What to do with the kids this summer in Paris?

On holidays, it’s not always easy to keep kids busy … Don’t worry, Que Faire à Paris has chosen the best plans for you right now: music, workshops, movies, sports or walks, your little ones will find ‘Don’t bother!


A summer in Olympic form!

From June 23 to mid-September, the Forms Olympic Festival marks the end of the Parisian summer. Hundreds of free events will be offered, combining industry, sports and the Olympics. Discover our 100% family selection. More info

Paris beach with family

Like every year, Paris Plazas will fascinate you and give you a summer break. Come to Basin de la Villette and Reeves de Cine to enjoy leisure, sports, sports and cultural activities. More info


French service of lights service

Charlotte Stadium is preparing to welcome competitors to an atypical game that is still tempting new practitioners: the lightsaber. To celebrate its big comeback, the French Open, the biggest sports tournament dedicated to discipline, invites you to Charlotte Stadium on July 8 and 9, where comedian, actor and director Khiron is sponsored.

July 14: Fireworks for National Day

To celebrate July 14, the city of Paris is offering Parisians and Paris visitors a much-awaited visit: a fireworks display from the Eiffel Tower, before a major symphony concert at the Orchester Nacional de France at the Champs de Marseille.

July 14, 2012 Fireworks

Japan Expo

Japan Expo is a meeting place for lovers of Japan and its culture. From manga to martial arts, from video games to Japanese folklore, from J-Music to traditional music. The Japan Expo invites you to the Paris Expo from 14 to 17 July.

Night at Invalides

Come and experience an endless night in the heart of the Invalids. The 10th edition of Nuit aux Invalides celebrates Napoleon’s 200th death anniversary with his new show, “The Flight of the Eagle”. Immerse yourself in the heart of the “Napoleonic Legend” Thanks to an unprecedented technological installation that gives you an extraordinary immersive experience.

Borealis, enjoy the beauty of northern light

Both an artistic work and a technical performance, Borealis Aurora provides a realistic imitation of Borealis. Supported by music written and interpreted by French composer Guillaume Desbois, Borealis The experience of the Aurora Borealis transfers directly to the city center, in front of Notre-Dame. A breathtaking family show!

Walking and resting

Summer garden at the Koa Branley Museum

In the summer, the museum goes green for a free program that gives nature and the environment the pride of the place. Concerts, workshops, storytelling, visits, shows, meetings, introductions … for two months, find free activities combining relaxation and festivities around themes of nature, environment and lifestyle.

Library outside the walls

Take a summer vacation with a book, sitting in the shade of a tree, lying on the grass or by the water. This summer, libraries in Paris invite children, infants, teenagers and adults to read their books in parks and gardens and around the Basin de la Villette.

Paris beach

The wind of demons

Produced as part of the Paris L’été Festival, this new edition of L’Air des Géants offers visitors the opportunity to wander under the sign of enormity! The exhibition presents a selection of works by French and European artists, including swollen, thick, colorful or flawless works.

Paris under the stars

Paris under the stars, here we go again! The French Astronomy Association, supported by the city of Paris, is organizing a marathon of 20 free observation evenings throughout the summer to open the nocturnal opening of certain Parisian parks and gardens. Your telescope!

A summer on the water

The age of the canal summer is 15 years

The Canal Summer celebrates its 15th anniversary at the Canal de l’Orque, Canal Saint-Denis and Seine. In the program: floating concert, water park, festive cruise, river shuttle € 1 and you can canoeing for a walk of discovery.

The bicentennial of the canal de l’orque

In parallel with the Canal Festival Summer, Ourcq Canal celebrates its bicentennial and offers cruises, walks, bike rides, Trilbardu lifting plant inspections, exhibitions, kayaking walks.

Fair festival

Europa Kids in La Villette

An amusement park in the shape of a swollen village with slides, water games, trampolines, labyrinths, protected castles, bubble pools, but a dozen attractions for the elderly … All n summer, the tent area is transformed into the Park de la Villette Europa Kids! An open-air amusement park that will delight lovers of sensation and laughter.

This summer, the fairgrounds are full of thrills. The Tuileries Festival, the Neu-Neu Festival, and the Loges Festival invite you to have fun with your family. Exciting attractions, rides for children, fireworks and candy apples, all have ingredients!

