Good d’Oise. A public garden along the Avenue du Paris

The inauguration of the Jardine des Source took place on 26 June in Rue de la Fose-aux-Maines. (© City of Montmorency)

Of the city Montmorency (Good D’Oise) Its route has opened a new public space on the land provided by the departmentAvenue du Paris. The road project is currently suspended.

This is an idea taken up in the program of the opposition list Avenir Ensemble during the 2020 municipal campaign, which inaugurated the municipality on 26 June. A green space has been created along the route of the Avenue du Paris (BIP) road project.

The Val-d’Oise Department has granted land to build a shared garden. “It was a condition of land release,” explained Aziza Filipin, Municipal and Departmental Counselor (LR) of Montmorency, who “presented, defended and supported” the local project with the department in a March 7 standing committee.

“This is a 25-year lease renewable every year,” the electorate noted, if the department decides to launch the expressway program, which is in the departmental council box. Suspended, the study is the subject of controversy from local residents and environmentalists (Read the box below).


One parcel, more than 6 000 M2, Provided free of charge by the department, renovated by the green space department of the city. The public park, called Les Sources, consists of a water point, walkway, rest area, as well as a shared garden, the management of which is vested in an association, which is chaired by and composed of residents of Lower Montmorency.

To this end, the city has called on an ecologist to “preserve areas of an ecological nature and create new ones like bouquet hedges to promote biodiversity,” we explain at City Hall.

Mayor (LR) Maxim Thori argues, “This is a very precise translation of the way we imagine Montmorency: a peaceful, green, safe and comfortable city for all.”

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The development is part of projects planned for 2024, such as the renovation of the gardens of Place Charles-le-Brun and Chateau de Dino.

“These two sites, located below Montmorency, will create a new path to walk with resources that will transform the district through more protection and environmental decoration,” added Stephen Pegard, first deputy mayor, city planning representative and living environment.

Sos Vallee de Montmorency. “We must occupy all the desert.”

The city’s initiative to create a shared garden on the site of the Avenue du Paris Road project has been welcomed by members of the Environmental Protection Association, Sos Vallée de Montmorency, Vivre sans le Bip Collective.

“We can only be satisfied with any initiative in line with our vision to oppose the BIP project. The right of way for the development of green spaces is in line with our vision for the preservation of the environment, ”announced Didier Lefebvre, president of the Sos Valley de Montmorency.

“What we want is for the county council to give all municipalities and other projects like this the same opportunity to see the light of day. It’s an experience that deserves to be extended to Deuel-la-Barre, Grossle.

Through this development of a shared garden, Vivre sans le Bip wants to persuade the joint department to abandon the Avenue du Paris project for sure.

“Suffice it to say: we are against it. We want elected officials who truly express themselves for the final abandonment of the project, “said Didier Lefebvre.


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