How a small dark apartment became a bright and elegant space

Architect Marie Derudilhe has transformed a typical 36 m² apartment into two beautiful, cozy and stunning apartments: a spectacular brass kitchen, windows framed with mirrors to emphasize the view, a punching bag that looks like a work of art, a fireplace for Parisian consciousness. -Piece. Julie Ansiau

Take Jacob to Paris for a style lesson with architect Marie Deraudilh. The professional shares her privacy with us to transform a small dark apartment into a charming one-bedroom apartment bathed in light.

Architect Marie Derudilhe is celebrating the 10th anniversary of her company this year From the beginning, an interior designer woman’s poetic style has triumphed over personalities like Alain Ducas and Christoph Michalak who have given her the responsibility of developing their restaurant decor or their home codes. This woman of art cut her teeth with Terrence Conran in London and worked for the Patrick Join Agency for five years, where she developed a sense of detail, a passion for design and a passion for crafts. Which also allows him to master the outline. As raw or future and offbeat approaches. It’s not surprising that his personal clients slip his name into their ears … To understand how his sensibilities and his taste for bright minimalism are expressed, all you have to do is let him talk about one of his projects.

Architect Marie Deraudilhe. Julie Ansiau

Starting point

“I do a lot of thanks for the word of mouth and for this small apartment under the 36 m² Carrez Act, it was the case again. I created for a client, a writer for a comedian, an apartment in Paris Rue Jacob. And it was he who recommended me to his best friend, with whom he works, and who also bought a Pied-a-Terre Ru Jacob to facilitate their cooperation. The place was captivating, under the roof, with a very Parisian feel, a beautiful view of the Saint-Germain-des-Press Church, the floor tiles … but the height of the roof was very low. So our challenge was to break the false ceiling and restore as much volume as possible, which involved insulating the roof while letting the framework breathe. We also had to create a new window and bring light. ”

Before : A wooden staircase at the entrance led to the toilet. Click image
Later : An entrance has been repainted in glossy black so that the movement along the stairs is paused but in masonry with a waxed concrete finish. This leads to the toilet, the door of which is covered with a mirror to give a sense of space. Julie Ansiau


“It is painted in a glossy dark color that gives the impression of water. Choosing a dark color accentuates the change in the next room, living room-kitchen-dining room, which is larger and lighter. It’s an outline, a landscape, a change of landscape that punctuates circulation. At this entrance, there is a staircase that leads to the toilet. Initially it was a kind of wooden stapler. We made it a masonry staircase with a waxed concrete finish. The bathroom door is very precious and has a patented mirror: it gives a sense of space and depth.

Before : Small kitchens deserve to be more comfortable. Click image
Later : Between brass enhanced by black, hiding a fridge in a cupboard like a large box located on the opposite wall, makes the kitchen functional and sophisticated. Julie Ansiau

Kitchen area

“It wasn’t easy to create a real kitchen in this original room: the space was reduced and under the slope. But we succeed! We chose a worktop, a Credenza with a shelf, in brass, an element that brings warmth, including its patina, and acts as a mirror that reflects light. It instills a feeling of light. We hid the fridge in a black medium cupboard, a kind of box on the other side of the kitchen. It’s a slender piece of furniture that’s more for the plate, but it also hides a deep niche we used to install a large fridge. This choice also makes room for worktops. On the floor, we chose black-stained and waxed herringbone parquet. “

Before : The tile floor and fireplace gave the living room a bohemian spirit. Click image
Later : The fireplace has been kept to protect the spirit of the place. It is enhanced by a black colored wood floor. Julie Ansiau

Living room and dining room

“The presence of a punching bag was part of our client’s need. We hung it on a rail installed along the ridge, which allows it to slide in the center of the house like a sports hall. We wondered about the fireplace. Should it be kept? Sometimes there are a lot in old buildings and we remove some. Sometimes they have disappeared and we need to find them to reconnect with the history of the place. Here, despite the limited space, we wanted to keep it because it is for us, the Parisian spirit of the place. To enlarge the dog-sitting window, we framed it with mirrors. This allows to reflect scenes that can be admired from the sofa or kitchen. It’s easy and it works well!

Before : Gives a classic room feeling of narrowness. Click image
Later : A bedroom where you can breathe thanks to the creation of a roof window and where each space has been optimized for storage. Julie Ansiau


“We worked on light gray waxed concrete in the bedroom and made a roof window that allowed extra light. It is very pleasant because we enjoy the sun all day long. We made the bed luxurious by creating a podium for it. This makes it possible to keep a bed that is not too much and therefore does not increase the volume. We then optimized all the space by installing storage wherever possible: at the bottom of the slope, at Nook and Alcove. “

Before : A full bathroom. Click image


Later : An open bathroom that reveals itself behind a round arch. Julie Ansiau

The bathroom

“To enter this open bathroom, you have to cross the bedroom and go under a circular semi-arch which we have designed with the advantage of a descending beam. I like roundness, it is found in all my projects. Maybe because it is reassuring, brings softness and warmth to my minimalist style. The sink basin is made of marble and overlooks a small structural podium through which we access the bathtub – a glossy shower with a marble bench, an element that our clients were interested in. The bathroom was initially deep but we used the bottom to create a mini-laundry room hidden behind a door. Its reduced width can accommodate a washing machine, a dryer, and we’ve added a radiator and hooks for hanging bathrobes and towels.

Marie Deroudilhe Agency, 100 rue de la Folie-Méricourt, 75011 Paris.

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