Empty classes, board games … what’s the use of the last week of school before the summer holidays?

Missing students, teachers in meetings, movies and board games: What are the last days of class for? The answer is not the same whether it is primary or secondary.

Jean-Michel Blanker, the former national education minister, demonstrated his ambition to “recover” June. But nothing has really changed this year: in reality, many schoolgirls, college and high school students are already on vacation for several days – even if the official date for the summer vacation is set for this Thursday, July 7, after school.

“In college, students stop going to class at the end of June,” BGMTV.com’s Alexis Torchet, national editor of Cেনzanne-CFDT, pointed out. “In high school, students haven’t come since early June.”

These absences are specifically linked to the exam schedule: written exams for patents were held last weekend, written exams for BAC with philosophy from June 15, French first written for students the next day, French oral for the first one and Grand at the terminal from June 20. Oral.

A “theoretical” reception

Although colleges and high schools are always open, college and high school students rarely go there. “In college, when the class council is passed, the class becomes empty,” observes Jean-Remy Girard, president of the National Union of High Schools and Colleges (Snalc) for BFMTV.com.

The arrival of students is “extremely rare”, with lots of Alexis torches. Except for those who have no adaptation solution, he says. The reception is therefore “theoretical”. And overall, classes are postponed.

“Last week, teachers were organized to revise their certificates, also attended educational meetings, prepared for the next school year, organized themselves to form classes. Students are not rejected but there are no more teaching activities.”

Recreational activities

If he assures that college students who are willing to come will always be welcome and teachers will always be present, “we are more concerned with recreational activities with the cultural and sports professions”. The schedule for the school year is so upset: there is no math from 8 to 9 in the morning and no English from 9 to 10 in the morning. But rather board games and movies.

“We’re not going to teach four students,” Jean-Remy Girard continues. “And then we have a tendency to bring students together regardless of their class, even their level. That would complicate teaching into a discipline.”

It’s hard to fight this absence, which sometimes starts two weeks before the official date of the holiday, still targeting Jean-Remy Girard. “We’re not going to hand over the punishment from one year to the next.” Bulletins can no longer be pressed: they have all been filled out and sent “It’s not actually a tolerance for absence, but a situation,” he noted.

In elementary school, “it’s not day care.”

The situation is different in schools. “In elementary school, we have a lot more students in attendance until the end,” Guisline David, deputy secretary general and spokeswoman for the Snoop-FSU union, told BFMTV.com. “It’s often an important week to end the year.”

Thus, in nursery and primary school, children’s lessons end. “They have the same classes as the rest of the year, the operation is the same as usual,” assured BFMTV.com’s Jean-Marc Marks, a representative of Sejen-CFDT in charge of the first degree.

And even though success books and school books have already been filled, the children continue to work.

“We live in a school environment, especially as it becomes easier and harder to conduct classes,” points to Laurent Hoffman, president of the National Schools Union (SNE), BFMTV.com.

“It’s not day-care,” Guisline David summarizes, even if she all admits the program has been lightened. “We’re probably a little more flexible with the kids and a little less demanding,” admits a spokesman for the majority of primary school teachers’ union, Snoop-Fasu.

A progressive reduction in content, explains Jean-Marc Marx, representative of Sgen-CFDT. “We’re still learning, we revise a lot, but we look at things in a more humorous way and the pressure is released. It’s only the last afternoon where we’ll be more involved in something more fun and friendly to say goodbye to.”

Everyone will meet at the beginning of the school year scheduled for Thursday, September 2, 2021.

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