How to save your child’s spiritual life during the holidays?

It’s hard to make room for Jesus on the holidays, especially when you’re a child. Here are some ideas to help your child maintain a good prayer life.

Holidays are a special time to spend with family. It’s time to live with God! Discover some activities here to find opportunities to talk and pray about Jesus with your children.

1Go on Sundays

Sunday is an invitation that God gives to every one of his friends, young and old. It’s your food and your kids ’food for the week. Moreover, going to a new parish a month is a great opportunity to meet new faithful, especially to learn from new traditions abroad. Priest will be happy to see the new face! Be sure to look ahead for the nearest mass schedule of your vacation space.

2Pray for the family every day

The holiday season is about thanking for the school year that has just ended, spending all the happy moments together and handing over the responsibility of starting the new school year, which is part of her uncertainty. You may suggest that children place a small prayer corner in the holiday space for daily family prayers. You can encourage them to take a cross and a candle in their suitcase.

3Thanks to those around you

During your vacation, you will meet new people. For example in restaurants. Encourage your kids to thank the waiter, ice cream vendor or lifeguard. Giving thanks to them is a gesture of gratitude for a good time.

4The thought of creation

Holidays are a time for long walks on the beach or hikes in nature. Stop praising God with your children who have made such a prosperous and abundant country. To help them better understand what is around them, take some time during the walk to teach children the names of trees or birds, explain their tidal movements, or the role of such insects. We can only love what we know.

5The work of men is amazing

In a museum or historical monument, teach your children to marvel at the beauty of human work. For example, you might suggest that they keep a small notebook to write down the names of the places they visit and the monuments, the name of the patron saint of the city they are passing through, who must represent the local church.

6Visit the Blessed Sacrament to see Jesus

When you go to a church, stop to take a moment in front of the Blessed Sacrament. Explain to your children that when the red light is on the side of the tent, it means Jesus is present. Ask each of your children if prayer has a purpose in their heart.

Family board games

7Learn moderation

If you don’t have time for all the activities and inspections planned at the beginning of the holiday, teach your kids that the most important thing is family time. You can also ask each of your children which activity is most important to them. If it’s a race, don’t forget to be fair shopping.

8Be an example for your children

Holidays that are full of complexity are neither fun nor comfortable. The way God presents Himself during the holiday season is a quality of time spent together. Strongly, if your two children are in conflict, teach them to forgive and advise them to do an activity together.

9Think of those who suffer

Many initiatives are offered in the summer for the less fortunate. Why not participate in a charity event with your children for a day or an afternoon in your vacation area?

10Offer inspirational audio content

Many CDs and podcasts are made for children. A long drive can be an opportunity to listen to a podcast of a saintly life or a passage from the Gospel. Here is a short selection of book-CDs: The Complete Grains de Saint Collection, and especially the last one published on Claire de Castelbajak (Mame), Song 10 Lives of Saints, Rafael Villemein (meme), The Bible for Children (Mame) or Children This podcast on the lives of saints dedicated to: Teleo.


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