What is the value of entry-level if a bonus of less than 30,000 euros is deducted?

Accessible below 30,000 euros if the government bonus is deducted, the entry-level electric Renault Megan is not a dull or sad car. However, you should not claim too much about its charging potential.

The most accessible electric Mégane

Renault’s most readily available electric compact has been named after the extension Megane E-Tech EV40 (40 kWh battery) Standard load (Minimum Refill Endowment) Balance (Trim level). Full digital dashboard, steering wheel height and depth adjustment, heated mirrors, and a rear windshield wiper mounted as standard on competing models are far from snatched. However, this list, which is not complete, lacks front passenger seat height adjustment.

Driving aids have not been forgotten, as the attached vehicle has radar and a reverse camera, a fatigue detector, recognition of road signs and emergency braking assistance.

On the other hand, if it is well understood as a standard, the cruise control / speed limiter is easy. In other words, it won’t match Megan’s speed with the car in front. To get an active controller, Techno needs to choose a higher finish and add a pack for 1,200 euros.

Presentation of test model

By default, this electric compact from Renault is delivered in white. The model at our disposal was dressed in an attractive metallic flame red as an alternative to the 850 euros. Night Blue is available at the same price. A star black color as well as 2 shades of gray color (burst and skist) appear to be less than 200 euros.

The appearance of the Mégane E-Tech EV40 benefits from a refined optical zone for the entire LED block. This lighting technology is found in fog lamps, but also in the back.

The 18-inch Austin alloy wheels are made with Continental Ecocontact 6 tires with thick sidewall (195/60). This fit is less sporty than the EV60, we hope to find a certain smoothness in rolling. Will this be the case?


It is a wound-rotor synchronous motor with a power of 96 kW (130 hp) and a maximum torque of 250 Nm, which powers the front wheels of the Renault Mégane EV40. For comparison, the higher version EV60, equipped with a 60 kWh battery, can carry a more efficient engine: 160 kW (218 hp) and 300 Nm.

On the battery side, for entry level, a combination of a lithium-ion pack and NMC (nickel manganese cobalt) type LG cells with a useful power capacity of 40 kWh needs to be satisfied.

In the standard charge version tested here, the chances of having a heat stroke when recharging later are very low. The device on board to supply their power is limited to 7.4 kW of power in the alternating current, where direct current terminals are prohibited.


The footprints of the Renault Mégane E-Tech fall into a 4.20 x 1.77 m rectangle for a height of 1.51 m. Behind the tailgate, which is unlocked by a discreet square button in the color of the bodywork, the trunk delivers a decent volume of 440 liters. It can be increased to 1,332 l by folding the backrest in 2 parts. Does not facilitate the use of loading thresholds. Its width is also limited to 1 meter. A double bottom allows you to hide much more than charging wires.

The rear passenger can be accessed by operating a flash latch on the back of the door glass. Fabric upholstery looks good. The absence of a central armrest at the level of the bench seat makes the space there more comfortable, due to the absence of a central service tunnel it is really usable. The storage pouches at the bottom of the rear of the front seat complete the bin by trimming the door.

Thanks to the comfort pack (900 euros), passengers have USB sockets. It comes with a center armrest, an air purifier and automatic climate control at the front. ” It is well presented. We don’t think at all that we’re at a discount, entry-level model. “Judge Maxim Fontanier. Knee space is limited, however, especially if the passengers sitting in the front move their chairs back as much as possible.

Driver’s point of view

Across the fabric dashboard, with a beautiful effect. Lots of storage space is also available in these 2 places. But the driver and his passenger have to pay attention to the edges of the small smartphone platform that could hit the knee.

The presentation of the steering wheel and display is very modern. The ergonomics of the controls are quite good except for the satellite conducting audio hidden behind the right arm of the steering wheel. Compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the dedicated touchpad for multimedia is not too big, but it is responsive, very readable and well designed. A good point for shortcut keys at its base.

The system operates under Google, allowing dedicated assistants to operate. ” We’ve settled into this mega really well. We have a good driving position “, He praised.

First spin

In this electric compact, the drive selector takes the shape of a small, easy-to-handle lever to the right of the steering wheel. When you start driving, you immediately notice the very good turning circle, 10.56 meters between the curves. The section with Volkswagen ID.3 (10.2m) is definitely better.

We appreciate finding 2 palettes behind the hoop that allow us to work fine on the power of regeneration. Using them well helps to get better performance in terms of cost, and therefore autonomy. Contrary to what we thought when we discovered the dense sidewall of the tire, the suspension is easily quite dry, especially at the rear. This is especially true when going over speed bumps or driving on bad roads.

Renault Megan e-tech will not lose all its means if it adopts eco mode in the city. It is very responsive to rush as traffic lights turn green. ” We have a really nice car in urban use “, Reports Maxim Fontanier.

However, visibility through glazing is average. The fairly wide, exterior mirrors somewhat erase this impression. At a speed of 50 km / h, the machine is completely silent. ” The only noise pollution is from other vehicles outside The man with the cap laughs.

On the expressway

Let’s leave the echo mode to get ourselves into a fast lane. Achieved from 0 to 100 km / h in 10 seconds, accelerations are not irresistible but more than adequate. The M গতিgane E-Tech EV40 has a top speed of 150 km / h, 10 km / h less than the 60 kWh battery model.

In this setting, without the occasional bouncing game of suspension and aerodynamic sound at high speeds, it is still very enjoyable to drive, especially at windshield level. These are very present from 120 km / h.

During our combined cycle testing, we observed an average cost of 15.9 kWh / 100 km. This will allow it to travel about 250 km until the breakdown. Compare with the manufacturer’s declared 300 km. At speeds of 130 km / h, the figure can exceed 20 kW / 100 km. For this you need to recharge carefully after 150-175 km.

It’s still a bit short for travel, especially since in this standard charge version, you can’t go and plug in DC terminals. Maxim warns Fontanier.

Winding road

Weighing 1,513 kg, our electric Mégane EV60 is 160 kW to 123 kg lighter. On winding roads, it connects flat bends without understering.

These excellent qualities are complemented by very straight steering and very effective braking, with very good bites. ” Sometimes the paddle may lack some progressiveness “However, our tester notes.

It’s really great to handle, it takes very little roll, it’s really pleasant. I’m a little disappointed with the suspension comfort and the tendency to jump on the rear axle. I expected something soft, but it stays relatively strong “, He reports.


The standard charge for the Mégane E-Tech EV40 at Equilibre Finish is available from 35,200 euros, or 30,000 euros (specifically 29,200 euros) once the official bonus is deducted.

If the chances of you having to park for about 6 hours at a time to get the full recharge benefit are unbearable for you, choose the Boost Charge version for 2,000 euros more or 37,200 euros without bonus. It embeds a 22kW AC charger and opens for fast charging up to 85kW of power.

Under the right conditions, 80% full can then be achieved within 40 minutes. Enough to significantly increase the radius of action for the day and go on an adventure.

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