6 Ways to Help Your Child Be Clean Before the School Year Begins

The “cleanliness” of a child before returning to school is one of the most stressful issues for parents. We give you some tips to help your heirs get through the process.

First, let’s go back a bit to this expression: Being clear “So yes, a baby sometimes gets his face smeared with chocolate, tomato sauce, mud, glitter glue (true story), but it’s not like he’s still using diapers that he’s not.” Not clear

However, in the sweet world of combined vocabulary and fatherhood, a child who does not know how to go to the toilet to relieve himself is not considered. “Own “And According to the school, her admission to kindergarten may be delayed until she removes her diapers.

With the fast start of the school year, many parents are starting to panic because their favorite toilet seat doesn’t match up at all. Don’t panic! To help him we are going to give you some small tips, Gently and without pressure.

Toilet Training: When to Start?

There are several reasons to consider before starting. In the meantime, no need to rush: About two years ago, a child did not know how to control his sphinctersShe doesn’t feel it “Full limb “, And he may not be physically and psychologically prepared.

At that time, on the advice of my pediatrician, a small tip to help you know if this is the right time:

If a child knows how to walk up and down stairs on their own, it is a sign that they may be ready. Achieving this psychomotor challenge proves that he has begun to master his body, his sphincter and he can go to the ribbon stage.

But in addition to the physiological aspects, it is especially necessary that the child wants to go to the potty. Does he like to hide things in his diaper, such as stones (yes), toys? It’s a sign. Is he a good transfer game master? That’s another one. Does he lend his toy to another child? If so, he has Necessary maturity Take this big step. But if he still doesn’t want to do it, there are some strategies that can help him, and we’ve listed them for you.

1 – Introduce him to the bar

The ribbon can be scary and intriguing to a small person who always uses diapers. The first thing to do Let him fit the object, Introducing him, explaining what it is for and even letting him play with it. If she wants to sit on it fully clothed, well, if she wants to keep her stuffed animals on it, that’s fine too, if she wants to comfort herself in her diaper while sitting on it, why not!

The pot must become a familiar objectWhich he finds in the toilet, where his parents sit several times a day (and he knows this very well, since, like all children in the world or almost, he always sees you when you leave an offering to God. Sewer).

Once the pot is controlled, we go to the next step!

By the way, you can too Give him a chance to choose the pot of his choice, Showing him the selected model to fully involve him. So, we are not saying that he will choose the one that will fit best in the decor of your apartment, but since you have a child, you must understand that beautiful decor and kids only go home together. Instagram influencers. In real life, a Paw Patrol jar is often the most successful, sorry.

I’ve picked a few for you, at almost all prices, but the ones that are beautiful:

Most ergonomic: Babybjörn brand smart ribbon € 29


Cheapest: Ikea’s Lockig Pot at 7.99


The most classic: Beba jar for 20 euros

2 – Set up a routine, but without imposing

After all, he It is important not to force anything. Regularly offer him the pot at a more or less specified time or at least “Regular events “Before going to bed, after eating or before eating, before walking … you can ask him if he wants to urinate, suggest that he sit on the bar to try, and if he comes, it’s bingo. We congratulate, and we move on. If not, We don’t push, and we move on too.

3 – Congratulate him without adding too much

Congratulating him on successfully freeing himself, yes, but playing extra or rewarding him with candy, for example, is not the best solution.

The baby should be given toilet training for himself, not to make you happy or to get something in return. To verbally tell her what was happening, it was time to explain to her why she had to try to soothe herself in the potty – because she was older, because it was more pleasurable for her, everything was stressful without fucking her.

It’s not really something to say. ” You have to be clean to get to school “BecauseHe is likely to stress under stressAnd to develop unwanted problems, constipation, excessive retention, and so on.

Temperance, subtlety and patience are the key words.

4 – Books to help familiar and clean cleaning

If you want to rely on children’s books to help you, there are plenty of them. Personally, my daughter had a real passion for Petit Ors Brun and this little ass from her album The little brown bear on the pot, But I recommend Sir Caca’s great journey Or classic What’s in your diaper? Genechten by Guido Van.

5 – Achieve cleanliness with “two in” panties

If your child is starting to get the idea of ​​potty training a bit and you are taking out the diaper periodically while you are praying so that he cannot get over it while you are out, then there is a brilliant solution. Brand absorbent panties Ted. I discovered them too late, being my daughter “Own It’s been several years now, but I’m very definitely thinking of ordering from them when it’s my son’s turn to take the big step. Without diapers.

Ted is a brand of training pants made specifically for children. Dry, comfortable and a neat (and unisex!), They replace diapers, but do not absorb as much, so stay with the baby slowly. Concretely, if there is a tiny, all the pants have time to change before getting wet. Children Understand he’s wetThat’s not the most pleasurable thing, and it’s best to stay in clean and dry underwear.


Ted Training Pants 31

6 – Be clean and stay Jane in the face of an accident

Going from diaper to container Not in a day. For some babies, it takes 3 days, one week, one month, two months, 1 year. Everything should be done at its own pace, not yours. Needless to say, the neighbors on the 3rd floor were relieved to find themselves in a potty on the spot within a day, already because we don’t really believe it and above all because All children are different.

Sometimes it can be frustrating, but you need to tighten your buttocks (no pun intended) and wait to pass this time with the heir as much as possible. If there is an accident, there is no benefit in talking and being angry, It will only stress and block it. Let it flow (again without bad pun, what are we laughing at), and it will come by itself.

Without special pathology, Everyone is being a continent in the end And your child will succeed too, trust him!

If, at the age of four, he is still not potty trained or interested in cleansing, do not hesitate to contact your doctor who can help and guide you.

Hop, go pee, and go!

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