Exclusive Bulgarian Endurosat settles in Toulouse with its shared satellite

The Franco-American Loft Orbital is no longer the only Toulouse space ecosystem that offers solutions to satellites with shared services, or in other words space carpooling or even satellite carpooling. According to information from GalleryThe Bulgarian endurosat has just moved to Toulouse with a strong intention to develop there as well.

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Founded in 2015 in Sofia, the company – which employs 115 people in the Bulgarian capital – has just officially opened a French subsidiary based in the Pink City. A real step for this young company which, so far, has been able to develop without a fully established space ecosystem in its country of origin.

“We arrived in Toulouse with humility, ambition and excitement. We will first build an R&D team there considering some aspects. It will consist of 10 to 20 people in 12 to 18 months,” Emmanuel Sauze noted. The Growth Director of Endurosat, whose Toulouse team will initially take up residence in the village by the Toulouse CA.

This Toulouse, formerly an employee of Airbus Defense and Space, came to the Bulgarian company just a few months ago with a triple mission: to manage a French subsidiary, to support the formation of the company internally and to grow your business.

Toulousain Emmanuel Sauzay was significantly hired by EnduroSat to manage the French subsidiary of the Bulgarian company (credit: EnduroSat).

Satellite production in Toulouse soon?

If, in the end, the price offer of the space market is the same as that of the loft orbital, then their view of the market is very different. “They have dropped a satellite 150 kg bigger than us. We are on Nano Satellite from 6u to 12u and we will offer 16u from 2023“, Added Emmanuel Sauzay.

Furthermore, if their ambitions are the same, such as limiting the number of satellites in space and therefore combating the spread of space debris by pooling satellites on behalf of the customers responsible for providing payloads, their method of delivering satellites is also different. Loft Orbital buys satellites from other new space players and then takes care of creating software interfaces to create links between the satellite and the payload of customers or customers planned into it. For Endurosat, which was formerly a maker of equipment for nano-satellites and then a satellite maker itself before tackling this shared satellite market, it is the company that makes satellites for its space carpooling missions.

“Apart from doing R&D, we come to Toulouse to partner with key space players, and in the end why not build some of our satellites there (…) Today, we build them all in Bulgaria (…) Currently, we’re in business For and on behalf of the equipment supplier for our Satellite, consult with a certain number of French players, reveals EnduroSat’s Director of Growth.

Customers at the fair

Currently preparing to raise funds, the Bulgarian company founded by Raicho Raichev does not communicate about its turnover, “he said.But we’ve been doing it twice or even three times a year since 2020“, Emmanuel Sauzay specifies. However, some elements prove that EnduroSat is in full swing.

First, the Bulgarian new space actor, now from Toulouse, launched his first shared satellite with SpaceX, in May. Two payloads, including one for the IBM group. Another launch is already scheduled for the end of 2022 and it is already full of its payload transport capacity. Same observations for the following two launches. In total, Endurosat has already launched eight shared satellites in the market, thanks to a short time frame for collaboration with various launchers such as Isa Aerospace.

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“We want to offer our customers a launch ground every three months, which may include several satellites. The idea is to launch four series per year,” explained the director of growth.

With an entry ticket of 250,000 euros, including the consolidation of the payload and its operation for the first three years, funds for Endurosat can be quickly replenished.

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