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This Tuesday, July 5, Rand Muselier, President of the Provence-Alpes-C ডিte d’Azur region, Deputy President of the Territories of France, visited the Aronautic d’Estres in Pole to open the Arrowsud Lounge as part of the week.

On this occasion, he recalled the importance of the space sector in the southern region.

Lecture by Renaud MUSELIER
President of the Provence-Alpes-C ডিte d’Azur region,
Deputy President of the Region of France
AEROSUD Exhibition Opening: Aeronautics, Space and Defense
Aeronautical Center Jean Sarail, Chemin des Balance, Pregnan District, Estres
Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Welcoming you to the heart of Paul Jean Sarail this morning, World War II pilot Emeritus, the last one to see General Leclerc before his tragic death, the pilot chained 18 accidents including a memorable one that saw in his Mirage crash the heart of Foss Sur Mer, a .
AEROSUD is a week-long kick-off dedicated to promoting the defense economy in the region.
On Wednesday and Thursday, Toulon will highlight issues related to the consolidation of European defense funds, meetings between SMEs and contractors around naval strategies, exhibitions to highlight technological innovations associated with on-board intelligence and marine drones.
Finally, Friday will be dedicated to cyber defense and cyber resilience issues.
This first day is thus mainly aerial.
The aeronautical and aerospace sector is a sector of French excellence, both in terms of its efficiency, its extreme structure and its competitiveness. It especially benefits from sophisticated research upstream of the sector.

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However, this sector must meet the challenges we are facing in the wake of the massive health crisis:

Strong reliance on exports and unbridled international competition,
প্রয়োজনীয় Environmental questions of this sector, and the necessary work on attracting the necessary decarbonization profession.

The challenges that will get the region by your side, to transform your groundbreaking innovations into a dual sector, to support your change
To respond to environmental and environmental issues or to a trained workforce in your business.
The sector must capitalize on these resources to complete its transformation and further improve its efficiency. And especially on its main asset, which has been confirmed in recent years, its duality.
The coexistence of military and civilian activities among sector-making companies, just as the duality between aeronautical and aerospace activities, is a major resource for actors ’mobility and resilience.
This specification must be preserved and I immediately respond to the concerns expressed by some entrepreneurs, I will stand by them to monitor the place of defense activities in the European green classification, so that the duality of companies is questioned. Aviation sector.
As President Emanuel Macron noted during his speech at the Eurosatari, France has entered a war economy and we need a stronger European defense industry.
You need to get out of certain dependencies that are set.
We have changed the paradigm, the European Union can no longer satisfy itself with the waltz-shrinkage between the dream of strategic autonomy and the relative ease of a completely questionable NATO.
The Russian threat and its Ukrainian image have pushed Europe and its states to redefine priorities and budgets.
In order to capture some of the increase announced in the budget of the Ministry of Armed Forces here in the southern region, it is up to us to determine the order of our work which should end at 50 billion euros.
We are lucky to have a region that brings together resources. France’s first military zone in terms of manpower with 47,000 civilians and military personnel. We are also the 1st French territory in terms of occupying territories created and under construction by the Ministry of the Armed Forces. With Toulon, we have the 1st naval base in Europe and the projection in the Mediterranean. Without forgetting sites like Airs, Naval Aeronautical Base in Hayres, Industrial Aeronautical Workshop in Quares, School of Light Aviation in Connaught des Maures, for Istres, Salon, Orange.
At Estres, Air Base 125 is today the Army’s hub, home to Europe’s longest test track, state-of-the-art testing equipment, and the Flight Crew School of Test and Off Reception (EPNER) with international impact.
In Salon-de-Provence, we train all officers of the Air Force and Space Forces, Army Commissioners and live in Patrol de France.
However, the presence of the 4th Regiment of Alpine Hunters in the Army, especially in Gap, Abagne (1st Foreign Regiment), the oldest regiment of the Foreign Legion of the Kanjuars …
The historic industrial and technological sector of the South, Aeronautics and Space is the 1st regional industrial sector and the 4th French Pole.

