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This Friday, a brand new kitchen has been inaugurated at the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, offered by the Association Cœur de Lou and Les fees bleues, thanks to the donation of two kitchen cuisine plus 7 7,000 to ,000 8,000 per kitchen. Associations are responsible for providing household appliances and ensuring the supply of tea and coffee. But the gift doesn’t stop there. For five years, Cœur de Lou and Les Fées Bleues have been able to equip the rooms of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit with a television, to buy a video console that travels from room to room, to provide audio headsets … The list goes on.

A computer equipped with eye tracker, communication software and eye control, which allows communication to be maintained if intubation or vents interfere.

It was complicated for parents and hospitalized children to leave while closing their eyes on the reception conditions.

All these difficulties, Manu Cruzet, originally from Illus, have been experienced by them. She lost her son Louis in 2017, hospitalized in the oncology department at Bordeaux University Hospital from April 2016 for leukemia. “For me, it was complicated for parents and hospitalized children to leave blindly in terms of reception. After being there, I told myself that we could not leave such a situation, ”added the founder of Cure de Lu.


After learning about the oncology department and the resuscitation department, Manu Cruzet noticed a difference: “There are many more donations to oncology, while resuscitation needs a lot of comfort and well-being because it is a very heavy responsibility. The seeds are sown in his mind. He then decided to form the Cœur de Lou Association in support of sick children.

The association now has about fifty volunteers, driven by the same desire: to improve the well-being and well-being of hospitalized children. Since its inception, it has raised about 88,000 euros, thanks to the organization of events and donations from companies and individuals.

For Manu Cruzet, “It’s therapy to be able to help, because it pays off for what you’re doing. What inspires me is that we’re in 2022 and there’s an acceptable minimum to work and treat.”

“A sick child has the same rights as a healthy child, he or she must have access to a television or video game,” claims the Les Fis Blues Association, which brings together the nursing staff of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. Bordeaux Hospital from the University.

Grateful care team

The intensive care staff at Pellegrin Hospital is influenced by the strength that drives the Cœur de Lou Association. “It’s amazing to see a father go so far in his resilience. All of this exists simply because people have the power to raise funds, ”said Dr. Briswood, head of the pediatric intensive care unit at Bordeaux University Hospital.

The healthcare team met this Friday to thank the association and their partners for donating their equipment, which greatly improves their work comfort. “If caregivers feel good, they will be able to pass it on to patients later,” he added.

The need to benefit from the help of associations does not fail to bother caregivers due to a lack of investment in government services with outside care. “I am a bit torn, because the gestures of these associations are very respectable, but these people do a part of public service work. What will happen without them? We have to rely on the strength of our volunteers because the hospital does not intervene in such a short time. If we ask the rooms to be equipped with tablets, it will take a few years to see the light of day, but this delay makes the request completely obsolete, ”protested Dr. Brisad.

The Cœur de Lou Association is today appealing for grants and volunteers to continue its activities in the care of sick children. The association organizes in August the Louvre: an organized charity day that will be held in Ailas with catering, concerts and, because they will never be forgotten, games for children.

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