The yard, the gymnasium, the kitchen … when the school shares its space

“Today, you can’t build a school without a versatile room in the surrounding environment. It saves land, ”said Vincent Freestott, deputy mayor of Grenoble (158,200 residents), power change and municipal real estate representative.

Nantes (318,800 inhab.), A master plan for schools for construction and expansion seeks to impose the recent pooling policy as a general rule, to deal with skyrocketing numbers. “As the population grows, we no longer have room to have a room at every function,” confirmed Jean-Philippe Marches, the man in charge of the scheme.

The sports department and collaborative life and youth will open up new opportunities for Nantes residents outside of the curriculum. But only two new schools that need to be delivered at the beginning of the school year. “The height has been doubled for ball play,” said Jean-Philippe Marches. In addition to these buildings, eight open sports spaces are under construction and twenty multipurpose halls are on track.

What about guarding and maintenance?

It’s easier to design a multi-card compound than to convert an existing one to a new one. In addition, pooling upstream thinking makes it possible to extend funding to different partners.

For example, Marsas (1,200 Inhab., Gironde) has funded the Bleacher and Climbing Wall to international standards in the gymnasium built by the Girond Department. “The climbing associations in the department have co-built this tool. They had high expectations, ”testified Pierre-Andre Vacouin, deputy director of colleges at Gironde.

  • 300 new practitioners Since joining the LeBron Climbing Club, the Association, the Girond Department, and Mars City have collaborated to integrate the walls of competition into the new gymnasium.

In terms of operations, the cost increases (water, electricity, etc.) as a result of increased attendance, but the costs are balanced in terms of the reciprocity of use between departmental and municipal facilities. Most local authorities want to limit maintenance and protection costs as much as possible by making partner associations autonomous and accountable. However, this autonomy requires the agreement of the college principal and the school principal. For its part, La Garen-Columbus (29,600 residents, Hauts-de-Seine) chose to have one supervisor in each school group.

A safe area for bicycles

In many municipalities the greening of school backyards at work invites us to reconsider them as open spaces. These new green and recreational areas become the cooler islands of the city during heat waves. This is the case of Echirolles (36,900 inhabitants, Isère) near Grenoble, which chose a special mineral district to create the first one-hectare backyard park open to residents.

Even without any conversions, these places find shoppers on weekends and holidays with families. In La Garene-Columbes, the “open recreation area” is associated with two classic backyards, post-war, with their chestnut trees, decorated with their asphalt hopscotch, and children’s playground. In this densely populated city on the outskirts of Paris, the possibility of free evolution on the streets has almost disappeared, as it did elsewhere.

These courses “complement the public garden and provide a safe place for children’s bicycles and scooters”, points out Deputy Mayor Anne Formarty, who is in charge of school affairs and leisure centers. The municipality provides one caretaker and two activity leaders on each site under the supervision of those who come along.

Another formula of Nantes, which provides playgrounds to connect public spaces and schoolyards, with a door in both. “When the school closes, we close this door and, with access control, open another door after 7pm and on weekends,” Jean-Philippe Marches described.

Even administrative services

In Evelyn, the town of Murreux (33,200 residents) has announced the opening of school yards that have been operating like a park for ten years already. But above all, in Moliere’s eco-district, he has taken integration into the school environment a long way, with the Moliere Center inaugurated in 2014. The school canteen serves as a versatile room. The Matricity Room, Toy Library, Auditorium, Gymnasium and Digital Room are open to residents. A parental cafe at the entrance to the center, encouraging people to meet Even the town hall has some administrative services.

“Pooling’s argument has made it possible to make more qualitative, more expensive, positive energy buildings profitable,” noted Nicholas Wacker, communications director at Les Murox. By pooling the same argument, future classes in the Léo-Lagrange cluster will benefit supporters from the Olympic Stadium and school canteen over the weekend.

Other tools may be used outside of school hours: Segpar technical platform (adapted to general and professional education departments) for carpentry or professional cooking … Girond opens up their integration association to train other audiences.

A Holy Grail for the Association

These benefits, costly and under-used, represent a sacred grill for organizations due to extremely strict health restrictions and a balanced responsibility on the community. In Sainte-Foy-La-Grande (2,600 inhabitants, Gironde), before the health crisis, the Les Râteleurs Association was still able to open a college kitchen for nearby culinary workshops. Bègles wants to adopt the concept for its general public food policy.

Yet responsibilities must be clearly identified, framed and marked during each visit to the premises, whatever they may be. Access badges, web reservation interfaces … The limitations are technical, but not only. Nantes seeks to expand the interplay between school and extracurricular sports equipment and board games. If they often share the same premises, very distinct responsibilities between national education and the town hall create a wall, which must be broken down through many consultation meetings. Not to mention the lack of a relationship in the direction of a town hall …

In local authorities, the “education” pole connects between the culture department or the associate life association and the school. In Les Mureaux, a post of director of the Molière Center has been created to conduct pooling with school directors. The Gironde division municipality (or municipal community) relies on this interface for pooling sports or cultural facilities in college.

In Bordeaux, it is the sports department that manages the on-call system in case of any problems with the schedule, first-level contacts and any person or building. “The system will be expanded to five colleges by the beginning of the next school year,” Pierre Andre Vacouin announced.

The kitchen Central Organizes training, and it’s just the beginning

Amelie Cohen Langleis, Deputy Mayor of Beagles and Head of Central Kitchen Nicholas Madett.

[Bègles (Gironde) 30 700 hab.] In Bègles, the Central School Kitchen welcomes training institutes to retrain adults at the end of the lunch service. A partnership has been established with an integration company and occasionally community work is done there. Although most school kitchens are empty for three-quarters of the time, due to sanitary restrictions, in Bagles, the head of the central kitchen, Nicholas Madet, and elected officials are open for other uses. “Users are trained to cook and recover,” said Deputy Mayor Amelie Cohen Langlis.

The representative elected for solidarity and housing proposed to the mayor that the city’s food policy include a central kitchen and a social policy to address all. However, he admits that the current kitchen does not allow such a wide opening. However, a new and more spacious kitchen project will take shape by 2025, with Béglaise ambitions going well.

Future frameworks will include a practical educational workshop, including several identical workstations suitable for training. This one, located above, will have a separate entrance. Socio-cultural centers and Secours people can access it for their culinary workshops, as well as for other activities of municipal agents. Already, a chef in the current kitchen is implementing a program of activities at the school, in which children learn recipes for several days and serve them to friends in the canteen.

Communication Amelie Cohen Langleys,

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