Nature and animals

Nocturnal at the Zoological Park

The Nocturnes returned from June 23 to August 11, 2022. This real experience will allow visitors to discover wildlife during sunset. You will enjoy the silent zoo. Equipped with distinctive headphones, visitors will be able to walk through the park at the sound of DJs. In the evening at the end of the course will run in a festive atmosphere. At the heart of this program is the theme of the senses.

Wild meeting

The Paris Zoological Park invites visitors to their senses and the sensitive journey of animals. This summer, don’t miss “Rendez-Vous Sauvages”. During these meetings, a wide range of feeding and activities are offered: activities dedicated to 3-6 year olds on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sunday mornings; A mobile touch aquarium; Amazing taste, and olfactory challenge!

A summer at a Paris farm

La Ferme de Paris is open for summer vacation. The Boise de Vincennes harvest season is approaching in July, and the month of August lends itself to talking about water use and agriculture. Enjoy many activities for young and old.

Music and shows


Pestacles invites young and old alike to explore demanding and poetic multi-sectoral musical projects with families and in the great outdoors. Every Wednesday will be the occasion of a fun, sensitive and dynamic trip, from French Chanson to Slam, from Techno to Creole Sound … In the program: 8 free concerts to discover with the family!

Sene Mini Rock

Emerging rockers, ages 6 to 12, are welcome for free in a fun and informative place, a festival for them and away from the crowds! When parents enjoy the concert, an exclusive program with lots of entertainment throughout the day is dedicated to them.


Transient summer swimming

From 9 July to 21 August, Paris offers new pop-up pools to take advantage of the season across the capital. Parisians will be able to swim in a comfortable or sporty way at several sites dedicated to swimming and sports. In addition to swimming activities, in the sports centers (excluding vilts), various leisure activities will be offered: archery, rollerblading, mountain biking, table tennis. More info.

Get in shape with the Paris Sport Demanches

Visit one of the 10 places in Paris every Sunday to play sports in good spirits and train athletes for the French National Olympic Sports Committee. It’s free, so ask for the program!

It’s a playground game

Joue la Playgrounds is a device that allows as many people as possible to practice 3×3 basketball on a renovated Parisian playground! With a tournament held at various venues, 8 dates have been proposed for 12 men’s teams and 6 women’s teams to qualify for the grand final to be held on August 22 in Paris! We’re getting ready to dive!

Playground renovation: Claude Bernard basketball court, 19th

Cinema Hall

Tribute to Stanley Donen

In July, Stanley Donen, the king of Hollywood musicals, was in the spotlight. Visit the Cinémathèque française to discover this pearl of cinema.

Open-air cinema in La Villette

The largest open-air cinema in Paris is La Villette! For 25 evenings, from July 20 to August 21, the “Light on Dance” festival features great classics from 7e The art that rocked the dance floor … on a 600 m² swollen screen, come and enjoy the free screening of shorts and feature films. The highlight of the festival, July 23 is an evening dedicated to young audiences at Little Villet.

Shoh Memorial makes its movies in the open air

During this summer vacation, discover the open-air cinema at Shoh Memorial. Watch powerful and moving movies in the program or watch again with family.

Silhouette festival

The Silhouette Festival has nine free evening concerts and short film screenings outside, meetings around the cinema, an eco-responsible commitment … Screenings are completely free. In addition to the open-air screenings in the evening, documentaries, music videos, hybrids and screenings of young audiences are scheduled during the day at the festival’s partner venues.

Workshops and activities

Atelier Rodin, a youth place dedicated to sculpture

Think before or after, the place of action! The Rodin Museum boasts the creativity of emerging artists and opens, from June 11 to August 28, atelier Rodin, a new space dedicated to the discovery of art and sculpture through practice. More info.

Orbit the center of the earth

On the occasion of the exhibition “Parvis de Notre-Dame”, Pavillon de l’Arsenal offers a game-tour to explore the history of the Ile de la Cité. In a journey that combines both physical challenges to take and puzzles to solve, the children’s first mission is to identify and link together the twelve monuments of the island on the map.

A summer at the relief planning museum

Come and spend the summer at the museum! Model Workshops, Kapla, Strategy Games, Game Booklets, Guided Tours … Relief Map Museum will have something for everyone!

Ecole Buissonnière at the Ecole Du Breuil

Do you want to introduce your kids to the garden and make them aware of the environment and biodiversity? Discover École Buissonnière and its workshops that will allow your kids to connect with nature in a creative and fun way, while enjoying the garden and learning about École du Breuil. Workshops for older children From 7 to 11 years of age.

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