Breaking the Hospitality Code: The Rise of Unusual Accommodation

It’s a game that rewards creativity. Unusual accommodations have been flooding the hotel and short-term rental market for years and are beginning to become a selection criterion for customers, if not their own destination. Recently, the iconic symbol of a city or an era as well as the iconic film location has added a new dimension to the offer. This type of housing is deciphered in subsequent developments.

Unusual accommodation refers to accommodation that has a unique or different characteristic from a ‘classic’ hotel or hostel. A Gothic-style castle converted into a hotel, a small house for rent in the form of a B&B or a tadpole in a converted industrial wasteland are many examples of unusual accommodation. Lots of shapes, stories and designs to seduce customers after two years of lockdown and health restrictions. The incident preceded the epidemic, but it has gained momentum since 2020. This momentum can be explained by the desire of travelers to break the monotony of their daily lives and find a little glamor or mystery.

This trend has become so popular that Airbnb has decided to create a section dedicated to unusual housing. According to the American company, more than 30,000 homes worldwide joined the offer in 2021, and “Wow! Has been viewed 2.5 million times since its launch last May.”

Being part of this section, for example, we find the famous match that crowned Moulin Rouge. Airbnb has given three passengers a chance to stay overnight at the iconic monument in the city of Paris. Many film and series filming locations are also becoming a real marketing tool for the sector. The American giant recently offered its customers a temporary stay at the home of the film Mom I missed the plane!In its villa Gucci’s houseOr even in a Lithuanian prison that appeared in the Netflix series Stranger Things.

Recently, Airbnb announced the creation of a new fund dedicated to the design and realization of ‘incredible’ housing. The 10 million fund will help finance 100 projects. Those who have the original idea can submit it and successful applicants will each receive $ 100,000 to finance their project. Airbnb explains why it is betting on unusual housing: “The funding is part of a trend observed at Airbnb, especially in the last two years, when travelers, who are increasingly flexible, are looking for unique housing that DestinationHis own rights “.

Immerse yourself in the magic of the movie

In Japan, Tokyo Disney Resort will open a new hotel inspired by the world The story of the doll. Hotel guests will be immersed in a setting designed by Pixar Studios and Walt Disney Imaging. The 600-key installation was conceived as a “toy hotel” that Andy built to house his toys while away. Similarly, Airbnb and Warner Bros. Scooby-Doo and his friends have recreated the iconic mystery machine that served as transportation for their adventures. Matthew Lillard, who played Sammy in the 2002 film, even greeted the audience during a three-night van rental.

For its fans 2001, a space Odyssey, American start-up Orbital Assembly Corporation has announced its intention to open the first (very ambitious) hotel in space by 2027. Voyager Station will be a luxury hotel with 280 guests and will include a restaurant, a bar. , A concert hall, a gym and a movie. Initially, it will certainly be reserved for very wealthy clients, but the project’s founder and architect, Tim Altore, is confident that space tourism will gradually become more democratic.

Along the same lines, concept plans for a nuclear-powered flying Sky Cruise Hotel have recently been shared. The “Hotel of the Future” can accommodate up to 5,000 customers on a continuous flight and will include a swimming pool, gym, shopping mall, a health center and conference room among other amenities. Guests enter the hotel by commercial plane or private jet. It will have no carbon footprint as it runs on 20 electric motors using nuclear reactors.

Betting on eco-responsibility, Hoxton invites himself into the game. From August 1 to September 4, 2022, the British chain Parcel Tiny House will transform the Eco-Cabin into Camp Hawks. Located in Normandy, the hut is powered by 100% solar panels and equipped with an outhouse, thus saving 15,000 liters of water per year. Location is limited to two nights, but the offer includes two breakfasts, one lunch and one supper.

Abnormal recovery

These destined sites are not limited to the hotel industry. F&B is also on the menu. ZooSafari de Thoiry is starting dinner in the middle of the French Savannah. Among the elephants, zebras and antelope, customers can discover South African food for their ideas about chef Kobus Botha and African barbecue. Kobus Brie. “Thoari Dinner” starts this summer and is intended to be an immersive safari experience.

U-Boat Worx wants to revolutionize catering and events. He built a restaurant submarine so that 120 people could dine or party at a depth of more than 200 meters. It will offer a Michelin-starred catering service, as well as a casino, a conference room and a wedding hall. Also, the windows of the submarine will offer guests a view of the depths of the sea.

A study conducted by the Hôtes Insolites agency in France cited an explosion in the number of unusual dwellings in the last four years. The country alone now has about 10,000 unusual dwellings. We are definitely seeing a very diverse and expanding offer around the world. According to various studies, the turnover generated by such accommodation is higher than that of traditional accommodation. Customers seem to favor creative or innovative housing that breaks the hospitality and F&B codes by telling a story or expressing a different emotion. The health crisis has disrupted the tourism sector, and it is now redesigning itself to attract more customers. We would not be surprised if we see a further increase in unusual housing in the post-Covid world.

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