“We expect 30% increase in French visitors”

After two years of slowing down with epidemics and various restrictions, Catalonia’s most legendary theme park is expecting a record season. Interview with Emma Descroft, French Market Manager at Port Aventura World.

Photo: PortAventura World

Open for 27 years, Port Aventura World now has three parks: Port Aventura Park and its 6 themed world, Ferrari Land, created in 2017, the first and only Ferrari Europe and finally Port Aventura Caribbean Aquatic Park, with its 50,000 m² swimming pool and XXL slides.

On the occasion of French National Day, Equinox readers can take advantage of the 2-day 2-day access to the park until July 17 (Port Aventura Park + Ferrari Land) with a 1-day 1-day park entry with code EQUINOXPAW22.

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– What is the favorite attraction of the visitors?

It’s hard to be precise, though Shambhala Really the most interesting attraction, I think. This is a roller coaster that goes to a height of 76 meters and reaches a speed of 134 km / h, so there is a really strong emotion and even the feeling of flying. In Ferrari Land Park, it is undoubtedly Red Force Which is the most exciting. It is a vertical accelerator that travels from 0 to 180 km / h in just 5 seconds. Finally, the shows are also very popular with viewers.

– And yours?

I think so Furias Bako My favorite attraction. It has gone over the lake in the Mediterranean area of ​​Port Aventura Park and there is a very strong acceleration, I really like it! The Shambhala Also my favorite one, it is highly appreciated by all PortAventura staff. Within the next year, a new attraction will arrive and it will be unique in Europe. In the next episode.

– What’s new for 2022?

For Easter, we have themed the whole park on this traditional celebration, with a huge egg, the largest decorated Easter egg in the world. It has even been recognized in the Guinness Book of Records! But for now, the show marks a real novelty back. Destination danceThere will be a comeback with international artists, and FeastAventura Would also be great. There are parades, a fire show and fireworks with all the characters in the park. It’s really fun to find these performances, there will be at least 45 shows every day.

Football is also in the spotlight with 2 new features in collaboration with the Spanish Football Championship La Liga. Our first restaurant, decorated with a football theme, opened at the entrance to the park La Liga Twentine. It’s really nice to see! We try to attract more younger customers through this collaboration. A new application has also been created, Bit challenge. In fact, it’s a immersive video game where avatars are, always around football. There are challenges to be achieved at home or in the park and well-known personalities from the football world have attended, such as Gerard Pique.

– What is the proportion of French representative PortAventura visitors?

Of the 5 million visitors in 2019, there were 1 million French people, so it represents about 20% of clients. France is our main international market, which is why we are creating a very important communication plan targeting the French. Especially since the only office located abroad is in Paris, which is very significant.

Among the French we meet, about 80% come from the south of France and 20% from the north, the French from Catalonia and Barcelona are not counted and those who come to spend the holidays on the Costa Dorada, those who come to spend a day or even several in the park. We now want to develop and attract French customers from লেle-de-France. And in 2023, we expect a 30% increase in French visitors compared to 2019. So yes, we are betting a lot on the French!

– What do you offer besides attraction?

There are a total of 6 hotels, 4 of which are located inside, to fully enjoy the experience and 2 hotels just 300 meters from the entrance. Each hotel has its own theme: Mexico, Far West, Mediterranean, etc. The resort can accommodate up to 6,000 people for specific events, at our 20,000-square-meter convention center.

Port Aventura World

– What if you had to add Port Aventura World in 3 words?

I would already say “unique” because of the geographical location. Nearby is the sea, the sun, Barcelona. And what makes Spanish culture park special, I think, is more unique.

“Fun”. People who come to the park forget their daily problems when they go there. They just want to have a good time, and we want to give it to them.

And finally “employed”. Committed to the environment, for example a photovoltaic power plant that supplies part of the park. Socially committed to the Port Aventura Dreams Foundation, which welcomes sick children and their families to a unique place with 6 beautiful little houses so they can have a good time and forget about their difficulties for a while. It’s a project and a human experience that is really close to our hearts.

On the occasion of French National Day, Equinox readers can take advantage of the 2-day 2-day access to the park until July 17 (Port Aventura Park + Ferrari Land) with a 1-day 1-day park entry with code EQUINOXPAW22.

Visit book.portaventuraworld.com to enjoy it

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