Small space: 54 m2 of raw elegance and light

Home of a former caretaker in the 19th centurye Century enjoys an exceptional location, almost on the water. The roof terrace with partial vegetation, equal area of ​​residence stands as a surveillance over the sea.

Pan Studio

This small house in 1900 was offered by a husband as a wedding gift for his beauty and tenderness, the story ended badly and the marriage went awry. This outbuilding of a typical Rivera house called “La Douradae” remains, which served as a caretaker’s house and boat garage. The new owners, lovers of art and architecture, gave architects Roman Moudet and Theo Elliott to Blanche Carte to design an open and generous volume with openings to the outside and the sea. “We recreated the opening time in the mouth because they were now at a time when the road was restricted to traffic and the windows were lined with mirror glass and small old fashioned shutters. A Inside, the combination of kitchen, dining room and living room combines volumes into this beautiful living space. The room is considered to be a modern tent raised from the ground for the question of altimeter, higher in roof than the caretaker’s residence, in comparison to the old boat room. From this limitation, the architects create a force that allows the sleeping space to expand without closing, creating a distance that converts it into a cocoon due to the screen. The second strongest gesture of this reform in the style of a small hotel suite, a large “box” of walnut carpentry includes a refrigerator, guest wardrobe, toilet and various storage spaces. Also forming the space, it takes up space on the left side of a small lace travertine staircase while, on the right and in continuity with the bedroom, a cloakroom-wardrobe leads to the bathroom. Everything is assembled, the handles disappear.

Space and their functions interact with each other to create a real living space. Raised bedroom closed with curtains. On the left, a large carpentry volume of American walnuts includes a refrigerator, storage, and toilet.

Pan Studio

The sensuality of the material

This minimalist spirit is reflected in the materials. In the kitchen, a 3mm thick plate of carbonized and just varnished cast steel to match the carrot box nut “So that time does not pass” Base unit dress. “A thickness that gives this special light when the sun licks the steel and” marble “shades appear …” The marble on the worktop is a matte brown chocolate. All materials are 100% natural, creating consistency between them. On the floor, a brushed flamed natural stone gives the appearance of an orange peel that touches the roughness of the stone in the light. On the wall, whitewash. By reworking the natural materials willing to pay homage to the history of this “hut”, the two architects have created a contrast through their contemporary interventions – walnut boxes, kitchen steel beams. “There’s an authentic shell that has a story and this shell, we’ve just come to breathe new life into it. A The beams also have a history. A structure worn by time and sea air, slightly tinkered, and a house is not always well treated. So it was necessary to strengthen the structure of the roof porch with IPN, one below which has structural functionality, the other above which is more decorative because it does not stick to the ceiling, strengthening the suspended side of the bedroom. Beyond the places where a large metallic beam exists, it leaves the raw with little surface treatment for an industry that Elliott + Moudet Architecture has always preferred to work with. “Steel, wood and stone is a tripteek that we like to use in our projects, so we didn’t want to hide the beam but make it a force. Like honesty. A Architects choose the raw materials they use for many more things “Frank”. “There’s no need to re-work to delight nature’s beautiful products. We choose our so-called lace travertines তাদের their very tight weft and place them in a small quarry near the mesh-room, like a slab-like raw carpet.”

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