The father of her second child, he finally revealed the gender of his child

Aamir’s father for the second time, it’s official! Those who are content to follow the singer on Instagram may not be aware. Because on Twitter Little Ahronovich’s husband took the time to mention that his wife’s delivery was very good. The public still knew that the beauty was pregnant with a second child. Even those who don’t follow the singer on social networks can learn it.

In fact, he was surprised to join Amir on stage Song of the Year. And he appears radiant with his round belly. And choice Objeko Amir, his wife and his older brother Michael will be happy to find out if this newborn is a girl or a boy. Then it will be time for his fans to rejoice at this news. Before wondering who this little wonder is.

Amir on a small cloud, filled with happiness

The singer can now only feel his wings grow. In fact, these moments of grace are rare and you need to know how to enjoy them. At the professional, sensitive and family level, the stars line up. Aamir fell in love, one of his titles was voted the best song of the year and he became a father for the second time. Definitely, Objeko Couldn’t add anything to that list that would make her happier.

“This morning I really realized … ‘Retina’ is the song of 2022. For the third time, you are offering me this priceless gift, for the third time I have been able to rely on you. Thank you @litalaharonovitch my queen, for the courage to put yourself forward, you were great. Thanks to the arparlophonefr team for their unconditional and loving support from day one. (6) ভাইnazimfaitdeschansons @stavbeger to the brothers with whom ‘Rétine’ was born. Congratulations to all the artists for their great performances and @dmls_tv for this great show. And again thanks to all of you, it will never end. AAmir writes about his coronation piece Song of the Year.

Everyone captioned a picture of him with the woman of his life. In fact, what is success if we do not share it with those we love? What does it mean if success separates us? Aamir and his wife radiate happiness and the little being who was still hiding in Lital’s stomach is not unfamiliar with all these pleasures that can fall on the faces of lovers.

An expected birth, the family is growing

And for good reason, less than a month later, our lovebirds are still descending into a spectrum of emotions to welcome life. On Twitter, Aamir has given birth to his second child. So we are going to know the date and time of his coming to earth. But if the mother is good and the child is healthy. And finally, whether the singer family welcomes a little princess or a little prince.

Without more suspense, Objeko Amir is happy to announce his birth “Beautiful little prince”. He further said that his wife is doing amazing and well, as is their son.

Needless to say, Aamir’s fans are also overjoyed to hear this news. In the comments, congratulations manifold. And once the urge for this birth has faded a bit, it will come back again to connect itself with the first name of this beautiful baby. And even later, to express public interest in seeing him in family photos.

However, Internet users will be able to contain themselves. Because if they knew, for example, what Amir and Little’s eldest son Mikhail looked like, they wouldn’t have seen his face. So undoubtedly Michael’s younger brother will be made as anonymous as possible on his parents ’social networks. Although they do not hesitate to share the joy of being a parent with Internet users.

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