Batch. Gramat Animal Park has inaugurated a new location “La Cascade del Rock”

The new area of ​​the rural zoo “La Cascade del Rock”, inaugurated on July 2, 2022, is home to chamois, ibex and deer. (© Village Zoo)

The new installations follow each other Rural zoo. Later “Bear sinkhole” In 2017, “Wolf den” In 2021, the park opens this summer“La Cascade del Rock” immersion area. The official inauguration of this new place was held on Saturday, July 2, 2022 The “Jean Dumas” plaque, the park’s founder, was also unveiled

Jean Dumas, a dreamer

Jean-Paul Biru, president of the Society for the Study of the Conservation of Animals and Plants of KosAnd the Grammat Animal Park team hosted, on Saturday, July 2, a ceremony where a memorial plaque in honor of the park’s founder, Mr. Jean Dumas, and a new space for animals titled “La Cascade del Rock” were inaugurated.

Michelle Sylvestre, mayor of GrammatMember of Parliament (Huguit Tigana, MP, Angel Privileged and Jean-Claude Recover, Senator and Senator), Selected (Vincent Labert, Vice-President of the Occitan regionMr. Fouche is representing the chairman of the Cuvalder, Caroline May-Fau, Divisional Councilor, Several mayors of Canton and elected representatives of the municipality), Lieutenant-Colonel Pabre, representing the commander of the CNICG in Gramat, Mr. Beko, president of the Valley Tourist Office in Dordogne, Mr. Salini, director of the Agency de Gramat. Credit Agricole Nord Pyrenees, Mr. Jean-Luc Dumas, son of Mr. J. Dumas, created the floor of personality present. Also present were several artisans who participated in the work, members of the association, friends and residents of the park.

Mr. Jean-Luc Dumas unveiled the plaque in honor of his father, Jean Dumas, who was said to be the founder of Animal Park at the time of the creation of Vision Park. The procession of personalities and guests then proceeded to the entrance level of the immersion enclosure “La Cascade del Rock” where Mrs. Tiegna cut the ribbon with Mr. Biru and allowed access to the place.

After inspecting the scene, the officials continued their speeches. Mr. Biru and all the personalities who spoke after him welcomed the lead and pioneering role of Mr. Jean Dumas in creating this zoo in 1976. And the relentless push to build and develop infrastructure and facilities in the city. The village. A

“La Cascade del Rock” at Gramat Animal Park. (© Village Zoo)

3.5 hectares of land for chamois and fallen deer

Mr Biru then thanked all the agencies and staff at the park who, since March 2022, have built the “La Cascade del Rock”, a 3.5-hectare immersion site for chamois, ibex and deer, including a cliff, a lake and a waterfall. Hiking trail and two belvederes from where visitors will get a complete panorama of this enclosure.

The various speakers who took the floor after President Biru were M.M. Sylvester, Fouche, m.Me May-Fau, m. Labert, mMe Privilege, Mr. Recovery and finally Mr.Me Tigana in turn has raised the following issues, including the dynamics of President Biru and his park team, who are offering these new tools “La Cascade del Rock” in 2021, after the “Dolin Ox Hours” in 2017, and the “Tancade del Rock” in 2021. Important tourism for the park area contributes to strengthening the quality of the offer, equipment that is also part of an environmental policy for the development of places suitable for the welfare and well-being of animals.

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A fresh and delicious dinner cocktail is served in a setting as beautiful as it is bucolic, closing this beautiful and friendly occasion.

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