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Tired of turning your neck to see your monitor? Do not work in an awkward position; Simply upgrade your monitor with these multi-functional stands (and get other features as well).

Working from a desktop or monitor? Then one of these multifunctional monitor stands in your workplace is a necessity. Because while desktops offer a broad view of your work, they are so low that you need to bend your neck and crane to see it properly. It’s not good for your comfort or your productivity. Then see the useful monitor stand below.

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From monitor stands filled with ports and card readers to those sporty dual-monitor designs, you’re sure to find the right stand for you and your unique workspace in this list. We prefer the MonitorMate MiniS monitor stand for its fast charging port and external power supply.

Meanwhile, you can’t go wrong with an ergonomic airflow stand like the Kensington Kulview Wellness Monitor stand with a desk fan. It protects the health of your spine and keeps your gear cool.

Take your work to new heights with these versatile monitor stands.

1. R. Monitor miniS monitor stand You have all the ports you need for your workplace, including 4 USB 3.0 ports and a fast charger.

Monitor miniS with an iMac

Increase your productivity with the MonitorMate MiniS Monitor Stand. With 4 USB 3.0 ports for your iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, PC and Dell, a fast charger and external power, it puts powerful tools in front of you.

Get it from the official site for $ 89.

2. The 2-level design of the Vaydeer monitor stand is ideal for people who work from 2 monitors. Also, its 4 USB 3.0 ports charge your devices while you’re at work

Multifunctional monitor stand you can buy for your workplace
Vaydeer monitors stand in a workplace

Work from 2 monitors? So check out Brothers monitor stand. Its spacious 2-level design supports up to 2 monitors and gives you storage space for storing keyboards, mice and other gadgets. Also, it may come with wireless charging for the latest iPhone and Samsung phones.

Get it from the official site for 129.99.

3. The Kensington Coolview Wellness Monitor Stand takes care of your spinal health and has a built-in fan to keep your computer cool.

Kensington Coolview Wellness Monitor stands with desk fan
Standing at a desk on the Kensington Coolview Wellness Monitor

If you work on your monitor most of your day, you will appreciate the Kensington Coolview Wellness Monitor Stand. Its ergonomic design elevates your monitor to the appropriate height for the neck and spine. Meanwhile, the built-in USB port connects to your monitor or other device, making it one of our favorite multi-function monitors for the workspace.

Get it at $ 39.90 on Amazon.

4. R. LANQ PCDock Pro PC Monitor Stand Lets you get started quickly with its innovative fingerprint module for quick and secure access.

LANQ PCDock Pro in the video

You do not need to enter an access code to use the LANQ PCDock Pro PC Monitor stand. Its fingerprint module works with Windows Hello Biometrics approval for quick and secure use. Meanwhile, this mount has its own Wi-Fi adapter for high-speed connection. You can connect up to 8 devices while using the stand as a hotspot

Get it from the official site for $ 199.

5. MonitorMate Probes C Aluminum Monitor Stand cleans your desk and charges your devices even when your monitor is off.

Monitor ProBASE C
Monitor ProBASE C with the device

Monitormate ProBASE C Add a high-quality monitor base to your workplace with an aluminum monitor stand. Made from aluminum, it fits with a minimalist aesthetic Then, its storage drawer hides your most used items. And, because it plugs into an external power supply, it can charge even if your computer is off.

Get it for $ 139 from the official site.

6. Satechi Type-C Aluminum iMac Monitor Stand Hub is the solution for iMac users, enhancing your workspace and providing USB ports.

Multifunctional monitor stand you can buy for your workplace
Satechi Type-C Aluminum IMAC Monitor Mount Hub in Silver

Is your iMac a little below eye level for you? Raise it with Satechi Type-C Aluminum IMAC Monitor Mounting Hub. Meanwhile, it has SD and microSD card slots and USB 3.0 and USB-C data ports.

Get it for $ 89.99 from the official site.

7. R. iMac Twelve South Curve Riser Stand Brings your iMac to a more comfortable level and features a simple shelf for personal gear, hubs, and more.

Multifunctional monitor stand you can buy for your workplace
Twelve south curve risers on one desk

Inspired by Curve for the MacBook, the iMac Twelve South Curve Riser lifts your Apple desktop computer and showcases its beauty. In addition, the exterior design of the metal shelf allows for optimal airflow in the devices.

Get it from the official site for 79.99.

8. MonitorMate Probes X Aluminum Monitor Stand takes your workspace to the next level with an 18-watt port for fast charging of your smartphone.

Monitor Probes X.
Monitor ProBASE X loading a gadget

Monitormate Quickly charge your smartphone while working with ProBASE X Aluminum Monitor Stand. At 18 watts, it charges 4 times faster than most charging ports It has a card reader, USB 3.0 port, instant Gigabit Ethernet connection and a storage drawer.

Get it at $ 159 on Amazon.

9. R. Twelve South iMac Highrise Pro stands Brings your iMac to the perfect height and looks great with its inverted walnut / aluminum front on your desk.

Twelve South Highrise Pro iMac stand video

Add functional beauty to your desktop with the HiRise Pro iMac stand from Twelve South. This raises your iMac or other monitor to 3.66 inches. It provides storage for hard drives, hubs and personal devices, making it one of our favorite multi-function monitors that stands out for workspaces.

Get it at 169.95 on Amazon.

10. Allmaster Monitor Stand Riser The foldable computer stand adjusts to 3 different widths and has space to hold your phone or tablet.

Olmaster Monitor Stand
Olmaster monitor stand riser on a desk

Organize your workplace with the Allmaster Monitor Stand Riser Folding Computer Stand. With its adjustable width, you can set it as small as 14.76 inches or extend it up to 20.5 inches. In addition, its small storage drawer helps keep your desk tidy.

Get it at $ 29.99 on Amazon.

Stay comfortable, efficient and organized while working while having one of these versatile monitors in your workplace. Which do you want to own? Let us know in the comments.

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