This is a real vector of innovation:

• 40% of the company focuses on a research and development activity with more than 1,700 researchers, 40 laboratories, 13 engineering schools, 16 IUTs,
• 4 Competitive Clusters: SAFE (450 members) MER Méditerranée (410 members) OPTITEC (200 members) Secure Communication Solutions (SCS) for the formation of the sector.

But a vector of employment with more than 35,000 jobs with 17,000 exclusively dedicated and a turnover of 6.3 billion euros.
The sector centers on two major contractors, Airbus Helicopters and Thales Alenia Space, located in Marignen and Kane, respectively. With which we can add Dassault and Safran.
Growing medium-sized companies, small and medium-sized companies and very small and medium-sized sub-contracting companies, and start-ups like TechnoFirst, Oxytronic, Coral Industry, 3D Volume, Edittag, driven by the same dense regional fabric.
In the southern region, it can rely on a favorable environment with 2 airports of international influence Nice Cote d’Azur and Marseille Provence, drones, military installations, a job and qualification test, the first national pole of testing and multi-environment simulation. Campus and a regional acceleration platform.

And the region is next to it:

• The “Regional Aviation Unit”, set up in 2020, identifies projects that could be supported, monitors major risks, directs companies to the national recovery plan and financing process, including its aeronautical components, “builds low carbon aircraft in France” led by SAFE cluster A regional space unit was also set up in 2022;
• “Region SUD Attractiveness”, has helped more than 20 companies financially in this sector. The region has paid special attention to the aeronautical ecosystem at the Marignen site to develop resilience to Airbus helicopters’ “Dream” program. And on June 24 we voted 800 KE in support of the Prometheus project.
• The Industry of the Future course provided additional, tailor-made support for 18 companies.

But also symbolic projects such as CLUB SUD DRONES. Created in 2019, the network brings together players from the sector, namely 3 consortia and 17 companies operating about 12 underwater, marine and aerial drones.
I am also thinking of the Stratobus Airship, a satellite without a launcher, carried here by the Thales Alenia Space to Easter, which was able to rely on our support from the ERDF for research and development for 3 million euros in 2016, then 20 3 in 2021. A new grant of millions.
Finally, how Pôle never said a word about Jean Sarrail. Dedicated to aeronautical activity since the early 1970s, with the installation of assembly hangers for Mercury aircraft, the site was not chosen randomly. It embodies the policy of industrial recovery in the region.
The decision of the Armed Forces Ministry to deploy air-to-air refueling and MRTT strategic transport aircraft at Air Base 125, however, gives us a great opportunity to transform this base into a joint air logistics hub. A major site for French aeronautics and aerospace development.

We support it on 5 axes of its development:

Support for the development of the French Armed Forces Strategic Launch Center, which should accommodate more than 100,000 passengers and 11,000 tons of cargo per year by 2025-2026. Without airport services, catering services and adaptive hotel and catering offers, the development of such activities would not be possible. The adjacent nature of the airbase and the hub makes it a particularly convenient site to host this service offer.
উঠ Becoming the European Center of Excellence for flight testing obviously involves hosting this hybrid platform Stratobus between drones, airships and satellites. Unique in the world, it will position itself in the multi-billion dollar world market.
করা Create an innovative aviation training center in consultation with sector players (UIMM and Gifas).
• And I would like to see 15 MRTT co-located in the estrus of state and industrial maintenance activities in operation for a fleet of aircraft. The former minister of the armed forces started a national competition there.
Within the framework of this strategic plan, today, dear Franোয়াois, Mr. Mayor, I have come to ensure the support of the region. Beyond the election promise, it is the promise of the president of the region. I want to make this Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur the first defense zone in Europe.
For example, we need to concentrate on our major air-sea-land centers.
This Mercury Hall is the embodiment of the influential wind, also announced in May last year, the region will complete the promised 4 million euro effort since 2016, already increased 18 million from recovery plans and the framework of a global agreement with Metropol with 10 million euros.

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