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Guest: Jean-Daniel Campaign The founder of the fair said Bad + (Bordeaux Art Design) July 7 to 10, 2022 Shed 14In the city and in the vineyards

Jean-Daniel Kampen talks about his childhood in Tabanac and Bordeaux, going through his international experience as its producer or director. Paris Boat Show, From Cannes Yachting Festival, from Book fair Turned Book of Paris The FIAC, Of Paris Photography Or even its Paris Photo Los Angeles. A unique journey characterized by freedom, encounter and the intact ability to accept.

Bad + 7 to 10 July, 2022

BAD + is the new annual art and design meeting that brings together actors from French and European cultural and economic life. At its initiative Jean-Daniel Campaign And Bordeaux Congress and ExhibitionThis international-level show seeks to illustrate the exceptional diversity of creation this year, respecting the alliance between the past, present and future. AfDB + Distinguished by dynamics implemented with entire cities and organizations ( CAPCThe Museum of Decorative Art and DesignThe Museum of Fine ArtsEtc …) to welcome this year’s collectors, art lovers, organizations as well as many companies not only from the region, but from all over Europe

Bad + Bordeaux Art Design Bordeaux from 7 to 10 July

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In the program:

Satellite blue
This closed exhibition, proposed by the laboratory of contemporary art Coreaù, will be set up Zoom Skate Park. The 460 m2 space hangar, managed by the Board-O Association, is located 14 to 200 meters away and thus invites you to continue the experience and exchange initiated by BAD + outside its walls.

“Entre’vues” course
Intended for collectors and organizations. Private tours of the exhibition and premium tours of the wine estates, tasting of the Bordeaux Grand Cruise, meetings with artists, visiting workshops, film screenings in the presence of artists.

Art in town
A daring program with free and open access to city streets, parks, walkways and walls to celebrate its space for expression and collective construction.

Bad Girls and Bad Boys Club
Dedicated to promoting and developing the relationship between economic actors and the industrial world to make them better aware of the provisions of the Patronage Act, such as the so-called “Ailagon” Act. The conference will be held in the morning after a private visit to the fair, in partnership with Cabinet Barnett Avocatus.


ADB + Gallery Bordeaux July 7 to 10 Hangar 14
ADB + Gallery Bordeaux July 7 to 10 Hangar 14
Bad + Ceb

Gallery: From Bardo to Berlin via Barcelona and St. Petersburg

A. Gallery Paris (Paris)
A2Z Art Gallery (Paris / Hong Kong)
Aficaris (Paris)
Alberta Pan Gallery (Paris / Venice)
Arts Gentiers (Bordeaux)
BAG Bakery Art Gallery (Bordeaux)
Baronian (Knock-Heist / Brussels)
Beam version (Nottingham)
Gallery Alvaro Alcazar (Madrid)
Galleria Set Spie d’Art (Valencia)
Gallery 127 (Montreal / Marrakech)
Gallery 208 (Paris)
Anne Sarah-Benichou Gallery (Paris)
Gallery Bessières (Chatou)
Carol Kwasnevsky Gallery (Paris)
Christian Burst Gallery (Paris)
Dumuntil Gallery (Paris)
DX Gallery (Bordeaux)
Other galleries

Jean-Daniel Companion Course

Jean-Daniel has been the managing director of the Reid OIP, the director of the Paris Boat Show since 1996, and has had 17 shows in 2000: the Book Fair, the Paris Boat Show and the Can Yachting Festival, the Youth Book Fair, the Apple Expo, the Education Fair, and more. But Fiak, too, then headed for the fall, which he spectacularly straightened out with his teams and lifted to the top three of major international fairs. Named Reed Exposition France in 2002, after the merger, it is the top organizer in France with more than 60 shows per year. Member of the Executive Committee, JDC was the Managing Director of the Department of Culture, Luxury and Leisure for 18 years; It is developing this portfolio of consumer shows, some of which are becoming the most iconic in France and around the world. Notably:

  • The Paris Boat Show And Can Yachting FestivalAmong the top three in major international indoor and floating boat shows
  • The Book fair Turned Book ParisConsidered as the most important consumer fair in the publishing world today
  • The FIAC : After taking over the management of Fiak, Moriband in 2003, he established it among the first 3 contemporary art fairs in the world with Art Basel and Fridge.
  • Paris Photography : After leading the acquisition of this small saloon, he forced her to leave the Carousel du Louvre and take her to the Grand Palace. In a few years, Paris Photo has become the first fair in the world dedicated to art photography.
  • Paris Photo Los Angeles Which he launched in 2013 at the iconic Paramount Studios in West Hollywood.

Jean-Daniel Campen, organizer of trade fairs and events in France and abroad for 20 years, discovered the Reed Group in April 2016 The next operation. Biennale des Antiquaires et de la Haute Joaillerie became its first client in May 2016. Within months, he launched the 28th edition of Biennale with the Syndicate National des Anticoaris team. This increased the number of exhibitors from 74 to 125 and for the first time in its history the participation of foreign antique dealers increased by about 40%. Under his initiative, 2016 biennial innovation by organizing three exceptional exhibitions:

  • A century of French elegance With Hermitage Museum – St. Petersburg, created by Georges-Franসois Hirsch.
  • Tradition and adventure Il Mobilier National – with Paris
  • Victory time সাথে Foundation de la Haute with Horrorgary – Geneva

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