Breaking the Prohibition of Incest among Children: This is Tikoko’s Mission to Chartes

“Ticoco and the Color Thief” is a children’s book intended to warn against consent (© Ella version)

It is not easy to talk about incest and sexual consent with children under 4 years of age. This is the challenge posed by Ann Suralt, author of “Ticoco and the Color Thief” published by Ella Edition. Leves (Eure-et-Loir). Gently breaking a deep ban is a task. Conference.

Inspired by reality

Anne Surrault has been a doctor for 35 years. During this year’s work, he was able to meet with patients who testified, 80, even 85 years old At the end of grief or emotional shock. They were victims of incest or sexual violence in childhood and those wounds are still open today.

He realized that the effects of this violence fell heavily on the lives of these adults when they were not cared for, and so he thought “what can he do to bring her to his level” [sa] Stone in the case of resistance “.

In France, one in five families is infected. “Ticoco and the Color Thief” then has a preventive role among the youngest, warning them as soon as possible of the dangers they may experience on a daily basis, but above all a The first method of consent. According to its author, the text “can support informed and vulnerable families, who can call on professionals to stay with them.”

The goal is not to “intimidate” other 4/5 of the family who are not victims of such violence

Encouraged by Carolyn Raymond, a lawyer in the Maëlys case, Ann Charlotte began the children’s book on the subject of incest, which was supported by the testimony of fellow people and supported by the lawyers of the Association L’Enfant Blur, who provided the information. L’Enfant Bleu is a framework that fights child abuse and provides long-term support and assistance to child victims.

All we wanted to do was a very colorful book, a book that could be lightly communicated, with a party at the end, conveying the message that in the end, the victims could come out.

Ann Suralt

Prior to publication, the book was proofread Witness And The victim Such as Michelle, Angie or even Fabrice, teacher or childhood professional, with images of Delphas Marcel.

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A judicial police officer from the Family Protection Brigade, parents, psychologists or even magistrates were involved in compiling the book.

Gently breaking the ban

“Ticoco and the Color Thief” is the story of a band of three small cappuccinos who go to a tribe of parrots to collect feathers for a carnival in exchange for fruit. Arriving at the scene they realize that there are some small parrot feathers that have lost their color, a metaphor that “came instantly” to Anne Charlotte.

In addition to the feathers, the young people of the colony also lose “their strength and their joy” and become more aggressive as well as trying to indulge in cappuccino buttocks without asking for their opinion. As the reading progressed, it became clear that the parrot’s uncle, Spoonbill, could be the author of this color loss among the little ones.

There are some places in the body that are like a secret garden, they are called private parts and no one is allowed to touch them. “

Ticoco and the color thief

“When I kiss the spatula, he touches me in places I don’t like … sometimes it hurts me … and when he forces me to do the same with him, I don’t like it at all.” Announced a young man from the Three Monkeys Colony.

The book reminds us to say “no”, even to someone in our family. The spatula parrot is finally judged by the chief of the tribe after a preacher has condemned the truth, followed by many more. The assailant also has gray feathers, evidence that he too was tortured as a child …

Tikoko’s story ends with a factual number 119Type on the phone, “Hello childhood in danger”.

Positive feedback

“4-5 year olds understand better, what they hold is NO-consent,” assures Ann Charlotte, and that’s actually the main goal of the book. The idea that things aren’t acceptable “goes well”.

At the level of parents and professionals, similar observations. A mother who was abused as a child told the author that the book gave her the courage to deal with something she could not do on her own.Tell her children not to break down : “Just for that, we’ve achieved something” Anne Charlotte declares.

This book can serve as a tool for both professionals and families.

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