Akhannouch communicates the first results of discussions on education reform

Consultations are underway with key players in the sector in various provinces of Morocco, led by the Ministry of National Education, Pre-Schools and Sports. This Tuesday, July 5, during the great oral time in the Chamber of Advisers, the head of government presented the first response, as well as key adaptations to the roadmap.

Thus, according to Aziz Akhanuch, students want the school to be a place of learning Educational and recreational equipmentSuch as library, reading area, theater, playground etc.

Although the teachers expressed a desire to form the school A place for conversation and expression, Because children can no longer tolerate monotony and ask the teacher for more innovation and creativity. For parents, they want the school to be able to reopen Fundamental role in society Restores confidence in Morocco.

The roadmap, which is based on the student-teacher-establishment triptech, has set itself the following objectives:

– Of Reduce dropouts Schools at the rate of one-third per year;

– Improve The basic skills of the students (Acquisition and Education) is currently 70% instead of 30%;

– Double the proportion of students benefiting from Extracurricular activities in schoolsWhich currently does not exceed 25% of the workforce.


On the axis that concerns the student, the goal of the roadmap is to ensure basic education. It involves defining the purpose of learning through establishment A reference frame for each school level. These measurements will allow actors to monitor skill acquisition at the end of each year and identify failures to propose remedial solutions.

To enable each student to realize their aspirations, the roadmap will give them a choice Different paths and options from secondary school. L.Its purpose is to enable them to integrate into their professional careers. This goes through Introduction to guidance counselors from the initial end And before school identifies the cause of failure, be able to intervene at the right time.

There will be other elements of intervention To increase social support system in schools, Such as improving school transportation services, canteens, boarding schools, etc. It also involves improving management and financing.


Then, for the teacher, it would be a question of guarantee Quality basic and continuous training To ensure the upgradation of teachers. This purpose involves the development of its value Degree of education To make it a specially facilitated course for students interested in practicing the teaching profession.

The roadmap also aims to increase the attractiveness of the profession, creating one More comfortable situation for teachers And by ensuring a favorable work environment based on the rewards of their commitment.

Another major project is a construction New situation for teachers And teaching staff within the framework of social conversation. Its goal is to ensure harmony and unity between different professional situations in the education sector.

This new status is also based on the creation of new opportunities Career advancement Teachers to improve their condition. However, in the spirit of results-oriented policy, it is conditioned by the degree of their commitment to students.

On the other hand, The role of inspectors will be enhanced In addition to the current role of evaluation to cover supervision, support and quality control.

The government has already taken a number of steps, including Program contracts for teacher training Primary and secondary cycles between 2025, starting with the school year 2022/2023. An envelope of 4 billion dirhams has been given to this project in 5 years.

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This strategy will allow Multiply the number of students enrolled in the education license course by 5 To reach the 2026-2027 school year horizon, there are currently more than 50,000 students instead of 9,000. The aim is to bring together 80% of the new primary and secondary teachers in this course.

On the other hand, the use of digital tools will be strengthened and school programs will be improved by providing teaching guides and a rich and adequate educational arsenal.

The installation

Regarding the school-related axis, several levers will be activated. The purpose is Strengthen their freedom To enable them to manage more effectively.

Goes through:

– Increase‘Investment ;

– Encouragement Outsourcing of services Which does not fall within the core business of the school;

– Improvement of condition Logistics In the organization;

– An establishment Education team Who works in harmony with the director and whose organization aims at educational management and educational dialogue;

– Multiply by Extracurricular activities For students, such as child care, tutoring, sports, reading, language, theater, music, organizes players in the local environment of the organization and encourages educational volunteering.

Fighting against school dropouts

School dropout is a major illness in Moroccan public schools, since, according to official statistics, Every year 300,000 students drop out of school. Where only 30% of students certify to achieve targeted skills at the end of primary school, this number drops to 10% for secondary school.

A national school dropout prevention program, using an innovative approach, has been introduced for the benefit of 10,000 students in the pilot phase and which should be generalized to more than 100,000 students by 2023.

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In addition, they were The royal initiative “One Million Schoolbags” will benefit 3.7 million students 2021-2022 school year time. Although the beneficiaries of the Tayssir program have reached 2.5 million students.

Pre-school education

The project of generalization of preschools is still lagging behind, especially in rural areas due to lack of equipped rooms and number of trained managers.

To successfully generalize the preschool and ensure its quality by 2028, the government plans to create 4,000 new units every year For children 4 to 6 years old. It seeks to ensure quality training for educators through the establishment Dedicated management process with association partners.

This way, Three agreements The Moroccan Foundation for the Promotion of Pre-School Education (FMPS) has signed with the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Ministry of Economic Inclusion, Small Business, Employment and Skills to increase the share of children continuing their pre-school education. The current 72.5% to 79% by the end of 2022.

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