Carmon: He distills tips and methods to save time by optimizing his workplace.

Eager to share more than 22 years of accumulated experience as a business leader, Perrin Guibal launched his office automation consulting company in early 2022.

He was just 18 when he started his first business, Mills of PerrinA. Auriac-sur-Vendinelle. For 22 years, Perin Guibal This has led to an agricultural company that has realized a prosperous development by converting crops from family farms into finished products (oil, flour, bread, pasta, etc.) and then marketing them.

In November 2021, the entrepreneur launched this page of his life with his “baby” to three young farmers in Lorraine. After a break of more than a year, he decided to start his own consulting firm Optimize with Perrin. With a very clear idea in mind: “I told myself that I could benefit a lot of people from all the tools I’ve been able to put in over the years to save time in my work and in managing my business.”

An optimized work environment to increase efficiency

Now a consultant Office agencyPerin Guibal therefore offers his clients, and especially business leaders, assistance in managing their company and therefore implementing tools and working methods aimed at simplifying their daily lives.

Today, there are a whole bunch of time-saving strategies. Specifically, you can do many things thanks to computer tools, such as optimizing your email usage, setting up classification methods on your desk, using Excel documents, for example, automatically calculating profit thresholds … these are the tools I use for my business. I have kept, which are very useful for me and which can be easily adapted

Perin Guibal

Entrepreneurs emphasize the importance of developing this Sterile work environment. “Having a desk and, more broadly, a tidy workplace necessarily brings peace of mind. When you work in a pure universe, you gain skills”, assures the consultant who therefore offers more targeted services such as Sorting and filing of administrative documentsI ‘Organization of your computer But also Protect your data.

Helping businesses go digital

Perrin Guibal also suggestedHelp make some companies digital. He specifically cites examples of agricultural activities, a sector of activity where he has also accumulated a lot of experience.

There is software that allows you to edit documents to calculate the cost per hectare, others to rent … It is also possible to digitize many documents to save documents. I’m thinking of, for example, delivery notes or invoices for farms that sell directly. Many farmers still submit a mountain of paperwork but I think we can no longer ignore this need to optimize the management of all these administrative parts in one company. My experience has shown me that it was often an investment in the beginning but that saves a lot of time later.

Perin Guibal

An audit before implementing an action plan

When he is contacted by a company director calling for his services, Perin Guibal first makes him an offer. Two hour audit. “It is important to visit the site to see how people work and the universe in which they evolve. And from there I see what are the ways to improve and I make a guess with different steps, ”he explains.

But the consultant provides only a few hours of specific service in the vicinity of more specific activities and which can also be addressed to individuals: Online administrative proceduresSupport for IT device configurationIts creationThe tree at the computer desk… “I comply with all requests. And when I don’t know how, I say so, ”he says.

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It should also be noted that the services provided by Perin Guebal fall within the scope of personal services, one of which is 50% tax reduction for customer.

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