Children in the northern districts, homeless from taxis, Deputy Nupes Sebastian Delogu “a hybrid”

June 21, 2022, shortly after 1 p.m., in the garden of the Palace Bourbon. Nupes’ deputies had just entered the National Assembly, and Jean-Luc Melenchon broke down in tears as Sebastian Delgo, elected from the northern districts of Marseille, was given a scarf tricolor by the leader of La France Insomice. Emotions, memories of all his years of struggle, his future or the dizziness of wearing a dress that nothing could wear him and a life that changes forever. Feelings are mixed, and obviously too strong for the child of a disadvantaged consulate in Marseille, now 35 years old.

“I’m the one who cries often”, admits 20 minutes Sebastian Delogu. Like in 2012, when in front of the judge he found himself expelled from his residence, whose lease was in his mother’s name. In the process, he joined the union of the National Confederation of Housing. “The misery of the world, I knew it, and saw it all around me.” Sadly, Sebastian knows what it is, that he was sleeping in his car on the street 10 months ago. “I had a memorable ordeal, and now it’s over,” he avoided without looking at her. Because of him alone, in his struggles it was hardly a question. “He wanted to be an unpaid worker, forget to look for a job with generosity and uninteresting sincerity,” said Lis Maillard, cabinet director of Jean-Luc Melenchon. Sebastian Delogue, a former taxi driver, has often been portrayed as Jean-Luc Melenchon’s personal driver. “But he was never paid for it,” the young woman assured him. “I did it as a worker because someone has to drive him around Marseille, and I know how to do it,” the new deputy explains. After all, this hour-long discussion shaped him and sharpened him politically, starting work at the age of 18.

Nights change the world while waiting for a customer

As a taxi driver, the same profession as his father, he entered the political world. Sophien, a childhood acquaintance and taxi driver in Marseille, remembers “the nights of rebuilding the world while waiting at Jean-Ballard station”, which is in Old Port. Together, they took part in the 2016 Solidarity Against Uberization of Professions. “No taxi, no tax, no hospital bed”, summarizes Sophiean who sees in Sebastian “a leader, always in action”. Sebastian DeLogu, Marseille’s representative at the Taxi de France rally, met with Daniel Simonet, LFI’s time coordinator. He introduced her to Jean-Luc Melenchon during his 2017 legislative campaign in Marseille. “These are two opposing people, but with mutual respect and an authentic personality,” said Mohamed Bensada, the LFI secretary of Bouches-du-Rh ,ne, the failed candidate in the last constituency in the neighboring constituency, won by RN. Sebastian’s Road, Mohammed crossed him for the first time in 2013, when the “Marseille Capital of Rapture” was organized in the vicinity of the working-class in contrast to the “capital of culture” celebrated by institutions. “The political way, I’ve seen him do that. In the beginning, his lectures focused on observing life in the surrounding area and today he is managing to create solutions, ”Mohammed continued.

“Everything to fight”

The first solution in the form of a punch action. As of 2018, when the students, along with other parents, decide to repaint their children’s school. When this political operation is in the television news and in the evening paper, Sebastian goes back to his car to sleep there. However, he was not far from shutting everything down in 2019-2020. The European election where an LFI-EELV alliance is formed shows him the worst in politics. Bargaining for nominations from which he was eventually fired, arrogance, fighting for influence. Rebellion with the 2020 municipal elections, where LFI prints are banned from the left-wing coalition of Marseilles.

But the creature is built into the fight and “everything for the fight”, this is now his mantra, even if it means leaving family life. “He’s too strong to fight, because in the neighborhood, they’ve done it all their lives,” said Justin de Gonzaga, an anthropologist-documentary filmmaker who follows Sebastian DeLogu, who first summarized it as a “subject of study” before editing his video. His actions. “It’s a hybrid. I followed him because he did not respond to the stigma of the northern districts, he was not Arab or Muslim (Algerian-Spanish by his mother, Armenian-Italian by his father), and yet he came from there ”, understands the anthropologist And to help develop his imagination, Justin guided him to the path of literature. Monster Factory The Albert Landres Prize from Marseille Philippe Puzol, a novel by Jean-Claude Izore, another native of Marseille, but also a bit of Balzac.

“I didn’t listen to him.”

A member of the National Assembly’s Social Committee, Sebastian knows how much weight he has on his shoulders. “You criticized because others weren’t doing the job and today I’m in their shoes. You have to work, ”he concluded. With this promise, to fight against injustice again and again: “They will not sleep in peace”. By the end of this portrait, it is clear that his political opponents are hard to find. Selum Areski, the RN candidate who faced him in the second round, testified that he had not “listened to him” until then. Saeed Ahmad, the outgoing LREM deputy and defeated in the first round in this 7th constituency in Marseille, did not want to speak.

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