Comfort Constantine, former singer of the de la Cline group, son of the mountain (Promised)

Before the birth of the de la Cline group, Aram distilled his first musical note in Montfera, which is a symbolic musical composition for many forty-something. “It was with Virgil, the drummer. We both didn’t know how to play. We had a pad in the middle of the village where we were making hell of a racket … it was false and loud, but no one complained, the village still had a certain tolerance … it was brutal, but encouraging … then, all the friends got into it Fell. We were all self-educated. That’s what happened. “

Looking back, Aram realizes that each of the seven members of the group had somewhat complex family backgrounds. “I think this common passive has created this dynasty, this second family. De la Colin is a place where we feel good, free and independent. We’ve been together all the time, we’ve worked in the vineyards, we’ve picked chestnuts and we’ve survived our music. “

“We don’t understand what’s happening to us.”

Gradually, the group has built a strong reputation, regionally, but also nationally. “This period lasted from 1999 to 2003. At that time, we did not understand what was happening to us. It was on a miracle order. We weren’t really particularly good. Which was true: I sang like a pan, not to the beat at all. But there was a lot of strength and sincerity. That’s what touched people, I think. We had jerks. We were “real”, complete. “

Through its text, the group carries the following message: “If you want something to happen, do it yourself. “ The idea of ​​promise, over and over again. “We cannot always rely on others, in a system, on elected officials. In our lessons, we talk about “capitalist apprentices” so that we learn all the code of the system. We bathe in capitalist thought, so we become. We wanted to show that we have to deconstruct them with a critical mind. The message was to encourage self-reflection. Joining the positive energy that lives together, in favor of sharing. “

And add: “It may seem silly to say, but if we don’t help others, don’t share, then those who lack will behave badly. By sharing this we ensure a form of security, which is highly sought after by some people. That’s it, I’m sure. “

Comfort Constantine, 48, is one of the people involved. To protect values. To run the world a little better. Humbly, of course. On his scale. In sharing and in return, in case of difference.

One difference that can be found in its origins is an Armenian father and a Danish mother who settled in Montfera after the war.

Sharing ideas

“My father survived the war. He was hidden and fed in a village on the outskirts of Paris. He felt famine, deprivation, but also solidarity. This is something that has marked him. He has been identified.”

He is sure of this: the idea of ​​promise that drives him comes from afar. “The way I grew up, with this fear of history repeating itself. My Mao was committed, with leftist ideas, especially to the division of wealth. When we were going for a walk and he bought me a packet of sweets, before serving me, I had to distribute something to all the kids in the train … “

It’s the kind of thing that comfort learns at a very young age: the idea of ​​sharing, related to commitment. “I learned early on to identify injustice in my upbringing. And today, I can’t stand it, nothing has changed. “

“God things change fast”

Its home port is Montferat Village. “My parents got there without anything. They were very well received by the elders who gave them everything. Everyone is poor, but for them it was normal. Foreigners did not exist in the 60s. At the time, it was “red” in Montferre. It’s not that far. God changes things fast … “

But as the years passed and for her and her sister, it was not always easy. “We were seen as ‘son of man’, thieves. We’ve been stuck on this foreign label for a long time.” Clearly, this is something that has made him respect the difference between what he has forged. “I was even embarrassed to say my name … it lasted a long time. It was silly, but I was scared. No one wants to talk to me anymore for fear. At school, they scratched my name, they called me “Arab” instead of “Aram”. A The fact remains that in Montferre, comfort is surrounded by his “gang”. “We were called ‘children of the mountains’. A

And then, slowly, came the music (Read below). After the band formed an association in the village. “We have come up with all kinds of amateur artists. It really created a bond between the villagers. I am 20 years old. A

Extreme rise

After the prosperous years of the De la Cline group, comfort has gone through a less prosperous period. “I turned off the music. I set up a structure at the event that didn’t work. I searched myself a bit. Just like the other members of the group.”

In 2015, when the National Front won the regional elections, it was a cold shower for this leftist activist. “It was violent for us. Half of our village voted for extreme rights. We wanted it. We thought it was our fault. That we have abandoned the promotion of our ideas with the party. “

So the band, his sister, and he started creating an associate and cultural cafe, Rue de Trans Draguignan. Purpose? “Link Reconstruction. All villages should have collaborative cafes, places where people exchange ideas without necessarily agreeing when making things together: it’s worth all the discussion. “

For him, holding this cafe means staying in permanent work. “We certainly serve coffee, but not only. We are communicating with people. We talk about their problems sometimes. We’re a bartender, a friend, a social worker, an educator … it’s a place where everyone gets along. A cosmic, multi-generational place. “ And for him, the work is not trivial.

“Right now, I can see that people are sad, tired, depressed. After the concert on Saturday. (Concert for group’s 25th anniversary, editor’s note), I was talking to my mom, and we thought our promised texts were still relevant, nothing had changed. But at 90, he told me: ” Yes, a lot has changed. People don’t believe in anything anymore. They have no more dreams. ” We are there “.

So with humility, Aram and his team try to lighten this dark horizon a little. And it happens every day, near Cafe Invent.

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