but not just. Because the new deputy for Hout-Vienne’s 2nd constituency doesn’t hide it: he’s a product of a social lift that, in the 80s, still works pretty well.

“Growing up in a family that earns a minimum wage while raising three children, it allows you to be close to people and be aware of the reality. We grow up with it, we never forget.”

Stephen Delautrate (MP from Haute-Vienna)

One of the fathers was then employed at Savvy in RVI (Renault Truck in Palais-sur-Vienne, Editor’s comment), A hosiery mother in Broussaud … first at Car School, first at Chalas College, and then at Darnett High School Boarding School in St. Eriex-la-Parche. And, finally, the science faculty of limousines, specializing in life sciences then chemistry / environment.

Born in Limoges in 1972, Stefan Delautrate is the son of workers, the grandson of sharecroppers. Today, Adam is an engineer

, He doesn’t want to make his humble source a banner, he likes to see the basis of social empathy in it. “Growing up in a family that earns a minimum wage while raising three children, it allows you to be close to people and be aware of the reality. We grow up with it, we never forget.”

From Limoges station to the span of the hemisphere in Paris

1997: No one is ready to talk about the environment

The family tradition does not stop there. From his trade union father, but also president of the local festival committee, he will have a natural inclination to the left, allies and municipal promises. And spent in the countryside since his childhood, probably the roots of a certain environmental fiber …

Leaving college, he became a conscientious objector – “military service, I did not see the point of it, I wanted to be involved otherwise” – he found himself on a mission to Adam for ten to seven months. Purpose: To invite companies to develop environmental management methods. We’re in 1997, the subject is quite new, thorny. “Not everyone was ready. However, I have discovered that the environment can be a unified subject unless it is presented with proper reasoning without coercive discourse. Having been hired as a “young job” (“contract created by the Jospin government”) at Poiters’ Adam, he took advantage of the first vacancy to return to Limoges. The question arose of finding a home. He does not hesitate: it will be in Les Carsey.

2006: Back to the basics … and a fresh start

From this repatriation, Stefan Delautret will make a fresh start. It is multiplied by promise. Municipal councilor, president of the festival committee, president of the Coordinating Committee for the Elderly … In 2006, he agreed to serve as interim head of the municipality after the death of then-mayor Michelle Guigard. “Being a mayor from a municipal councilor was not one thing. I wanted to see if it was possible to federation a team. It worked. A

So in 2008 Les Carsey, in the cradle of his childhood, in 2008 Stephen Delautrate was elected mayor unopposed. He immediately became president of the municipal community, then joined the association of mayors of Hout-Vienne and joined. County Council of which he took a vice-presidency.

Choosing your political family … when everything goes wrong

But before that he had to choose a political family. Stephen Delautrate says he did not hesitate: it must be on the left. However, he chose the worst time to enter the Socialist Party in 2001. I told myself something had to be done. When I entered the National Assembly, the condition of the party was not very good, not even today. But I am not afraid of challenges. A

Stephen Delautret could have been a communist, just as his father and his predecessor were mayors. He could also be an environmentalist, because his training seemed predetermined to him. But given the opportunity, PS’s moderate line – whose European position seems to him to be close to his faith – and his view of an ecology by definition transverse indicated his preference.

“A man of consensus”

Yet today he has a certain interest in a union of leftists to whom he knows he owes part of his ticket to the Palace Bourbon. Will he be able to exploit the potential? At PS, his friends are sure of this. “Stephen is a man of consensus, he attracts sympathy and is enlivened by extreme generosity,” said Gulsen Yildirim, the first secretary of the PS Federation in Hout-Vienna.

Socialist “environmentally friendly”

Nupes? New MPs want to take up this new challenge. “With truly leftist rhetoric at the center of human concern, we have re-launched a truly leftist campaign. As for the environmental challenge, in terms of my background, no one questions whether I am environmentally friendly. A

There is a topic that he did not expect … “To sit in a rally where there are 89 RN deputies, to witness the wonderful alliance tied around them, no, there, I was not ready to tell the truth”, he fell loose in a suspicious pout .

But his entry into the Palace Bourbon also left him with something. Aside from imposing non-savings laws on him, Stefan Delautrate has decided to keep only one order: the municipal councilor. Because never, he said, would he get out of the car.(

*) Environment and Energy Management Agency
– 1972: Birth of Limoges. Married, childless, Stephen Delautre has a sister, a farmer and a brother, a florist.
– 1999: After studying science, environmental engineer, he was established at Adam in Limoges where he is still working.
– 2001: Commitment to the Socialist Party after the defeat of Lionel Jospin.
– 2008: Stefan Delautrate is elected mayor of Les Carras, then president of the communes community.
– 2015: He was elected to the divisional council of Haute-Vienna, of which he was one of the vice-presidents.

– 2020: Nominated by the leftist bloc PS / PC / ADS, he was elected president of the Association of Mayors of Hout-Vienna.

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