Allowance: Here’s what you need to know about this help that can go beyond € 400 per child

Each year, the state pays a large sum of money to several families so that they can cope at the beginning of their school year. This is ARS or back-to-school allowance.

Return bonus

The purpose of the Back-to-School Allowance (ARS) is to provide financial assistance to parents who have children in school. Its allocation requires respect for certain criteria, which is why not all families can benefit from it.

Generally, ARS is given to parents about two weeks before the start of the school year. For this year, it is the 2020 earnings that the CAF considers. Since the start of the school year is officially scheduled for September 1, 2022, the ARS award should be made in mid-August. Note that in 2021, this assistance was provided on 17 August in Metropolitan France.

The amount of ARS

The amount of back-to-school allowance is not fixed. It varies according to the age of the baby. For a child aged 6 to 10, ARS is 376.98 euros. For a child aged 11 to 14, the amount is 397.78 euros. Finally, for a child aged 15 to 18, the amount of assistance is 411.56 euros. It should be noted that this amount is subject to revaluation every year.

To qualify for back-to-school allowance, a family’s income must not exceed the ceiling set by the CAF. Here it is for 2022:

  • For a family with a dependent child, their wealth in 2020 must not exceed 25,370.
  • For a family with two dependent children, their resources in 2020 should not exceed 31,225 euros.
  • For a family with three dependent children, their resources in 2020 must not exceed 37,080 euros.

Other criteria must be met

In addition to the cost of the resource, other conditions must be met in order to benefit from the back-to-school allowance. We’re summarizing them for you:

  • The child must be between 6 and 18 years of age
  • The child must be in school, whether in a private or government institution
  • The child takes a distance learning course through an institution
  • If the child is under 18 years of age and apprentice (work-study training): his parents can claim ARS if his salary does not exceed 55% of the minimum wage.

In the event that your resources slightly exceed the ceiling set by the CAF, you can still get part of the ARS. This is a differential back-to-school allowance. Keep in mind that parents who have children over the age of 18 can no longer receive ARS. Kindergarten is the same for a child’s parents.

As far as divorced parents are concerned, even if they meet all the conditions, only one of them will be able to benefit from financial assistance. In fact, the law stipulates that the entire ARS is given to the first parent who requests the CAF. Under no circumstances can it be divided between two parents.

If there is no joint custody, the person with the dependent child who benefits from the start-up bonus. For information, it is possible to determine the amount of back-to-school bonus using the simulator. You just need to indicate your family assets, number of dependent children and their date of birth.

Take steps to get help

In some cases, there is no need to start a process to benefit from the back-to-school bonus. CAF provides it to you automatically. This is especially the case when parents are recipients and eligible.

Otherwise, they are forced to take specific steps to be able to benefit from it. Parents who are not CAF recipients, for example, need to download a form Once downloaded, you need to fill it out, then send it to the CAF in hopes of claiming financial support.

Also, a parent of a child who will be 6 years old next year and who is currently in CP should consider getting a school certificate from the school. That way, they will be able to get back-to-school allowances. If the child is between the ages of 16 and 18, an affidavit is sufficient.

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